What If My Carry On Is Too Big – 4 Important Hints

Equally- national and international wandering, carry-on baggage size are important.

Consequently, airlines around the world don’t agree with the same carry-on size. Resulting, an oversized carry on may cause you to face an embarrassing situation with supplementary costing.

There are plenty of luggage brands, American touristerus traveler, for instance, in the market, you can buy carry on from. So far, not all are the similar in class and price.

Subsequently, all the carry on from different company not contains the same size also. Luckily, most of them are gone with the many airline size limits, rest not.

Then, what should you do?

Here are some ways that can help you to rescue from the embarrassing situation:

What If My Carry On Is Too Big- Cause & Solution

What If My Carry On Is Too Big

Firstly, let’s see the reason that caused your carry-on oversized.

  • As we have mentioned earlier, all the airlines globally not agreed with the similar carry-on luggage size.
  • Many luggage producers don’t maintain the size they claim forever- it is true for all the sizes. Consequently, they often forget to include wheels, handle, etc. when declaring the carry on measurement.

    Whereas, airlines count the wheels and handle while measuring your luggage size. Resulting, after measuring, your luggage could be treated as an oversized.

Generally, nothing may happen. However, you should be aware of that. Because you may be forced to check your carry on and pay some extra for it.

Typically, before boarding, for most flights, there is a sizer that is close to the entrance. This is a specially designed metal structure built to fit your bag inside for checking.

 Luckily, this is not mandatory and often passengers ignore it. However, if the airline agent asks you to get in, you should do it.

Now, Let See What Might Happen If Your Carry On Too Long

  • Commonly, you ask to check your bag & pay the checked bag fee.

    The checked bag fee varies to airlines to airlines, however, it mostly between 25$ to 35$.

    And, you may feel lucky if you traveling by Southwest Airlines- they generally don’t charge for a checked bag, whereas most of them do.
  • Unfortunately, there are some airlines they charge more than the regular fee if they found you oversized at the boarding gate.

    The extra charge for “get handling fee” may go up to 30$. It is in addition to the regularly checked luggage fee. And, you have made payment both- the extra with the regular fee.

Why Carry On Luggage Get Checked At The Gate

There are so many reasons that make your carry on checked at the gate by the airline agent. Here are big two:

  • If they find something wrong with your bag size- it seems to be oversize. Then you ask to fit in the sizer- if it fails, they will be forced to check it.

    And, you must have to do this by paying the checked bag fee.
  • This is not you, instead they. They found that their overhead carry-on bin being packed. So there is not any space to put more carry on.

    Consequently, they could probe the passengers to check-in the carry on at the gate. However, for this situation, they might not (mostly don’t) charge for extra checked-in to you, even your carry on is bigger than the size limit.

    Eventually, if your carry on is fit with the airline’s carry on size limit, you never ask to pay the checked luggage fees to check it into the gate if they told to do so.

Remember, you can be asked to check your carry on into the check-gate any time, yet, it does not seem to be oversized.

In this case, you should do that. And, should take away all the valuables from the carry on that is going to be check-in.

In addition to that, you also should make sure that your carry on the finished with the check-in luggage tag. Preserve the tag, it will help you to find the luggage if, unfortunately, lost.

Regrettably, baggage claims for the lost luggage increasing drastically day by day. Resulting, you may have cost badly if your lost luggage contains some valuable, laptop, iPad, power bank, or any other costly items, for instance.

For that reason, it is great thinking to have a little tote bag or a small rucksack always with you while flying. You can transfer all the valuables into this one you are carrying by yourself.

However, the best way to avoid any type of odd situation, better to carry a carry-on that fits in the carry on size for almost all the airlines.

This is also true that most airlines just overlook if it is a little bit bigger than the size limit.

However, some airlines are very harsh to execute their carry on and other luggage carrying rules. Also, it may depend on the present duty personnel along with his/her mood.

Relatively, it also assumable that if the aircraft becomes full in passengers- the luggage size limit rules will more apply.

Additionally, this is also a good idea to know the different airline’s nature towards the oversized luggage.

As each airline behave dissimilarly on how strict they will be to impose the luggage size rule.

If you are a frequent flyer, this is slightly easier for you than others who are not. However, never forget to give it a try.

Yet, this is not the right way. But, it is also true that typically, you are not responsible for these unhealthy circumstances.

So, why should you pay for this? 

In conclusion, in response to “what if your carry-on luggage is too big”, it to say, there possibly nothing could happen.

Or, as we have mentioned at the above- you may be forced to check your luggage with pat some extra dollars.

But the final words for you are here-

“If you want to be sure that your carry on to be within the limit, confirm it measuring with the wheels and handle.”

It will help to avoid any extra costs while traveling with your loving carry-on.

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