What Does A Lifetime Warranty For Luggage Cover- 5 Hints

The most intimate travel part luggage often offers a lifetime warranty. But, What Does A Lifetime Warranty For Luggage Cover? – This is the burning question.

Or, is it cover for a lifetime? If no, then how long for the warranty is?

The above questions and finding the reply is important for buying a piece of luggage.

Luggage passes drastically rush hours. Starting from home to the car-bin, airport, and severely at the airport while loading it for cargo storing.

Eventually, they wheeled cruelly over the paving stone and off the high hard shoulder.

Luckily, all this misuse makes the lifetime warranties offered by some top-brands, like Travelpro Maxlite, Skyway, for instance, which is surely interesting.

What Does A Lifetime Warranty For Luggage Cover?

What Does A Lifetime Warranty For Luggage Cover

TravelGearPoint took a survey on the versatile warranty policy that offering by numerous luggage companies. Found lots of warranty terms mostly common “lifetime warranty”.

Relatively, there is another warranty term used by the manufacturer “lifetime limited warranty.” Both are the same meaning in most cases.

However, our expert dedicated team members took the survey among plenty of luggage users using the suitcase in the long run.

Surprisingly, most of them are using the same brand due to high-level satisfaction to the company, especially for the tremendous warranty policy. Yet, few of them are not goes with others.

Eventually, they also found that most of the luggage damage claims come on the luggage wheels, carry-handles, zippers have broken, for instance.

And, the good news is- all these damaging problems cover within the general lifetime warranty that offering by the giant luggage brands, Kenneth Cole, IT luggage, Olympia, Timberland, etc.

In addition to that, most of the companies, Lucas, Traveler’s Choice, London Fog, or Nautica, for example, never missed the warranty commitments whatever they have given to the customers.

Yet, there is also some exclusive warranty policy that may apply to specific models, categories, or brands.

However, we listed here some considerable things to keep in mind while buying a piece of luggage with a lifetime warranty.

How Long A Lifetime Mean

It depends on the brands and the models also. Sometimes, the lifetime warranty for the suitcase covers only for the suitcase’s life-cycle.

As a result, the luggage manufacturer might refuse to repair or make a replacement for the luggage due to it determines (by them) that it reached the end of its life-cycle.

Therefore, to say that buying luggage with a lifetime warranty not guaranteed you never to buy another one.

However, the good news is, there are some company in the market make replace without any limitation on their lifetime warranty containing suitcases.


Typically, a lifetime warranty never covers cosmetic damage, like; scratches, dents, scuffs, stains, etc. that doesn’t directly affect the suitcase functionality. Relatively, wear and tear also come within these terms in some cases.

Subsequently, the lifetime warranty not entitled to the second-hand user, rather than the first-time buyer.

Moreover, it should also keep in mind, that most of the known luggage brands advised their user to buy from their authorized retailer or dealer. Otherwise, they don’t entertain the warranty.

But, surprisingly, some company do repair their luggage free whatever it is from a second buyer or in other ways.

Repair Or Replacement

Some companies offer the whole bag replacement, whereas some don’t. But, generally, the company reserve the right either they will repair it or offer a new one to the customer due to fix isn’t possible.

Therefore, you should be keener in the event of buying luggage. See their warranty policy. Read it very carefully. Ask them if you have any confusion. Confirm, either they will repair it or replace the new one.

In addition to that also keep in mind that the replacement may not be the same as previously. It may dissimilar model, color. Etc. Also, you may have to pay some extra for further pricier one- if they agree.

Shipping Cost

Shipping cost also a factor that you should keep in mind. A few companies offer free shipping in replacement or repair purposes, some of them not. Be clear on it before your final decision to buy the luggage.

Consequently, few companies pay both ways- to and from the bag for repair or replacement. On the other hand, some company requires to pay the consumer for shipping the bag to them for repair.

Relatively, they bear the cost to send it back to the customer. However, in some cases, it may vary or reverse- make it clear before you go for any suitcase to buy.

If you think that that shipping cost won’t value the repair or replacement of your luggage- won’t go for that. Instead buy a new one.

Buying Evidence

This is like you just go with a bag and ask for repair or replacement. Rather a few companies require the buying evidence, yet, fewer not. Therefore, also make it clear from the day one you are buying the suitcase.

For your more convenience, keep the money receipts that give to you by the seller.

Typically, in the warranty card- they provide with the luggage- there is written the purchase date and the end of the warranty limit- if this is not for a lifetime warranty.

Make sure the salesman wrote the date of buying appropriately. Then, keep it with you in a secure place as it may cost you more or save some dollars.

Finale Words

What does a lifetime warranty for luggage cover? This solely varies from a company to another company. Eventually, in some cases, it also subjects to the models.

Relatively, a few companies like Ricardo, Skyway, Heys, Lipault, for instance, requires registration to get their warranty facility.

Whatever the system is you need to clear on it while purchasing the suitcase. It will help you to avoid any extra costs. Besides, you can avoid any embarrassing circumstances.

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