The Best Swiss Gear Luggage Reviews – [New!] Buying Guide

Thinking to buy Swiss gear luggage for your next vacation? Then you should go throw a Swiss gear luggage reviews before you finalize what model to buy. Yet, it is a very popular and trustworthy brand that well-known for over a century.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough best Swiss gear suitcases reviews advice obtainable on the web. Moreover, most of the evaluations appear is a little bit biased or confusing to figure out the right one. It seems going to stop you from taking the best leather backpack.

But, TravelGearPoint has good news for you!!! Like ever, we decided to help you in this regard. Therefore, we have researched and write Swiss luggage reviews post due to it is a very well-known suitcase brand with a wide series of luggage category.

We are not just put here one or a couple of Swiss gear carry on luggage, Wenger suitcase- a vital part of Siwssgear, or Swiss army luggage target. Instead, we have accumulated herewith the top ten Swissgear luggage that surely will meet your Swiss gear luggage target.

Resulting, you will find here reviews on Swiss carry on luggage, Swissalps luggage, Swiss gear garment bags, or Swiss gear rolling duffel, for instance, whatever you are looking for.

 However, at the time of thinking on Swiss gear, Swiss Army Knives may come in mind, due to it’s a very popular brand. Both products from the same Swissgear company, yet, starting were from Swiss Army Knives production.

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10 Best Selling Swiss Gear Luggage – Quick Pick For You

4. Swiss Gear Gear 29” Spinner/Pewter

  • Four 360-degree multi-dimensional spinner wheels.
  • Sturdy.
  • Roomy.

5. SwissGear Travel Gear 6283 Spinner Luggage, 29”

  • Four 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Expandable up to 2”.
  • Reinforced carry handle.

8. SWISSGEAR SwissGear 25” Luggage/Purple/Pink, One Size

  • Aluminum telescopic handle.
  • Four 360-degree multi-directional wheels.
  • Durable & Lightweight.

9. SWISSGEAR Getaway Weekend Rolling Carry-On 20-Inch Luggage

  • The main compartment can hold 13” laptop.
  • Telescopic handle for smooth handling.
  • Smart looking.

Variance Among Swiss Gear Luggage Type

Luggage With Spinner Wheels

In this article, we have written about luggage with spinner wheels. Swissgear made spinner wheels luggage, some contain four, on the other hand, some are with eight wheels.

Whatever the number of wheels, it makes your moving smooth. Spinner wheels allow you to move and run- if needed, spontaneously, even within a tinny space.

Type Of Material

Swissgear made both the hard side and the soft side luggage due to together are almost the same demanding product in the market. In addition to that, both offer some tremendous and innovative features for the users that 100% comply with the recent trend.

Fashionable, durability, roomy, easy-moving with an affordable price- regardless of your concerning matter, it will never let you down, for sure! Therefore, whatever you are looking for, protocol luggage, Swiss gear duffle bags, Swissgear backpack, for example, you can find at Swissgear premises.

Hardside Luggage

Typically, Swissgear hard side luggage made up of renowned ABS polycarbonate that is most popular for its durability. Most of those are designed to prevent scratch and survive the rough handling nature that often happens in the busy airport. Subsequently, a few of them that required very smooth handling.

In the event of getting a hard side Swissgear luggage, check properly either it is expandable or not. Some of are not expandible while few others you can expand for up to 25% extra clothing at traveling time.

Therefore, you may be more interested to buy it while supposed to outing with your family.

In addition to that, all the luggage have an ergonomic design, various kind of colors, size, featured spacious and spinner wheels. Some of them with 4 wheels, while the others contain 8 wheels for a smoother movement.

Relatively, the particular model ended up with the padded top handle, whereas others don’t.  As a result, you will not come back empty, but with a piece of nice luggage for you.

Softside Luggage

Swissgear also makes soft side luggage for its users worldwide. If you are comfortable with the soft-sided suitcase, see either is it expandible or not. Both options are available, however, there could be a little bit of price difference.

Eventually, you should check whether it is with a side handle or mounted handle or with both options. Apart from this, the color you are looking for, size, design, and of course the compartment for keeping your belongings could be predictive matter to look at.


This type of Swissgear luggage is blended with ABS hardshell and scratch-resistance polyester fabric. Eventually, most of the goods in this category ended up with 4 or 8 spinner wheels that are the best fit for up-to-date travelers. Furthermore, all the hybrid Swissgear luggage is featured by tech and gadgets safety while outing.

Clothing Bag

Swissgear manufactured such a clothing bag that makes a positive sense for the trip makers whatever the duration. You need to pick the right one from plenty of that well-fit with you. All the garment bags are made up of durable fabric that confirms its longevity.

Moreover, these innovative and ergonomic specialized bags that designed for multifunctional comes up with numerous color, size, and models. As a result, regardless of what you need, it will meet by all means. Thus, you need not worry about how to carry suits or gowns onboard, due to it fits all that your necessities.

Duffle Bag

Humble, however glowing assumed out the duffle bag that produces Swissgear can make your attention completely to them. Unlike others, Swissgear duffle bags are made up of robust, sturdy, and high-quality materials that ensure its lifespan using possibility.

Therefore, this duffle bag series also the product of choice among all the sophisticated travelers. Subsequently, this lightweight and versatile designed bag you can bring while going to the gym or just for a daylong trip.

Why You Should Go With Swiss Gear Luggage

These Swiss gear luggage reviews answer you on why should you give it a try while looking for the best luggage for your coming vacation. And, here we go;

The Name You Can Trust For Quality Goods

The Swiss Army Knives is the synonyms of the quality. Consequently, Swissgear luggage is the same manufacturer. Therefore, there is no question about its quality due to their doing business from over the last 100 years. They have the highest market reputation in the industry.

They are offering the topmost customers satisfaction by building trust, faithfulness, innovation, and superiority among all over the world. Multifunctional, durable, and numerous collections of Swiss laptop backpack, Swissgear backpack, Swiss gear luggage, and suitcase never let you empty.

ScanSmart Backpack

Countless companies are integrated TSA system with their spinner wheels carry-on luggage. This technology help for a secure and hassle-free checking in the airport security.

Thus it saves time for travelers. Also, lessen the TSA agent’s workload. Typically, this TSA tech integrates with checked-in and carry-on luggage.

Here is the difference between Swissgear and other companies. Unlike others, some of the Swissgear backpacks also come up with this tremendous feature. It ensures your loving techs are being safe from any sort of damage while security or TSA checking.

It enables the techs screening at the airport by the scanning machine without removing them from your luggage. Besides this, all the checked-in or carry-on luggage made up of quality padded interior with the roomy compartment and other features. All the things help you greatly to make a story-telling trip.


Swissgear getaway luggage, Swissgear laptop bags, Swissgear luggage or Swissgear carry on bag- all the suitcases are pricing very budget-friendly. On the off chance that it such luggage offers that blend with the multi functionalities and value for your money.

Therefore, whatever your expending tendency, it probably never lets you blank.

3 Top-Rated Swiss Gear Hardside Luggage

1. SWISSGEAR 7272 Energie Hardside Polycarbonate Spinner Collection 3 Pieec Set

Are you ready to go with this sexiest SWISSGEAR 7272 Energie Hardside Polycarbonate Spinner Luggage? It is made up of the most durable pure polycarbonate that simply stands it out among many luggage available in the market.

It’s craggy PVC hardshell materials that appear with a cultured architecture confirms scratch-resistance and durability. Relatively, 8 featured spinner wheels permit you for a smooth and easy running while need.

What’s more? Let’s see what brands it unlike others;

Ultimate Organization:

Keeps your fashions secured lower the internal tie-down strap, splits all the toiletries interiors front-facing pockets. There are also inside storage pockets that you can use to keep your saving kits and cosmetics.

Moreover, combined wet pockets guaranteed that your fluids don’t ruin the rest garments or other items inside the luggage. Subsequently, a power pack meshes with conforming exterior USB charging port (only with 19” carry-on luggage) that is blended with 1.5” expandability capacities you more items to keep inside due to 20% extra space.


This luggage made up of 100% durable and lightweight polycarbonate ingredients that ended up with a firm opening and natural-mending zipper faster. Eventually, a retractable sturdy push-button handle with lightweight grab handle take it standing out from others.

Unlimited Flexibility & Security:

8 Spinner wheels offer you 360-degree flexible mobility to seamlessly glide your suitcase in a busy airport. In addition to that, the built-in TSA lock system ensures the tight security of your valuable belongings while outing.

Reasons To Buy
  • 10 years limited warranty.
  • Roomy compartments.
  • Lightweight.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • You may have to buy a 3 piece set.

2. SWISSGEAR 7366 Hardside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels

Boundless Mobility:

The 360-degree flexible 8 Spinner wheels offer you the boundless mobility effortlessly in a busy airport. In addition to that, the premium push-button with steel lock system telescopic handle make you unparalleled among all while using it.

Eventually Spacious & Safe:

Saves your cloths tenable interior tie-down belt. Put all the cosmetic products and saving kits hearts front pockets. Also, confidential pockets that you can use to keep your valuables and even, cash.

Furthermore, guaranteeing the additional security with its built-in TSA three combination locking system. This feature going to make your next voyaging go-with-smooth while it comes in a touch of the airport security.

Long-lasting Quality:

It is a great combination of contemporary and practical. Using glossy metal zippers along with the rough structure bargains it’s the long-lasting feature. On the off chance that it made in almost immortal materials for long run use.

Reasons To Buy
  • Long-lasting.
  • Expandable.
  • 10 years limited warranty.
  • Roomy compartments.
  • Lightweight.
  • Most stylish.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • You might have to go with Black or White.

3. SWISSGEAR 7272 Energie Hardside Polycarbonate Spinner, Carry-On Luggage

SWISSGEAR 7272 Energie Hardside Polycarbonate Spinner Luggage is finished up of the furthermost clean polycarbonate hardshell materials that appear with a classic look.

Scratch-free, robust toughness with 8 featured spinner wheels permit you for a smooth and easy movement, especially in a tinny place.

What’s more? Let’s see what brands it unlike others;


Made up of the pure and hard-wearing trivial polycarbonate that ensures the easy opening and usual-fixing zipper closer. In due course, a telescopic sturdy push-button handle with a trivial grip handle permits you to control and operate it as per your decision.

Limitless Movement With Tight Safety:

8 Spinner wheels with 360-degree flexible capacity admit you effortlessly move your suitcase in any places, typically in a full of activity airport. Moreover, the built-in TSA blend lock scheme warrants the tight safety of your inside cherished properties on traveling.

Ultimate Organization:

Combined showery pockets assured your liquids don’t ruin the rest of the clothes. Afterward, keeps your garments mannered by the inner tie-down strap.

Separations all the beauty product interiors front-facing chambers. In addition to that, private storing pockets you can use to keep your secret items that claim more concentration. Relatively, a power pack meshes with compatible USB charging port is combined with 1.5” expandability capacities you more items to keep inside due to 20% extra space.

Reasons To Buy
  • Study.
  • Lightweight.
  • 10 years limited warranty.
  • Spacious compartments.
  • Various kinds of colors.
  • Reasonable.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • The trolly handle seems a little bit sticky.

4 Top-Rated Swiss Gear Spinner Luggage

4. Swiss Gear 29” Spinner/Pewter

At the time of your last-minute packing, every second count importantly.  You need to fit all the essential items in your luggage that might need while outside the home, even far away from home ground.

This luggage makes sense greatly in this regard by allowing you vast packing options nearly as needed. It also has an integrated built-in ID tag.

What’s more? Let’s see what brands it unlike others;


This Swiss luggage targets more items to be held inside while outing. Removable zipper damp basket with a big webbing cover pocket and one pocket for putting all the small, yet important items. Consequently, the expandible feature also comes to you with more storage opportunities.


This luggage made up of 100% strong and insubstantial polyester fabric. Ingredients that used to make it is world-famous for its scuff-resistance nature. This ergonomically designed luggage was manufacture for multi-function, comfort, and smooth movement.

Easy To Move:

4 Spinner wheels with 360-degree mobility offer you luxurious and convenient portability. Therefore, you can seamlessly move smoothly with it in a demanding airport. A changeable clothing tie-down belt helps to stop the ever-changing of internal items.

Reasons To Buy
  • Scuff-resistance polyester fabric made.
  • Spacious compartments.
  • Lightweight.
  • Four 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Durable.
  • Telescopic handle.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • It seems this one is without a TSA lock.

5. SwissGear Travel Gear 6283 Spinner Luggage

Every corner count importantly.  You need to keep all the indispensable items in your luggage while supposed to go for a trip. This 29” roomy compartment luggage permit you for huge packing options as you may need at the time of working outside the home or making vacation.

What’s more? Let’s see what brands it unlike others;

Smooth Movement:

Four 360-degree flexible multi-directional Spinner wheels offer you the smooth movement naturally in a busy airport. Moreover, the locking telescopic handle with reinforced carry-handle makes you supreme among all while using it.


Private pockets that you can use to keep your appreciated things safely. The adjustable tie-down belt saves your clothes from being displaced. It has also one big and another middle size front pockets to keep your most accessible item easy-to-find place. Subsequently, you can expand it up to 2” more to put more clothes inside.


This 29” travel gear is an excessive blend of modern and real-world. Ended up with the silky metal zippers along with the smooth structure detail it’s the durable feature. It to say that it made by the most famous materials for long run use. Therefore, it makes a great buzz among all travelers globally within a very short time. 

Reasons To Buy
  • Reinforced carry handles.
  • Roomy compartments.
  • Lightweight.
  • Locking telescopic handle.
  • Durable.
  • 360-degree four multi-directional wheels.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Wheels may cause friction.

6. SWISSGEAR 6283 Amazon Exclusive Premium 3pc Spinner Luggage Set With Dopp Kit Bundle

Hard-hitting yet, durable and flexible polyester made featured with proper reinforcement make this luggage set very popular to travelers, On the off chance that this is the topmost matching product in the event of a family outing.

Additionally, a 10 years limited warranty allows the users a worry-free use it for a long time.

What’s more? Let’s see what brands it unlike others;

Vast Space:

This 3pc luggage set consists of one large checked-in, one medium and one carry-on is the perfect friend for a family outing. Furthermore, a Dopp kit makes it more admissible to keep many things as needed.

Zipper-front pockets along with additional expand option and many internal compartments are ideal for more packing.


Durability is one of the topmost rotary points of this one. It made up of the most durable and frothy polyester fabric that is very well-known for its robust and strong feature.

Subsequently, padded mounted and adjacent handle completed with strong bottom enable you to easily lift it.

All-Out Maneuverability:

4 multi-directional spinner wheels 360-degree moving capability ensured an easy movement while necessary. In addition to that, a telescopic sturdy push-button handle with frothy grab handle makes it distinguished out from others.

Reasons To Buy
  • 10 years limited warranty.
  • Roomy compartments.
  • Lightweight.
  • Expandible.
  • Durable.
  • The idea for the family.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • You may have to buy the 3pc set.

7. SWISSGEAR 8836 Ultra Durable/Tough Expandable Spinner Luggage

The Swissgear 8836 stylish, glossy, and 28” expandible luggage brings gloriousness to your traveling. 360-degree multidimensional 8 spinner wheels that made for the reason of ensuring precious mobility.

Made up of ultra-durable tough materials, numerous zipper closer pocket with the large main compartment for packed up full stand it out of thousands.

What’s more? Let’s see what brands it unlike others;


This luggage made up of ultra-durable tough propylene ingredients that ended up with a steady introductory zipper closer. On the off chance that this luggage is vastly famous for its lifespan durability. A folding sturdy push-button handle makes it stand out from others.

Highest Organization:

It comes up with an expandible feature that allows you to enlarge the capacity to keep more things you need for a trip. Relatively, internal zipper chambers, main large compartment with other pockets are ready to get more from you. So, you need not keep another one additional bag if you need to be over packed.

Secure & Smooth Running:

This is such a suitcase that offers the built-in TSA lock method that confirms the close-fitting safety of your valuable belongings inside the bag. Besides this, 8 Spinner wheels offer you 360-degree flexible running to effortlessly handle your suitcase in a tinny space.

Reasons To Buy
  • Maximum comfortable movement.
  • Spacious.
  • 10 years warranty.
  • TSA lock enabled.
  • Heavy-duty.
  • Elite looking.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Limited color.

2 Top-Rated Swiss Gear Soft-Shell Luggage 

8. SwissGear 25” Luggage/Purple/Pink, One Size

This luggage featured a telescopic locking push or pulling handle system that allows you to operate it smoothly without any hard efforts. In addition to that, it is more spacious due to each inch counted while packing for a trip- regardless of nature.

Moreover, multi-dimensional 360-degree 4 spinner wheels make your journey hassle-free.

What’s more? Let’s see what brands it unlike others;

Long-Lasting Materials:

This luggage utilized a hard-wearing and long-lasting with scuff-resistance polyester fabric. Resulting, offers a long-lasting feature combined with a scratch-safety proportion for its users.

Apart from this, it’s presented such an elite color that will make a sensational phenomenon among the similar size luggage industry.

Charming Moving:

The 4 multi-dimensional spinner wheels with 360-degree rotating capacity make sure a relaxed undertaking whereas essential. What’s more?

Moreover, a retractable well-made push-button handle with foam-covered grip handle indicates its unparalleled feature out from others. Finally, this model’s color very close to the Swiss gear pinnacle hardside luggage.


The changeable tie-down strap saves your clothes from being moved. Front-facing zipper pockets to keep your most accessible item easy-to-find place. Consequently, you can expand it to put more clothes inside. Internal secrets pockets you can use to keep your valuable items, safely.

Reasons To Buy
  • 360-degree 4 wheels for smooth movement.
  • Spacious.
  • Aluminum push-button locking telescopic handle.
  • Exclusive color.
  • Sturdy.
  • Integrated ID tag.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Limited color.

9. SWISSGEAR Getaway Weekend Rolling Carry-On 20-Inch Luggage

The getaway collection introduces Swissgear getaway weekend rolling 20” is the role model of perfect carry-on luggage. This stylish and sporty ergonomic designed hack built for the travel-savvy with style and athlete.

It made up of a durable fabric that combined with numerous zipper chambers, a large main compartment for packed up many things in a single place.

What’s more? Let’s see what brands it unlike others;


This luggage ended up with the unpolluted and strong trivial fabric that ensures the robust durable feature. Usual-fixing zipper closer, pure aluminum push-button locking telescopic sturdy handle for easy operation make this one unbeatable among many.

Ultimate Style With Sporty Look:

This travel carry-on luggage made for the traveler looking for style with a sporty look. It is an ideal collection for short, overnight, and solo trips. You can handle it smartly without any hassle while outing.

Ultimate Organization:

It has plenty of space that you can use to put all of your travel gear you need on the trip. Surprisingly, there is a padded laptop compartment inside which can consume 13” laptop easily. Apart from this vast space for you other belongings to keep with you while outside home.

Reasons To Buy
  • Laptop keeping space.
  • Stylish.
  • Telescopic push/pull button handle.
  • Reinforced padded lift handle for easy lifting.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Spacious.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Color limitation.

1 Top-Rated Swiss Gear Rolling Duffle Luggage

10. SWISSGEAR Large Lightweight Rolling Duffle, Wheeled Soft-Shell Luggage

You may want to do yourself a courtesy due to a consistent wanderer- it comes to you with such options. Like as jeep suitcase, it is made up of durable, yet lightweight polyester softshell body fills up with numerous zipper pockets.

Moreover, a folding lift handle ensures you sharp movement and effortlessly breakdowns back into the frame while not in use. Numerous pocket and roomy large compartment allow keeping more items while outing.

All the things make it the best Swiss gear duffle bag.

 What’s more? Let’s see what brands it unlike others;


This most modern duffle hack contains a couple of rolling wheels, an expanded grip handle with a padded take on a strap to ensure the maximum comfort for you.

It also has an internal detachable wet bag that you may use to keeping your wet cloth separate. Moreover, a top u-shape fold shells to adjacent allow easy-packing for emergency items.

Quality With Roomy Space:

It constructed with durable polyester fabric that confirms the best quality among all the similar brands with the same pricing. In addition to that, it also ended up with a vast space that featured many zipper pockets- external and internal, and the main compartment.

Easy To Locate:

SWISSGEAR Large Lightweight Rolling Duffle Wheeled Soft-Shell Luggage comes up with such a chance that allows you to locate it easily by utilizing the built-in name tag.

Therefore, this could be the right Swiss gear rolling duffle for both men and women as a duffle bag for vacation.

Reasons To Buy
  • Super quality.
  • Spacious compartments.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable fabric made.
  • Convenient to carry.
  • Built-in name tag.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • No extension cord included.
  • Long grass gets clogged in mulching mode.

We are pretty sure, this Swiss gear luggage reviews help you to pick the right target Swiss gear luggage fast.

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