The Best North Face Jester Backpack Review In 2022

If you are looking for the north face women’s jester backpack, or, north face backpack mens, or something else, this North Face Jester Backpack Review for you.

Top-notch designed by the North Face, the Jester backpack blends with premium quality, lightweight, and functionality.

Remarkably, North Face Jester Backpack, or women’s Jester backpack, regardless of the models, featured by a wide opening main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve.

Also, there are so many positive features which come with all the North Face Jester backpacks that we are going to details in this Backpack Review.

To Know, read this review;

North Face Backpack Review Facts At A Glance

Brand NameModelFunctionalityMaterialsDurability
North FaceJester BackpackCasual, Travel & OtherTop-NotchLong-Lasting

What North Face Backpack Cover Here

As a frequent backpack user, you know there are tons of backpacks available in the markets. Skip hop forma backpack, Jansport cosmic backpack, for instance, comes in mind.

More importantly, you need to know which one is suitable for you? There are so many backpacks, however, just can meets your all the requirements, isn’t it?

But, the list of good backpacks is pretty long. This is why we are aiming to write this review for you.

We are pretty sure it will save your time massively to find the right North Face Jester backpack women’s, North Face backpack men, or another Jester backpack for you.

Here, we will also talk about the good and the bad things that come with North Face Jester backpack black, or with another Jester backpack north face.

Our discussion will also cover the quality, functionality, longevity, brand popularity, and price comparisons of the north face Jester backpack.

And, finally the top-selling the North Face men’s jester backpack and women Jester North face backpack with the unisex model of jester backpack we’ll introduce here with you.

You will boldly find this Jester backpack buying guide helpful.

In a Hurry ? 8 Top North Face Jester Backpack

1. The North Face Surge Backpack

Key Features

  • FlexVent system
  • Vast functional
  • Durability

2. The North Face Jester Backpack

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty
  • Reflective bike-light loop
  • Many colors

3. The North Face Borealis Backpack

Key Features

  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Laptop compartment
  • Comfort to carry

4. The North Face Women’s Recon Backpack

Key Features

  • Huge functional
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Well-made

5. The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack

Key Features

  • Durable materials
  • FlexVent system
  • Functional

6. The North Face Recon TNF Backpack

Key Features

  • Thoughtful design
  • Heavy-duty
  • Determined

7. The North Face Vault Backpack

Key Features

  • Huge packing options
  • Powerful
  • Laptop sleeve

8. The North Face Youth Recon Squash

Key Features

  • Colorful
  • Comfortable
  • Vast packing chance

Some Words On North Face Jester Backpack Sale

Based on San Francisco, USA, it was founded in 1966 by Mr. Douglas Tompkins with His beloved wife Susie Tompkins. 

True to be told that the Douglas family were abled to recognized the exact needs of the consumers while they picking a backpack.

Due to their vast experience in this field, they took the opportunity to divert it into their business. And, they did it successfully.

That is why they are nowadays one of the topmost popular backpack brands in the industry.

Their operations not only remain in the states, rather it has spread out all over the globe.

Their invention the north face women’s jester luxe backpack, north face heckler backpack, or other models, for instance, become the must-have item for travel-savvy.

Initially, they were started with very narrow production lines. However,  presently their manufacturing gears covering the travelers, hikers, climbers, and mountaineers as well.

Eventually, they also innovate gears for the campers as well as casual using purposes, too.

Top 4 Editor’s Pick For You

The North Face Surge Backpack

Best Unisex

Key Features:

  • FlexVent    technology
  • Purposeful
  • Sturdiness
  • Nylon lining
  • Zipper closure

The North Face Women’s Recon Backpack

Best For Women

Key Features:

  • Most purposeful
  • Well-made
  • Laptop sleeve
  • 19.53 x 14.45 x 4.02 inches
  • 2.35 pounds

The North Face Recon TNF Backpack

Best For Men

Key Features:

  • Attentive Design
  • Long-lasting
  • Indomitable
  • U-pull zippers
  • 360-degree reflectivity

The North Face Youth Recon Squash

Best For Youth

Key Features:

  • Interesting
  • Vast stuffing
  • Comfy
  • 16.5 x 12.83 x 2.48 inches
  • 15.8 ounces

What Makes North Face Jester Backpack Stands Out 

FunctionalityTop Predictive Fact!

This comes first in mind while writing about the great features that distinguished north face jester backpack from others.

On the off chance that all the products, north face jester 2 backpacks, north face diaper bag backpack, or old jester north face backpack, comes with tremendous features.

All the premium quality features equipped with the north face jester backpacks. For your assistance, let’s see some of their quality features below.

It will help you to choose the right featured jester backpack whatever you are intending to buy.

  • The main compartment that comes with many other small and essential pockets organizers for huge storing.
  • Almost all the north face jester backpack, jester backpack amazon or another women’s jester backpack north face, ended up with a padded laptop sleeve.
  • The innovative Flex-Vent suspension enabled shoulder straps and air-mesh back panel details about the health and comfort features of the backpack.
  • Apart from the interior pockets and large compartments, it also consists of exterior pockets with mesh side water-bottle pockets.
  • The 360-degree reflective bike-light loop makes the north face jester backpack sexier among all the backpack in the industry.

So, all the above features- yet these are not limited to, of the north face jester backpacks make dissimilar from others.

StyleThat’s What You Like!

Style and the north face jester backpack- always walk together.

Indeed, all the goods north face ski backpack, north face jester laptop backpack, or north face jester !! backpack, for example, ended up of trendy style.

Not only that but also all the north face jester backpack matching with lucrative eye-catching colors that fit with all ages and sex naturally.

Every single north face jester luxe backpack and other models stand out a meaningful color with ergonomic design.

DurabilityNatural Phenomenon!

Buying a backpack for multipurpose use, durability makes great sense.

Keeping this in mind all the north face expedition backpack, jester backpack amazon, or other products, made up of durable materials.

On the off chance that the north face jester backpacks are one of the most durable travel gears in the industry due to using the robust materials for its goods.

Most of their backpacks are made up of pure polyester, nylon, and combinations of both.

Typically, they used 600D polyester, 450D*300D heather polyester, 600D geo emboss polyester with 1200D polyester to make their backpack.

All the above-mentioned materials are known as the most heavy-duty featured ingredients that offer the long-lasting capacity of the backpacks made of.

Also, a few old north face recon backpack along with some models made by the blends of other fabrics alongside the polyester.

Therefore, it comes with the waterproof and tears resistance features that customers like most.

In addition to that most of the North Face Jester backpacks come with a lifetime warranty. So it allows the user to confidently use it without any hesitation.

Unlike some other, north face can offer boldly the lifetime warranty for the customers globally as they are very much confident about the quality of their products.

ComfortYou Deserve It!

You are investing your lots of bucks to the backpack. Therefore, comfort comes your right.

All the north face backpack ended up with such an ergonomic designed and blending with related materials that offer the super comfort for its users.

The adjustable well-padded wide shoulder straps, soft top carrying handle enables its users to enjoy the carrying fun while traveling with it.

Subsequently, breathable mesh padded rear paneling, within some cases chest and hip fastening belt help tremendously to the users.

It is especially for the hikers as it helps to make well balanced the backpack while hiking or walking over the rough track for a longer time.

On the other hand, the well-structured shoulder straps help to spread the weight equally to the shoulders which leads to reduces back pain or other body complications.

What Is Good In The North Face Jester Backpack

Design & Style

This is the most attractive good thing that comes with all the north face jester backpacks.

There are over 20 different styles and designed jester backpacks available in the industry.

So, it never lets you empty in the event of you are looking for a trendy stylish backpack. Rather, north face jester backpacks for all age and sex.


All the north face heckler backpack, rei north face backpack, for instance, packed with tremendous and pure functional features.


It is utilized specially featured comfortable back panel that keeps your back cool and pain-less.


Quality comes first while talking about the backpack- North Face Jester backpacks stand out in this regard, surely!


They are offering a lifetime warranty for their products. It means they are much confident about the quality of their goods.

Value For Money

Yet, some of the north face jester backpacks come with a higher price compared to others.However, it doesn’t mean that they are costly. Instead, that justified the value you are giving against the backpack.


You never know what exactly the reason you are buying the backpack as most of the users never stands only one purpose.North Face Jester backpack, in this regard, is the best option due to it enables us to meet almost all the functionalities that a backpack should have.

What Looks Not Good In The North Face Jester Backpack

Using limitation

Yet, this is not true for all users of jester backpack and all the products from the north face jester backpack company.

However, some of their products might not support you to use it for a long time, frequently. Hence, it doesn’t mean that might occur overnight, absolutely not.

1. The North Face Surge Backpack

The North Face Surge Backpack, Shady Blue Light Heather/Weathered Black, One Size

Your backpack will go with you wherever you go. Since it is one of the parts of your daily activities, it should be comfortable and easy to carry.

The north face surge backpack comes with numerous comfort features with the exact functionality that you might be looking for.

FlexVent Technology: It completed up with the sophisticated FlexVent suspension system that empowered you the carrying comfort.

Functionality: The main compartment with other pockets organizer for packing convenience whatever the purposes are.

Consequently, two Teksever concealable fabric pockets allow you to keep valuable securely.

The external zipper closure pockets permit to keep there you emergency items to get that rapidly while needed.

DurableIt made up of such a robust polyester fabric that enabled it to use longer.

Laptop Sleeve: Entirely well-padded laptop sleeve can keep 15” laptop easily.

Details Specifications:

Dimension2013.2510.5 Inches.

2. The North Face Jester Backpack

The North Face Jester, Tnf Black (Past Season), One Size

The north face jester backpack comes with many comfort features with the careful functionality that seamlessly meets your fundamentals. This polyester made with polyester lining zipper closure unisex north face jester makes the great scene in the event of day-long traveling. 

Heavy-Duty: It made up of such a 100% robust polyester fabric that details the heavy-duty feature of it.

Purposeful: The key compartment that also contains the padded laptop sleeve keeps your tech secure with other components.

Two side mesh pockets for water bottles or drinks, interior zip pockets with pen holders, and the external organizer for convenient storing.

Reflective Bike-Light Loop: The reflective bike-light loop, adjustable shoulder straps webbing ensures the 360-degree of reflectivity to make you more noticeable in the short light.

Many Colors: Comes with many color options to select one.

Details Specifications:

Dimension20144 Inches
Capacity29L (tentative)

3. The North Face Borealis Backpack

The North Face Borealis Backpack, TNF Black, One Size

As you know, wherever you go, your backpack will go with you. It sounds good when you know that you are going to carry the North Face Borealis backpack.  

Indeed, the north face Borealis backpack makes great nous due to its wonderful features, durability, functionality, packing fun, and carrying comfortability.

Lifetime Limited Warranty: Thanks to the north face Borealis backpack coming with the lifetime, yet limited warranty that makes more confidence to use it.

Laptop Compartment: Fully padded, fleece-lined 15” laptop sleeve located in the main compartment, so more protection ensured to your loving tech.

Accordingly, the front-facing external bungee storage with the side mesh pockets for more essential putting while you are in the track.

Unlimited Comfort: The top hauling handle with adjustable FlexVent system shoulder straps for carrying enjoyment.

The Sternum strap with whistle fastener and detachable belly belt confirms the comfortability.

More Storing: The secondary compartment allows you to keep additional items that you might be needed while camping or outing.  

Details Specifications:

Dimension13.58.519.5 Inches

4. The North Face Women’s Recon Backpack

The North Face Women's Recon, TNF Black, OS

The north face women’s recon backpack comes to fulfill your traveling or outing requirements that make your journey meaningful.

This classic iconic 30L backpack enables you to accomplished a memorable day-long trip by its total organizing capabilities.

Functionality: The foremost compartment with many pockets manager for packing accessibility regardless of the dedications of the trip.

Subsequently, front-forwarding secured fabric pockets allow you to keep emergency items to get that easily.

The top-mounted and two side pockets for your small, however essential materials keeping convenience.

FlexVent Technology: It finished up with the classy FlexVent holdup system that allowed you the carrying luxury.

Hard-Wearing: This backpack made up of the ballistic nylon with polyester lining which tells about its robust durability.

Laptop Sleeve: Entirely well-padded laptop sleeve can keep 15” laptop easily.

Details Specifications:

Dimension19.25137 Inches

5. The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack

This fashionable and sleek with durable materials made north face women’s jester backpack born to last, seriously!

Zipper closure, imported, polyester lining with front-facing pockets make this backpack the best travel mate for a woman.

FlexVent Technology: It finalized up with the urbane FlexVent pause method that enabled you to use it more conveniently.

Materials: It is made with the most popular 600D polyester, 450D*300D heather polyester, 600D geo emboss polyester, and 1200D polyester. 

All the above manufacturing ingredients confirm its heavy-duty features, even for long time use.

Purposeful: The main compartment that also consists of a 17” laptop sleeve, the secondary compartment, and other pockets organizers enables you for storing convenience.

Relatively, two side mesh and the front pocket for water bottle and other useful items keep.

LED Light Loop: LED light loop makes this backpack sexier among all.

Details Specifications

Dimension20144 Inches

6. The North Face Recon TNF Backpack

The North Face Recon TNF Black One Size

This tremendous 30L capacity backpack rationalized with a bounce front supply pocket with other improved organizers.

Therefore, this north face recon TNF backpack becomes more functional, more appealing ever before.

Thoughtful Bike-Light Loop: The thoughtful bike-light loop, modifiable shoulder fastenings webbing safeguards the 360-degree of reflectivity to make you more visible in the low light or night time.

Forceful: It made up of such a 100% vigorous polyester fabric that specifics the long-lasting feature of it.

Determined: The significant compartment that also contains the amplified 15” laptop sleeve preserves your tech sheltered with other gears.

Dual adjacent mesh pockets for water bottles or drinks, inside zip pockets with pen holders, and the external organizer for appropriate packing.

Moreover, the outside zipper finish pockets allow you to keep there your alternative items to get that quickly while desirable.

Details Specifications:

Dimension19.299.4514.17 Inches

7. The North Face Vault Backpack

Vault, Asphalt Grey/Knockout Orange

For some people, a backpack is an inseparable part of life, but not for all.

However, if you once use this backpack for anyway, you will love this and want to make it your intimate assistant.  

The north face vault backpack comes with exceptional design with numerous colored that also featured comfortability and functionality.

FlexVent System: This backpack has done up with the cultured FlexVent delay system that authorized you to carry the backpack comfortably while loaded. 

Sturdy: It is prepared with the most prevalent 600D polyester, 450D*300D heather polyester, 600D geo emboss polyester, and 1200D polyester that qualified it to use lengthier.

Laptop Sleeve: Completely amplified laptop sleeve can keep 15” laptop easily.

Storing Fun: The focal compartment with additional pouches organizer for packing accessibility so forth the dedications of the packing.  

Accordingly, two sides mesh pockets for water bottles and other important items to hold.

The exterior big zipper finish pockets license to keep there you spare items to get that rapidly while needed.

Details Specifications:

Dimension19.5138.75 Inches

8. The North Face Youth Recon Squash

This ergonomically designed dedicated to the youth north face youth recon squash polyester made backpack is the last, yet not the least item that we’ve present here.

Huge packing opportunity, numerous eye-catching colors with vast functionality makes this backpack one of the sexiest gear in the travel industry.

Packing Fun: This youth recon squash backpack comes with an unlimited storing opportunity for you. The main compartment with other pockets helps you to pack more.

Furthermore, the front-facing drop-down zipper mesh pocket also can keep many items in the event of your necessity.

This north face youth backpack can be used for school, college, or other purposes.

Durable: The strong 600D polyester gives it a long-life.

Comfortable: It has adjustable padded shoulder straps that enable you to use it comfortably.

Colorful: It comes with many colors that can make you confused about which one to take.

Details Specifications

Dimension17133 Inches

Frequently Asked Questions

Are North Face backpacks good?

Of course! With a wide range of designs, shade, and functionality, North Face backpacks provide the best quality backpack ever you experience. Along with a stylish and fashionable approach, North Face brand backpacks deal the lot for all age groups. Besides, these trustworthy brand backpacks are large and can be used for all purposes.

Is The North Face Jester good for college?

It offers everything a college student probably needs to carry. Subsequently, it 600D polyester materials type it further tough. Because of its good-looking and forceful features, it’s just made the college students each day.

Though the North Face Jester Backpack comes with a bit expensive price tag, still it values the extra charge while you looking for a backpack that’s also perfect for frequent flying.

Is North Face Jester Backpack waterproof?

Generally, 600D polyester material is well-known for its best robust and water-resistant feature. Unlike many others, it is fade resistant as it can grip and make remain the dyes better.

And, North Face Jester backpack material is made of 600D polyester, 450D x 300D heather polyester, 600D geo emboss polyester and 1200d polyester.

Which is better Borealis or Jester?

Depending on the purposes you buying a backpack, however, if it is for hiking or traveling issues, better to get a Borealis backpack. On the other hand, all the feature that indicates a North face backpack is more suitable for work or school. But, both are a great choice for several purposes.

Final Word

Here you are!

We’ve already finished our honest review on North Face Jester Backpack- a productive buying guide to picking the right north face backpack instantly.

Simply put, the north face comes with a wide range of backpacks, north face backpack men’s, jester backpack, women’s jester backpack, and many others.

And, their backpacks featured such a versatile and meaningful that value your money appropriately. 

Besides this, all the north face diaper backpack, north face man’s jester backpack, for instance, manufactured in a state-of-art atmosphere.

Moreover, their produced backpacks are tremendously attained almost all the daily using purposes also, schooling, for college going pupils, or official use.

Considering all the things, this is very much clear that the North Face Jester backpack could be the right choice.

We hope and strongly believe that this North Face Jester Backpack Review help you massively to get the perfect match for your next backpack-hunting war.

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