Kenneth Cole Luggage Reviews- Facts & Figures On The Best 10

Luggage is the inseparable part of traveling. Consequently, selecting the appropriate luggage for an outing, therefore, make great sense positively. Kenneth Cole luggage reviews defined here the best Kenneth Cole luggage for your next-coming outing.

On the other hand, picking the perfect tour baggage is not any job done by the overnight. Rather, it claims tons of undertakings that sometimes becomes overwhelming. Moreover, the wrong luggage selection can ruin your travel enjoyment without any prior notice.

Be that as it may, you should be keener while thinking about trip packing. We took the opportunity and listed herewith the most sophisticated, stylish, and reasonably priced Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage for you.

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Best Kenneth Cole Luggage

Kenneth Cole Luggage Reviews - Honest And Depth Evaluation

Kenneth Cole Reaction is the world-famous high-thinking fashion luggage brand. Their manufactured Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage, Kenneth Cole Reaction bags, Kenneth Cole carry on, Kenneth Cole luggage set, for instance, one of the most trustworthy as well as a popular brand globally.

Kenneth Cole such a company that producing versatile baggage for the travel-savvy from 1982 while they started the journey as Kenneth Cole. You can find here all types of hard side, soft side, duffle, luggage, suitcase, messenger bags, or rolling tote for the shopper's choice.

Moreover, if you are searching for such a piece of luggage that is top quality while offering an affordable price. Kenneth cole luggage again comes first in mind. All the luggage, Kenneth Cole reaction out of the bounds, Kenneth Cole reaction suitcase, Kenneth Cole reaction luggage set, etc. are comparatively inexpensive in the industry.

In what way their luggage, carry-on or suitcase, are good we will go throw it elaborately. Resulting, your task to pick the right one will be easier then ever you thought.

 Now, let’s see what makes them stand out among all;

Splendid Quality

All the Kenneth Cole luggage, reaction Kenneth cole luggage, Kenneth Cole reaction carry on or, Kenneth Cole reaction suitcase is made up of high-quality materials. As a result, it offers the best quality product by all means.

On the off chance that Kenneth Cole such a manufacturer that never compromised with the product’s quality. They used the industry-best materials for their luggage. 

All the baggage is comprised of the top quality ABS, Polycarbonate, or the innovative cowhide leather. Resulting, Kenneth Cole luggage set is exceptionally durable and cool handle with care in every place including the busy airport.

On the other hand, the leather bags are also made up of pure cowhide that described a robust long-lasting feature. Surprisingly, you will found each bag in a different looking, even those are from the same model. This is the single most significant to pick the original cowhide.

Ergonomic Design

Kenneth Cole luggage makes the real sense of luggage-fashion. Truth to be told that, while talking about style and fashion, typically you never talk on luggage-fashion seriously. 

But then again, Kenneth Cole took the opportunity and work hard in this section. That is the reason behind Kenneth Cole reaction luggage, Kenneth Cole reaction suitcase, or Kenneth Cole carry on, whatever the category that comes with ergonomic engineering.

Regardless of the model you are using, it can easily be distinguished among many luggage. Therefore, it carries an exceptional vibe while using it. That positively creates a great impression about you. 

Besides this, it also helps you to easily locate your loving luggage in the airport luggage carousel. Keep in mind, this is the section where Kenneth Cole works unlike others in the industry.

Priced Affordably

Now come to the price. On the off chance that price is one of the most predictive factors that typically go with the quality. General thinking, cheaper products couldn’t maintain the best quality. 

Here are the most dramatic changes that made Kenneth Cole. First of all please remember that Kenneth Cole’s products are not cheaper, it is affordable. They make it within the price range that should be while maintaining the best quality. This is the secrets of reasonably priced of Kenneth Cole luggage. 

For instance, the Kenneth Cole reaction pack of all trades laptop backpack or Kenneth Cole reaction suitcase, etc. all the Reaction Line from Kenneth Cole a bunch of luggage that are comparatively cheaper. 

It doesn’t mean that the production of this line is lessened quality. Instead, all of these luggage looking extraordinary, shiny, durable, yet with the most affordable price in the market.


Most of the Kenneth Cole luggage made up of such design that is usable for both- men and women. Yet, there are fewer models that solely for women. In addition to that, it also can be used by all age stages.


What do you think- style for functionality or functionality for style? Confused right? Kenneth Cole worked here very intelligently. They bled the style with functionality in a very gentle way that also attractive.

All the Kenneth Cole suitcase, luggage or bags are coming up in front of you with plenty of functionality. Therefore, all the luggage from this house consists of a huge packing opportunity. 

Be that as it may, you never come back empty from the Kenneth Cole luggage premises. Whatever the traveling duration, for a week, daylong, or more, it will satisfy you with its wide range of luggage collections.

We have discussed very shortly regarding why Kenneth Cole luggage stands out among all in the industry. This is the time to come with exactly what we have selected here for your next outing.

Kenneth Cole Luggage Reviews -10 Best Selling

Kenneth Cole Reaction Scott's Corner Hardside Expandable 8-Wheel Spinner TSA Lock Travel Suitcase, Rose Gold, 24-inch Checked

It is made up of by the hardshell pet materials featured with a telescopic pull handle. The corner guards and the spinner wheels confirm the maximum mobility in all places. The TSA lock system enables the top security in the airport while checking the luggage.

Ultimate Mobility

Featured 8 multi-directional spinner wheels allow you to carry the load easily, even in the busy airport or other places. A telescopic handle also confirms the lifting joy by all means.


The Built-in TSA locking system enables you easy to pass the airport security without any hassle. In addition to that, it also allows you to keep your belongings, special techs are safe while checking.

Roomy Compartment

The Kenneth Cole reaction Scott's corner luggage comes with a roomy compartment for more packing. The main compartment consists of many pockets that could be used for keeping your belongings. Moreover, a flexible strap to make your clothes manner inside the luggage. 


  • TSA Lock System.
  • Spacious for more content.
  • 8-wheels spinner for ultimate mobility.
  • Corner guards for external protection.
  • Made in durable materials for the long run use.
  • Expandable for more packing.
  • Many colors.


  • A little bit weighty.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Continuum Hardside 8-Wheel Expandable Upright Spinner Luggage, Rose Gold, 28-inch Check Only

The hardshell pet materials featured with a telescopic pull handle makes this luggage more durable while controlling smoothly. The reinforced corner guards help to protect your luggage from damage. Subsequently, the spinner wheels confirm the maximum mobility in all places.

Definitive Flexibility

Introduced 8 multi-directional spinner wheels permit you to transfer the load, even overload effortlessly. Even in the busy airport or other places it never lets your back with pain, for sure! Besides this, a telescopic handle also approves the lifting pleasure by all the ways.


This luggage made by the most popular durable materials that confirm its robust durability. In addition to that, it has four external side corner guards that protect your luggage from outer damaged by any unwanted conflict. All the advantages go to the long-lasting feature of this model.

Spacious Compartment

The Kenneth Cole reaction seres luggage comes with a spacious compartment for plenty of packing opportunity. The leading compartment comprises of several organizing chambers that could be used for keeping your properties. Furthermore, you can expand it as per your need. 


  • Expandable.
  • Commodious for more packing.
  • 8-wheels spinner for smooth movement.
  • Corner guards for damage protection.
  • Comes up with durable materials for the long-lasting feature.
  • Retractable handle.
  • Numerous colors


  • A little bit odd color.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Rugged Roamer 2-Piece 20"/28” Lightweight Softside Expandable 8-Wheel Spinner Travel Luggage Set, Navy, Carry Check Size

This spacious interior moving smoothly effortless handling with easy to carry luggage ended up with durable materials for a long-life using. Outer compartments that blend with the inner sied space make it one of the best Kenneth Cole reaction out of bounds 20” luggage.

Unlimited Moving Enjoyment

This Kenneth Cole reaction out of bounds 20” molded upright spinner luggage gives you the limitless moving joy. Bring out 8 multi-directional spinner wheels that permit you to convey cool regardless of the space. A 41” telescopic push-button handle also confirms the effortless lifting.


It just weighs only 6.85 pounds whereas build-up by the most durable 1680D polyester fabric. In addition to that, it also comes up with the interior lined with the same materials that easy to clean. Therefore, you need not worry about its maintenance.

Vastly Spacious

On the off chance that this luggage is popular for its spacious compartments. Moreover, you can expand it up to 2” more, if needed. The principle compartment interior maintains secure clothes keeping space with a zipper closer pocket to keep smaller things.


  • Eight 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels.
  • Capacious for more content.
  • Made by sturdy 1680D polyester.
  • Corner guards for damage safety.
  • Push-button telescopic handle.
  • Expandable for more packing.
  • Lightweight.


  • Limited color.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds 28-Inch Check-Size Lightweight Durable Hardshell 4-Wheel Spinner Upright Luggage

This backed by a 10 years limited warranty 28” check-size out of the bounds collection luggage makes sense positively for the travelers. Four 360-degree multi-dimensional spinner wheels with comparatively lightweight, yet durable this luggage could be the right choice for your next trip.


A couple of fully lined major compartments enable you many things to put inside while making a vacation or working out of the home. The clothe limitation belt help to make the garments in one place- discipline. Whereas the big zipper closer interior pocket allow to keep your valuable little items.


Unlike Samsonite Fiero 28” spinner it comes up with very durable and long-lasting materials. Resulting, in offering the maximum longevity for its users. Moreover, precast corner guards reinforcement protect it from the puter damage.

Furthermore, it is very easy to clean and water-resistant. Therefore, you are allowed to use it free-hand. All things go with its lightweight feature- that makes it just outstanding among others.

Effortless Operation

A four wheels 360-degree spinner with most modern retractable push-button handle makes this luggage effortless handling. Additionally, the handle comes up with two lock positions for more control over the luggage. All the facilities offer you to run with it easily, even it a tinny place.


  • Well-organized space for better packing.
  • 10 years limited warranty.
  • 4-wheels 360-degree spinner for eventual mobility.
  • Corner guards for outer safety.
  • Made for heavy-duty.
  • Many colors.
  • Lightweight.


  • Without a TSA lock.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade 20” Carry-On Lightweight Hardside Expandable 8-Wheel Spinner Cabin Size Suitcase, Vivid Blue, inch

This Kenneth Cole reaction carry on luggage is very popular among the travelers who love to solo travel frequently. It is ended up by the durable materials along with a very lightweight feature. Consequently, 8 wheels 360-degree multi-dimensional spinner make it easy to handle.

Unproblematic Movement

The 8 wheels 360-degree spinner with most contemporary telescopic push-button handle makes this luggage unproblematic management. Furthermore, this luggage meets all the requirements to place it in the overhead bin on the airplane. Therefore, this stylish one becomes more famous day by day.


It made up of robust hard-wearing and long-lasting ingredients. As a result, it offers the supreme permanency comparatively among others that are similar to it. What is more? Moreover, molded corner guards reinforcement protect it from external impairment.

Besides, it is very easy to clean and cool to maintain. Consequently, you are allowed to use it hassle-free. In addition to that, it is very lightweight. Resulting, you need not go to the doctor that might be caused by the back pain by lifting a heavy luggage


It enables you to expand it up to 2” while needed. Consequently, major compartments featured many zipper closure pockets and parts that confirm the vast packing.

Also, zipper closer internal chambers allow you to keep your valuable smaller separately and safely. A clothe maintaining belt help to make the fashions in one place- self-control.


  • Expandable for more packing.
  • Meets US-based international carry-on luggage criteria.
  • 8-wheels spinner for smooth mobility.
  • Corner guards for external safety.
  • Using robust materials for the last long.
  • Telescopic handle for use easily.
  • Roomy compartment for more items inside.


  • No TSA lock.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Wave Rush 20" Lightweight Hardside 8-Wheel Spinner Expandable Carry-On Suitcase, Warm Red, Inch

This cool looking Kenneth Cole reaction suitcase is one of the best selling product among all. Extremely lightweight just 7.15 ponds featured durable materials that are water-resistance and easily washable.

Moreover, the 8 wheels 360-degree dimensional spinner along with retractable handle stand it out among many luggage. This perfect carry-on reaction Kenneth cole luggage also very decent looking. Eventually, it meets the US-based carry-on terms by all means.

The perfect Carry-on

On the off chance that this is the cool feature of this luggage- it is considered as the real Kenneth cole carry on luggage due to meets the US-based carry-on criteria. Relatively, all the TSA approved dimensions it meets that fit well with almost all the airlines' carry-on luggage rules.

Unlimited Packing

Indeed, it allows you to pack- unlimited at the time of your outing. The main compartment divided with two larger parts allows you to put all the belongings inside.

A u-shape color pop zipper chamber with another mesh and breathable zipper pockets confirm the vast putting inside the capacity of this luggage.

User-friendly Movement

Retractable push-button handle with a couple of locking positions makes your mobility as easy on the other hand secure. In addition to that 8 wheels 360-degree directional spinner details the cool running with it, even in a crowded place.


  • TSA approved carry-on luggage size.
  • Commodious for more packing.
  • 8-wheels spinner for effortless running.
  • Corner guards for external protection.
  • Made in durable materials long-lasting.
  • Expandable for more packing.
  • Decent design.


  • Not ant TSA lock.

This 20” Kenneth cole reaction luggage featured the seamless carry-on that is approved by the US-based all airlines. 4 wheels 360-degree multi-dimensional spinner with highly lightweight that made by the durable ABS materials. 

Additionally, it is one of the eye-catching carry-on luggage among all the Kenneth cole reaction carry on luggage.

Roomy Compartment

Two completely lined foremost compartments empower you many belongings to put private while working out of the home. The clothes maintaining strap help to make the wears in one place- disciplined.

Additionally, the giant zipper closure interior pocket tolerates you to put your valuable, yet smaller matters.


Unlike penguin suitcase, it made up of pure ABS materials that bargain its long-lasting capacity even in rough use. Furthermore, it is very cool to wash and water-resistant. Resulting, you are permissible to use it frequently.

Moving Flexibility

A 4 wheels 360-degree whirligig with most up-to-date folding push-button handle makes this luggage graceful management. Therefore, you can walk with it while loaded full easily even on a rough road.


  • Eye-catching color.
  • Ergonomic design that makes dissimilar among all.
  • 4-wheels 360 directional spinners for smooth walks.
  • Sophisticated telescopic handle for easy operation.
  • Pure ABS body ensures durability.
  • Spacious for many things to put in.
  • US-based airlines approved carry-on size.


  • Without corner guards.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade 20" ABS Expandable 8-Wheel Carry-On, Rose Gold, inch

It is made up of by the hardshell domesticated ingredients featured with a retractable pull handle. The corner protectors and the 8 spinner wheels approve the supreme movement in all spaces. The ABS feature details the durability of the Kenneth cole reaction suitcase.

Limitless Movement

Included 8 multi-directional 360-degree spinner wheels permit you to carry the load straightforwardly, even in the busy airport. A collapsible handle also settles the stimulating joy by all means.

External Safety

Reinforced corner guards ensures the external damage. Whereas the pure ABS body details about its heavy-duty feature. In addition to that, it offers mostly lightweight features while maintaining durability.

Spacious Compartment

This Kenneth Cole carry on luggage comes with a spacious compartment for more stuffing. The key compartment contains numerous pockets that could be used for keeping your belongings. Furthermore, an elastic strap to make the manner of your garments inside the luggage.


  • Expandable for more things to keep in.
  • Eye-catching color.
  • 8-wheels spinner with 360-degree direction for smooth mobility.
  • Corner guards for external safety.
  • Made in durable ABS materials for a long time use.
  • Ergonomic design that makes the difference.
  • Many colors options.


  • Without a TSA lock.

It is from Kenneth cole rush hour collection like the Kenneth cole reaction out of the bounds series. This one of the best selling Kenneth cole luggage that made up of the pure ABS/pet derivated materials. As a result, it bargains with vast durability. Also, the TSA lock system confirms its security in the airport checking.


The Built-in TSA locking structure ensures you easy to permit airport security without any bother. In addition to that, it also lets you save your properties, especially techs are safe at the time of checking.

Generous Compartment

The Kenneth Cole reaction luggage comes with a generous compartment for more packing. The principle compartment involves countless pockets that could be used for the custody of your things. Besides, a plastic strap to make your apparels manner confidential the luggage.

Final Motion

Featured multi-directional spinner wheels agree to you to carry the load effortlessly, even in a busy place. A foldaway handle also settles the lifting joy by all means.


  • TSA Lock System.
  • Spacious for more content.
  • Multi-directional wheels spinner for the final motion.
  • Corner guards for inside items safety.
  • Made in durable ABS/pet materials for the long run use.
  • Unisex designed.
  • Gorgeous looking.


  • Limited color.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Dot Matrix 14" Lightweight 2-Wheel Underseater Carry-On Luggage, Navy

Among all the Kenneth cole carry on luggage or Kenneth cole reaction bags, it is something different. This Kenneth cole reaction luggage featured dot matrix with 14” lightweight that remain 2-wheels for smooth mobility. This well-organized and decent looking kennethe cole carry on luggage can amaze you.


Unlike Swissgear luggage 21” spinner or Swissgear spinner, this Kenneth cole luggage comes up with the vast capacity to keep your belongings. The compartment featured a full-length zipper pocket.

It has also divided the zipper pocket to keep wet things apart from others. Adjacent external mesh pocket to keep easy-accessible items that featured dual-opening options. Yet, it is perfect in size to keep under the seat.

Lightweight, Yet Durable

It is coming up with the ultra-lightweight only 4.85 ponds, yet purely sturdy feature. On the off chance that it is specially made to fit in under the airplane seat. Therefore, while the talking about Kenneth cole bags sale- this one comes first among the Kenneth cole reaction carry on luggage.

10 Years Warranty

This is one of the sexiest features of the reaction Kenneth cole luggage. It comes up with a 10 years limited warranty. Therefore, it ensures worry-free use it.

Thanks to the Kenneth cole luggage company offering such a great opportunity to experience tremendous Kenneth cole reaction carry on luggage. 


  • 10 years limited warranty make you the confidence to buy it.
  • Spacious for more content.
  • 2-wheels spinner for ultimate mobility.
  • User-friendly, easy to carry.
  • Made in durable materials for long-lasting.
  • Great dot-matrix exceptional looking.
  • Specially made to fit under the seat.


  • Limited color.

We are pretty sure this Kenneth Cole luggage reviews help you to pick the appropriate luggage for your next vacation.

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