How To Unlock A TSA Lock Combination- Easy Steps To Follow

Knowing How To Unlock A TSA Lock Combination is very important. Because forget the TSA lock combination of your luggage, may ruin your trip. 

Generally, there are many traditions to secure your valuables inside the luggage while traveling. TSA lock combination gets top priority among them. Thus, it is important to know somethings more on that .

TSA- stands for Transportation Security Administration. It is the top blend of individual safety and national security as well. 

Subsequently, it is the easiest way to protect your luggage from the unwanted cutting possibilities while comes the security checking

Moreover, the TSA lock allows you to decide who can get into your luggage or not. A TSA agent only can do it in response to the security purpose if needed. However, without causing any damage to your suitcase or inside items.

Eventually, TSA lock system is very easy to use, unless you forget the exact combination of it. And, unfortunately, there are many cases user forgot the TSA lock combination.

Therefore, they fall under miserable circumstances.TravelGearPoint took the opportunity and introduce here with some easy ways to unlock your travelers choice luggage TSA lock when forgot the lock combination.

This is not any tough job, however, it claims some prior knowledge to reset them.

How To Unlock A TSA Lock Combination

Before we start, just have a look at the FAQ as below:

What is known as the TSA lock?

Typically thinking, TSA lock is considered the TSA agent has a master key of a suitcase that TSA lock approved. They can open it to see the inside belongings if they think.

It confirms the top security from strangers to get into your bag and theft them. In the event of that luggage without the TSA lock combination approval, the TSA agent cut it to see inside- if they feel to do so.

What is the importance of a TSA lock?

You may ask this question- if TSA can screen the suitcase throw the x-ray or scanner machine- then why should they open it? It because sometimes the luggage becomes overloaded and it seems somethings suspicious inside that not clear in the scanner.

That is the reason behind a TSA agent who wants to check it by opening and go throw inside items. Yet, whole the process is only for security purposes, nothing to bother you.

Subsequently, before your luggage gets into the exact airplane by which you are traveling, it passed many hands. A similar scenario will play at the time when you take-off from the airplane and waiting to get your suitcase.

You don’t know if someone put something illegal into your luggage while passing the airport. Here is the TSA lock combination that plays a vital role. It protects your bag and its inside belongings from theft or misusing and unwanted handling.

How To Unlock Or Reset The TSA Lock If Forgot The Combination?

This could be happened at any time- as you are a very busy person. But what should you do?

The Travel Sentry- one of the produce of TSA approved lock, advised that- when you forget your TSA lock combination- start trying every possible combination, first.

They added, start with the 000 to end of 999- 001, 002, 003, for instance, till to 999. Yet, this is very long as well as a boring process.

However, the Travel Sentry confirms that this will take the highest not over half an hour and this is the easiest process.

If the starting number is 0, 1 or 2, and especially one of the combination numbers is already know by the suitcase owner- then it will work rapidly. Yet, some luggage brands, Swissgear, Kenneth cole, for instance, have a built-in TSA lock system.

In that case, it required to call the company to reset the lock combination. Consequently, hopefully, you are such a lucky traveler who can find the promptly lost combination reset solution by following the process below:

  • Firstly, press the button or pull on the lock- it will be create pressure on the locking mechanism.
  • Turn the first dial gradually. Try to pay attention until there is a noticeable tick. If so, that should be the exact number.
  • Sendoff the first dial on the number that ticked. Therefore, make the process for a second time with the other two dials.
  • At the time of all three numbers are ticked- it should be all set. Resulting, the lock should be open.

The above is very simple and will take not more than 30 minutes, however, if you know the process. Otherwise, it could have been confusing, even sometimes overwhelming to do.

On the other hand, if the lock is unlocked, while you forgot the combination, then you are pretty lucky. You just need to set a new lock combination but nothing else.

Now let’s see how to set a lock combination, yet it is pretty easy:

  • Fixed the dial 000.
  • Fit the chain at a 90-degree angle from the lock position.
  • Push the chain down- outside the lock.
  • Set the chosen new lock code.
  • Pull the chain up.
  • Turn it back to the lock position.

You are all set with the new TSA lock combination. However, to avoid future unwanted situations just email this new lock combination to yourself. You also save it in the google doc files.

Please keep in mind, typically, the TSA agent leaves a notice inside the luggage “Notice of Baggage Inspections” for its owner. However, if your bag arrives without any of these types of notice whereas missing the lock, it not only for search by the thieves.

Instead, it could be an accidental case. Sometimes, airport conveyor belts rip the luggage locks off automatically. However, the TSA agent checks the luggage before it gets into the selected plane.

Relatively, the checking case is very rare, just around 5%/yearly. Otherwise, all the suitcases passed through the scanner seamlessly without any bothering.

We are pretty sure this was the best reply to how to unlock a TSA lock when forgot the combination.

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