How To Replace Spinner Wheels On Luggage- 5 Easy Steps

You might not want to throw your luggage into the garbage due to just for a broken wheel! Nor want to spend more for this small work! Instead, want to know how to replace spinner wheels on luggage, isn’t it?

If so, that is better for you. Because it will save your luggage and money as well. Moreover, in most of the cases, replace the luggage wheel is easy and time saving. However, it claims some prior knowledge also.

Furthermore, as you are aware of the luggage brand, Lucas luggage, IT luggage, for example, you are using along with its wheel types. Therefore, it should be an easy thing for you.

Consequently, you may not get an expert to fix it all time, especially when you are in a hurry. Eventually, that may cost you more time, money and you may have to purchase a new wheel also.

Therefore, it is better to try it by yourself, first. At least, make it ready for sometimes so that you could be preparing a new one.

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How To Replace Spinner Wheels On Luggage- Complete Guide For You

Don’t worry, TravelGearPoint makes things easy for you. We have investigated vastly on it and find some simple, yet fecund ways to fix it. You just need to follow the below steps carefully, nothing else.

1. Get your luggage wheel ready to replace

See what’s happened! Sometimes wheels don’t work due to they stuck by the dirt or other external substances. Wipe your luggage wheels with a clothe. Make sure first they need to be replaced. 

It could save your time with money- as it could just require cleaning. In that case, with a cleaning agent clean it and fit it again at the wheel place of your luggage. 

2. Put your luggage upside down in a level surfaceIn this regard, a big working table or counter top is the ideal tool to work smoothly. Flip the luggage with the wheels opposite up so that you can see them. However, for emergency duty, you need not wait for a table, rather lay it down to the field and start work. 3. Examine the types of wheelsAll the luggage is not with the same type of wheels. Different brands, travelers choice luggage, Coolife luggage, for instance, could be the dissimilar types of wheels. Therefore, you need to see first either it is screwed fix wheels or engrossed. Screwed wheels are fixed by some small screws by both sides of the wheels. Whereas, the engrossed are fastened on through the midpoint. This examination will help you to get the right tools to replace the wheels, first.4. Replace the Screwed luggage wheelsIn the event of your luggage wheels are screwed, then follow the below steps:

  • See the wheels for screws. If any screws remain there, take it out. However, it may be usable for further. But, you also will have new screws with your new wheels.
  • There should be a small metal clip located at the center of wheels that attached to a bolt-on both sides. After unscrewing the luggage, pull out the metal clip with the bolt. Therefore, setting them aside next to the screws.
  • Now, remove the old one and replace the new one at the wheel hole. Taste it, if satisfied then complete the wheels screw set to the luggage, finally.
  • See carefully, if the newly replaced wheels feel lose or so tight- then you might have to change the size of the wheel.
  • Place the rods on either side on the wheel and slide the clip over to lock them. Use the screwdriver to tighten the screw rightly.
  • Move the luggage multi-directional. If it works smoothly- the job has been done rightly.

5. Replace the engrossed luggage wheelsSubsequently, if your luggage wheels are engrossed, you should go through the below steps to replace it. Keep in mind, it is slightly difficult to replace compared with the screwed luggage wheels.

  • Take your protection by putting safety goggles on your eye due to engrossed luggage required a hacksaw to replace it properly. Relatively, if you are sensitive to noise, put a noise-preventing headphone, or use earplugs.
  • Slice through the end of the luggage rivet with the hacksaw. Pull apart the old rivet by using a screwdriver of your hands. Also, take out the bearings or washers that holing the wheels.
  • Now, take out the old wheel from the hole of the wheel. Also, set the bearing and washers away while putting the new wheel.
  • Set one bearing to both sides of the luggage wheel. It will keep the wheel in the exact place where it should be at the wheel hole.
  • Now, you are almost done, just replace the new wheel into the wheel hole. Eventually, set an appropriate size screw through the wheel and the bearing for more security.
  • Consequently, place a washer to both sides of the screw to make more tighten it.
  • Once again, put a nut at the end of the screw to make final security to the new settings wheel of your luggage.
  • Make a taste of it- run with it in a level area. Move it forth and back and see is it moving smoothly or not. If the luggage moving with fun, it all set rightly for you.
  • Or, unfortunately, if the luggage being so shaky, try to tighten the nut more.
  • In the event, you have selected a wrong size wheel, you may need to change it and bring the right size smooth operation for your loving luggage.

So, the above was the response on how to replace spinner wheels on luggage. We have described herewith the core things that you should follow while replacing the wheel for your luggage.

We strongly believe that this fecund guide will help you tremendously to fix the problem by yourself, however without making any additional cost to you. Therefore, you need not break the bank to replace the luggage wheel, if it is damage.

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