How To Fix Luggage Handle [5 Easy Steps To Follow]

Luggage is an inseparable item of traveling or outing for some reason. So, it is frustrating if you find your travel-selected luggage handle not working properly or needs to fix it before travel. Therefore, finding ways of how to fix luggage handle seems the most important thing for you.

Before you start running for it, just have a look at the money receipt or the warranty card. Because many manufacturers, timberland luggage, for example, offer a lifetime warranty. Check, if luckily your one comes within this facility, it will save your money. They will repair it, typically no cost, if it is not an accidental case. This is the best way out to fix your luggage handle, surely!

On the other hand, you need some steps to fix it. However, keep in mind this is not anything happening the first time. Instead, it may be happening, yet it doesn’t mean it is not fixable. But, unfortunately, lots of people become stuck and think it is not repairable. Fortunately, they are wrong, rather it can fix, even by yourself.

How To Fix Luggage Handle That Is Stuck Or Need To Repair

How To Fix Luggage Handle

Luggage handle repairing is not any hard job that needs special training. Instead, this is such a pretty basic mechanism that you can also do just with your common sense. Yet, it may take some time and practice, however possible. Relatively, you should know it, as often it cloud happens. Just follow the steps below:

1. Find The Issue- Related To Parts

Try to sort out first what’s happened? It may due to any parts be missing, broken, displaced, or some other case.

Tip– You may need to get the broken or missing parts and set them in the right place. Or, need to tighten it properly.

2. See The Handle’s Position

Subsequently, see the position of the handle when it becomes stuck. Typically, it is often open. The handle is extended but wouldn’t dislodge. Or, it is in the close position- the handle not coming out.

3. Make More Close Observation

Ok, you might be sure that it is all about the handle mechanism. Then find the below answer:

  • Is the handle seems jammed in the frame?
  • Are you being able to push down the nob of the handle which discharges the instrument?
  • Does the nob spring back?

The above questions and its answer will help you to find the exact reason for inhibiting your luggage handle working properly. Once earlier you can do this, rapidly you will be able to enjoy the solution as it will move you a better position to fix it.

Thus, open the handle case and see it more carefully if there is any type of damage, missing or displaced of the related parts. Also, investigate the spring that is responsible for the total mechanism is well and in the right position.

4. Things To Do When Handle Becomes Stuck In The Open Position

In the event of a telescopic handle mechanism, typically there could be a couple of reasons that lead handle stuck in the open position

  • The telescopic rods are unable to reach the trigger point in the handle.

Tip– In some cases, it has seen that the internal trigger mechanism may be working properly. However, that is not enough to reach the telescopic rod. Resulting, the handle becomes stuck to work. Don’t worry, here is the solution.

Open the handle- it generally very simple to do. Look at the cable carefully- is it in the right place? Normally, an uneven cable could be the culprit. Make it smooth with a file and re-insert it in the handle. You should be done.

Eventually, due to the handle failed to reach the telescopic point, so that it becomes unable to up or down. In this case, place some sticky tape in the handle inside in the area of the telescopic rod site. It will aid to handle to touch the telescopic rod.

The telescopic handle pins become stuck in their position.

Tip– Be that as it may, your workload will be surely lessened due to it is comparatively easy to fix. However, keep in mind that it may take around an hour, so, have patience. Open the luggage. Examine the telescopic runners in the luggage.

Press the handle trigger and see the pins moving in/out, or not. Most of the cases, the pins getting stuck in the little holes. Get sellotape and wind it around the holes. Resulting, the pins couldn’t be stuck their again, and you are done.

5. Things To Do When Handle Becomes Stuck In The Closed Position

This is the most commonly happening issue. However, simple to solve, also. You just need to follow some steps very carefully. And, here we go;

Tip– Slide between the press nob and back of the frame by a level headed screwdriver. Then, guess what will happen? Any idea? Typically, you are done! Yes, it would start working normally due to loosening.

We are pretty sure that already you became familiar with how to fix luggage handle when it is stuck or not supporting properly as it to do. The most important to keep in mind that, not any task is very difficult to do.

Up till now, unfortunately most of the individuals treated it as a permanent issue and think it not possible to fix without any expert help. However, after having these fecund tips and ways to solve it, you must be agreed that it is such a simple thing to do, isn’t it?

You just need to point out the exact problem. Then run for the solution, that’s it. Keep in mind, you invest to your luggage. So, it is not just going to the trash, rather it has something more to serve you whatever you desired.

Therefore, whenever you will face this type of issue, just try to explore it, properly. Then, find the solution. And, finally start reusing it, as usual.

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