How To Fix A Broken Zipper On A Backpack [6 Easy Ways]

If you found your backpack’s zipper broken, you need to fix it immediately. Doing so, you should know How To Fix A Broken Zipper On A Backpack.

Numerous ways that can enhance to break the zippers on your backpack, especially the laptop backpack. Due to it claims more frequent to open and close.

For instance, if the teeth of your zipper are set out from the alignment, it can get jammed or even break.

The reason is the teeth may get separation from the line. Or, slider that plays the key role to proper work, becomes workless.

Regardless of the reason why this is very important to know to fix it for a regular backpack user. Otherwise, it may cost you more and ruin your trip enjoyments anytime.

How Can You Fix A Broken Zipper On A Backpack-Step By Step

Fix A Broken Zipper On A Backpack

1. Graphite Treatment

Your youth soccer backpack zipper feels broken due to its refusing to go up or down, isn’t it?

It seems that a problem occurs due to a lack of lubrication that makes zipper smooth moving. In this case, you can use graphite.

Get a graphite stick that specified for the lubrication from your nearest shop. You can use the number 2 pencil.

Move the pencil up to down in the teeth of the zipper. However, not necessary to use the whole zipper area, instead of the stuck area.

Now, again move the slider up and down until it starts running smoothly.

2. Use Laundry Soap

This is very easy while graphite doesn’t work. Apply some laundry soap on the area where zippers get stuck. It works more quickly and efficiently than graphite.

Take some laundry detergent in boul. Mix it with an appropriate amount of water. Drip dry and fresh cotton into the mixture of the boul.

Now, apply the saturated cotton into the zipper’s teeth. Do it more than once, however gently.

Try to move the zipper from its present place. Don’t be hurry, instead of doing it very slowly.

Initially, it may move a little, however, continue it until it becomes as smooth as it was before.

3. Wash It, Then Lubricate Again

Sometimes graphite and the laundry soap may not work for the first time. Then you need to wash it, then again lubricate it using graphite.

Wash very carefully and firmly the total zipper area. Remove the dirt, moisture, grim, or any other ingredients that help to stick it.

After a complete wash, lubricant it using the lubricating ingredients. Make it sure to being lubricated by itself so that it unable to get stuck again.

4. Use Candle Wax

There is a good chance not to work only by the lubrication to get your backpack zipper working smoothly.

Then, you might have to use the candle wax to make the stuck zipper moving normally as it used to.

On the off chance that the household candle wax is very effective to make any zipper moving normally.

If you don’t have any candle wax at this time in your house, use a crayon. It also works good. This claims the same way that you have already apply to use the graphite.

Polish the wax stick onto the area where zipper gets stuck. Rub it until the zipper getting smoothly up and down.

It may take a few attempts but do it gently. And, keep it doing until the zipper slide easily without any stuck or disturbed.

This is such a great system to get your backpack zipper well-working and is very easy to apply when you are staying at home.

Moreover, it never leave any stain or dirt or other ingredients that could make your backpack zipper get stuck again. However, if you not using any colored chalk.

5. Bent Teeth Setting

Only lubrication may not be enough to get your loving backpack’s zipper smoothly work. Therefore, you might have to move for another treatment to fix the problem.

Bent teeth setting or fixing may be one of them that works well. To so so, you need to use any handy tool. Typically, the pliers work best in this regard.

Grab the bent teeth with the plier and turning it so that it gets straightened. Again, don’t do it early, as you may need to do it repeatedly until it gets the right track to move easily.

Also, never pull it too hard that the teeth come out from it’s place. If it gets out of the tape altogether, you might not be able to do much to fix it. So, be careful when doing it.

6. Fix The Broken Slider

You also may need to fix the broken slider to get your backpack zipper work-well as before. Typically, when a slider gets broke, it has to replace by a new one.

It is so easy to replace a new slider instead of the older one. Again, you need pliers to do it simply.

Cut the broken slider by the pliers. Therefore, reattach the new slider by sliding it slowly back onto the teeth. Do it carefully and smoothly, otherwise, it also maybe got stuck.

However, the total process should not take much time as it is very simple to do. You need to get the slider to go into the right channels, then hit the right angle.

By the way, you may need to replace the slider if it gets out of order fully.

Or, it is not closing the teeth properly, even after many attempts of applying the lubricants and fix the zipper.


The zipper is the most important component of a backpack. But, when it becomes stuck or refused to work properly- creates such a weird condition for the backpacker.

Therefore, knowing the way of fix a broken zipper on a backpack- makes sense positively to enjoy in full lenth of outing with a good backpack.

I’m pretty sure this fecund guide to fix a zipper within a short time at home going to help you massively.

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