How To Clean Your Luggage To Make It Brand-New Look

What do you do while your luggage grows dirt or stained? Look for the professional cleaner to clean it, right? But, if you study How To Clean Your Luggage at home- it will save your few dollars or maybe more.

TravelGearPoint happy to introduce these types of content with you. It will not only save your money but also make your luggage a brand new look, indeed!

Resulting, knowing suitcase cleaning is important. Especially for those who traveled frequently. Here we have described some easy yet, fecund tips on the hard-side, soft-side, and leather luggage cleaning.

Agreed, you take care of your luggage enough as it need not clean separately. However, sometimes you won’t be able to control your luggage how it handled.

Especially, at the airport, it often faced rough and dirty handling- more specifically in checked-in luggage. Therefore, it is convenient if you know the washing techniques.

How To Clean Your Luggage- Important For Any Kind Of

Yet, numerous luggage brands, Ricardo luggage, Traveler’s choice, Olympia, or the Kenneth Cole luggagefor instance, comes with washing instructions of their luggage.

 However, depending on the materials they used some common methods that can be applied at home to do the job rightly. Especially, for the small satin and regular dirt solution- it works nicely. Now, let’s see how to do this.

How To Clean Polyester Or Ballistic Nylon Luggage

Polyester and the ballistic nylon fabric is very easy to clean. Most of the time you can avoid the company instructions to use a specific cleaner. Rather, make a solution of warm water and mild soap.

 Then, soft-bristled nylon brushes deep in the solution and clean the total panel of luggage, not only the dirt and stained spot. You can also use any nylon or polyester-friendly cleaner. Dry the luggage completely before putting it in the store.

How To Clean Polycarbonate Luggage

Polycarbonate made hardside luggage is very popular among all the luggage brands. However, it also notorious for showing clearly their dirt and easy to scratch. So it needs to take care of intensively.

If your polycarbonate luggage gets dirt after a checking-out from the busy airport or wherever else, you can easily clean it by yourself. Make a solution blend with the mild dishwashing soap and the warm water. Deep in it a soft washing cloth.

Not just on dirt spot, instead of polish total surface of the luggage by this solution very carefully. Then, use a clean cloth to wipe up the soap residue of the luggage.

Finally, wipe the luggage by a dry and fresh cloth to make it as shiny as looks brand new. Don’t let any little stain or moisture on the luggage.

 Eventually, if your polycarbonate hardside luggage remains some graze marks, eraser scrubbing pad, or toothpaste with a rough sponge to brush away and buff the area. End up your effort by wiping the luggage by a cloth.

How To Clean Cotton Bags

You can wash 100% cotton bags with the washing machine. But, then it should not be made with any rigid based materials, trim, or quilting. Also, unless there is not any special instruction by the manufacturer.

Otherwise, you just clean it by using the laundry detergent with some warm water. After the washing, let the bag in the sun for completely dry, then store or use it again.

How To Clean Leather-Made Luggage

Many people believe to clean the costly leather bag at home is the wrong decision. But this is not true. Rather, you can do it at home for a small stain and general cleaning. For that, you should know the way to do it.

For normal care, use an alcohol-free baby wipes to wipe it down to look shiny. Then instantly let it dry by a soft towel or microfiber cloth. For better cleaning, use a leather cleaner.

But not spray it directly to the leather bag. Take a dump cloth and dip a corner into it. Apply the cleaner on a section and work up a lather. Do it again to cover the total area of the bag. Remember, never let the bag too wet.

Then dry it fully with a dry cloth. Make sure that the cleaner should not stay too long on the leather bag. So, better to clean section-wise little area one after another. End up your effort with a protective leather conditioner.

Yet, leather made bag requires intensive care to clean and not any easy to do it at home like other hardside or softside luggage. Moreover, for any sturdy stains, you may call the professional cleaner to maintain the leather good health.

How To Clean Canvas Luggage

Now, turn to clean the canvas luggage. An old toothbrush that uses to remove the slight oil stains or soil dirt utilizing dry baking soda. Then use another brush to clean the residue. If not success, follow the below instructions:

Mix around 3-4 tablespoon baking soda with water. Rub it with a damp cloth. For the stubborn stains, use also the laundry detergent with water on the spot of stains.

Are you using the above two methods at a time? Then, don’t let the canvas bag a long time to remain wet. Rather, dry it immediately after your work with a hair or hand dryer.

However, there are many canvas bags that also you can wash with the machine, yet that will cost you. Besides, it won’t cost you, rather make you enable to a story-telling opportunity.

In the event of a conclusion on how to clean your luggage- we have described herewith some very easy, yet workable techniques. Yet, that is not limited to. Instead, there are also many other ways to clean your luggage, but all you can apply at home.

In addition to that. Whatever we described here is solely effortless, just like you are doing your regular job as you often have to do.

So, let us know how this appeal to you.

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