How To Clean Lipault Luggage To Make It Looks New- 2 Easy Steps

Hiring a professional cleaner for your loving luggage is just an impractical step. Instead, by knowing How To Clean Lipault Luggage– then do it by yourself- practical thinking, surely.  

This is a very common matter your luggage gets dirt after a long vacation. Or, even if it is not in use for a longer period. Therefore, you need to clean it.

Subsequently, if you look for a professional to do the job recurrently- that cost you more. Besides, your luggage may not be able to accept it. Due to different luggage fabrics require dissimilar treatment to wash.

As a result, this is such a task that is not so simple. However, possible, even by yourself- if you know exactly the manner to wash it.

You know, there are many types of luggage, a hard-shell, fabric made, leather suitcase, for instance, each claims a dissimilar method to clean.

Fortunately, different luggage brands, NauticaIT, Swiss gear, London Fog, Heys, or Lucas, for example, in the industry also mentioned visibly cleaning instructions of their luggage. 

But, typically that becomes difficult to follow- as they instructed according to their manufacturing ends. Thus, it might not be possible to follow for all. Moreover, that sometimes seems costly and overwhelming for the individual.

How To Clean Lipault LuggageEasy Steps To Follow

Are You Ready? Ok!

Before we start, let’s have a look at the cleaning instructions are given by the Lipault luggage company for their goods. They recommend spot cleaning with a non-abrasive cleaner (mid-soap) and water.

If this does not work efficiently- they also added, try a product used for spot removal on clothing, spray ‘n wash, formula 401, for example. (Ref. product care, Lipault, Paris-,n%20Wash%20or%20Formula%20401)

As we’ve mentioned earlier, different types of luggage require different washing treatment. Consequently, the dissimilar parts of the suitcase also title the same- unlike treated.

Though, depending on the ingredients used, there are some common system and home-based way out that works well.

Yet, it is mainly for small stains and general cases. If you are not sure about the way of cleaning, just go throw this fecund guideline:


How To Clean Interior Part Of Your Luggage

Prepare For clean

  • Take away from the luggage all items that you may put while traveling or using it, books, power banks, cash, mobile chargers, sunglasses, for instance, or any other items.
  • Pull out all the removable items also, laundry bag, removable pockets, straps, or other things that could remove.
  • Keep these items for wash separately using any washable soft detergent or cleaning agent whatever best fits it. Or, put it into the washing machine.
  • Open the zippers and have a huge shake. Empty your luggage and get rid of all the particles inside.

Start Cleaning

  • Wipe out all the parts of the interior with soft clothing, however, don’t use any detergent or soap.
  • Check its inside carefully. If they’re still any dirt even wiping rightly, then use some laundry detergent to remove that.
  • The water and laundry detergent ratio should be 1:5. Using an old toothbrush, wipe it with slight pressure.
  • Wipeout again thoroughly the luggage inside with clean cloth and warm water. Do it until detergent or soap is gone.
  • You should have done it. However, if any deep stains may require more effort to clean it. But don’t worry, you can still do it by yourself.


How To Clean Exterior Part Of Your Luggage

Now, start with the second innings. The exterior part is comparatively tough to clean due to it comes with numerous types of muddy ingredients. Moreover, the cleaning method heavily depends on luggage materials.

So, Are You Ready?

Ok! Let’s start;

We, just talk about here nylon, canvas, and polyester fabrics made luggage cleaning due to Lipault luggage mainly made up of these types of materials.

Prepare For clean

  • Take away from the luggage all items that you may put while traveling or using it, books, power banks, cash, mobile chargers, sunglasses, for instance, or any other items. The items may get wet while cleaning.
  • Give a huge shake of your luggage to get rid of the bigger particles.
  • Prepare the washing elements, any fabric, or hard textile cleaner, for example, that form foaming while applied. You may use the carpet, sofa, car seat cleaner- it works greatly usually.

Start Cleaning

  • Apply the foam on to your loving luggage and just make it a white color by spraying enough.
  • Polish the foam with a brush till the visibility of the dirt, even a little.
  • Let it be for around 5 to 15 minutes. And then remove all the foam from your luggage surface using clean cloth gently. You may use a vacuum cleaner in this regard.
  • Do the process again for the covers that didn’t come out. If it not comes out even after the second term done, then it might be the greased patch. It required treatment differently:
  1. Use some dry baking soda with cornstarch on the greases patch. Rub it with a toothbrush and let it be there for some time. Then bush the backing soda and the cornstarch.
  2. Take a half-full glass of warm water, mix a tablespoon dish soap with a tablespoon oxi clean or similar ingredients. Mix it and apply it to the greased spot. Bush it for a couple of minutes, gently.
  3. Clean it with warm water and a clean soft cloth.
  • Clean all the plastic parts with soapy water and washing clothes.
  • Leave it in an open space for some time. It is preferable that dry it by the sunlight with opening all the zipper till fully natural dry.

And, you are done!

So, all the above was the reply on how to clean Lipault luggage. We hope, it will help massively you to clean gently, yet full of your loving Lipault luggage.

We also talk about how to clean your luggage– all types, hard-side, soft-side and the leather made- let’s have a look at that.

Thank You Very Much.

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