How To Avoid Paying For An Oversize Bag- 4 Helpful Tips

Extra charges for the oversized bag at the airport is the most frustrating factor for the traveler. Knowing How To Avoid Paying For An Oversize Bag can rescue you in advance.

As a frequent flyer, you know that all the airlines are not agreed with the same luggage size for their passengers.

Therefore, paying for the oversize luggage becomes a little bit unpredictable case could fall you in an embarrassing situation.

So what should you do then- stop traveling?

Change your way of travel?

No way! I’m here to help you to avoid the irritating fees for your oversize luggage at the airport.

Nothing much, rather you just need to take some practical steps.

Trust me, these steps enabled me to save notable amounts of dollars while bringing my loving luggage with me.

Here is how;

Avoid Paying For An Oversize Bag

Read The Airlines Policy Carefully

This is the smartest step to take. Read the airline policy, very carefully that might be written in a complex way. Try to understand it.

Yet, most of the airlines often come with good deals. But, they don’t change their baggage rules very frequently. Therefore, this is your turn to check that rightly.

On the off chance that this a hidden business policy imposed by the airlines.

So, if you want to save some bucks and enjoy a smooth hassle-free journey, just go thoroughly with your traveling airlines luggage size policy.

Choose The Ultra-Lightweight Bag 

This is another smart and useful step to avoid the extra paying for the oversize bag at the airport.

Typically, ideal luggage should be over 14 pounds of weight in a dry position.

Therefore, if- as most of the USA airlines, your Amazon Basics lightweight luggage weight limit is 50 lbs, it means you’ve already consumed by 28% of your weight limit, even before packing a single cloth.

Frustrating, right? Moreover, if you trying to stay within your weight limit, it will not allows you to pack such a big.

Due to the luggage itself already consumed a big-pie of the weight limit.

That is why smartly choose lightweight luggage can rescue you. Whereas you never forget to enjoy the luggage weight limit.

Instead, it will enable you to pack more, gears, clothes, whatever you like.

In addition to that, just think- when you save 10 lbs from your bag itself weight, it means you can put inside more 10 lbs gifts for your loving friends and family.

Pack Smartly

Smart packing can save the money that you might have to pay for oversized luggage.

On the other hand, it also frees you from the unavoidable pesky situation the costs you mentally.

Therefore, while you packing be more careful to pack such things that you must need. Then, make a consequence, like below:

For an adventure trip that requires mountaineering

Keep your hiking boots with you, means to wear it while you are on board. It might make you a little bit slower to walk.

However, help to save a few dollars by saving your bag weight as well as space also.

Separate the books that weight more

Ok, I know you may be a regular reader and love to read tons of books. Or, you might want to keep some guide books related to the destination you are going to vacation.

Pack them in a separate carry-on. Remember, yet it will make more pressure- a little bit, to your shoulder. But, never mind, as it going to make overweight your wallet.

Besides this, why not you trying to get the amazon e-reader? You should give it a try, I think. As it contains the entire library within a tiny space.

Do the all above things at home

Remember, imposing overweight charges one of the important parts of airlines’ business profits- so it is legal.

Subsequently, try to save that by not paying them- also your right.

Therefore, complete all the positive functionalities that help you to save from paying overweight luggage fees. However, do it at home, instead of at the airport.

If you wait to get at the airport till getting your luggage weight by them- chances more to pay extra. Because you may not aware of your bag’s weight while it fully loaded.

On the off chance that repacking your luggage in the air terminal floor such an odd job to do.

It also means you are indirectly inviting them to check something suspicious in your bag.

Thus, check everything before you head out to the airport. Better, do it one day before your flight schedule.

And, of course, if you need any type of repacking, do it while you are at your home or hotel room.

Pack Light, Yet Right

This is the last, but not the least trick that you can apply for the reason of avoiding paying extra for your oversized luggage.

I can understand, it is true, not possible for all time to pack light, even right also. But, keep in mind, if you pack light, you save your wallet being lightweight.

Resulting, you might be able to plan for another vacation near the future. And, as travel-savvy, it could be the topmost gift from your end to yourself, isn’t it?

Final Words

I’m advised you to leave your pleasure at home while making a trip, regardless of vacation trip or official.

Instead, my goal is to save you from paying extra for an oversize bag to the airlines which could be used for your next trip.

Or, to buy something special for your friends. Remember, airlines never feel discomfort to charge you extra whatever the reason is.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to prevent it, positively.

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