How To Attach Sleeping Bag To Backpack? Tempting Guide 2021

I can understand, being a hiking lover you may be wondering to managing your backpack stuff. That is why knowing How To Attach Sleeping Bag To Backpack important for you.

I can remember the early stage of my hiking life, were used to wondering by numerous questions;

How can I fasten a sleeping bag with a mat to my rucksack?

How do I manage my backpack when loaded?

What is the right way to keep a sleeping air bed with my backpack?- Therefore, find all the answers is so difficult.

This is why I decided to write about this, just for your convenience.

How To Fasten Sleeping Bag To Backpack? A to Z Guide

Remember, a mannerly loaded backpack lasts long with you while making adventure travel.  Therefore, it is very important to know-how.

And, here is how:

#1. Use Strap & Loops

This method comes in mind first. It requires your backpack to have either external straps that a little bit large. Or, stuffing loops to get the sleeping bag tightly.

Most of the backpacks available in the market contain loops in the back panel. It is very cool to use, yet most of the users even don’t aware of this facility of the backpack.

You just need to get the straps via the loops and tighten them together.

However, not all the backpack comes with these options. Then, you need to buy extra straps or go for a new backpack that ended up with this type of option.

In the event of buying a new backpack, I strongly recommend buying the Herschel backpack with water bottle holderAs you need to keep your water bottle with you while hiking. It will save your extra cost.

#2. Pack It Inside The Backpack

This is very commonly using technic. Typically, most of the travelers, hikers or campers used to do this. 

They just roll it out, tightly as much as they can. Then, put it inside the backpack.

It is Ok if your backpack allow to do this. Or, the sleeping bag as small as it comfortably can sleep inside the backpack.

Yet, most of the travelers do this due to they believe keeping it outside the backpack, may become wet after along hiking. Therefore, difficult to use it when the time to sleep.

It is true, at least partially- there is a chance to be wet your sleeping bag while keeping outside the backpack. But, when you did it in the wrong way.

However, this is a very comfortable method to many travelers to keep it inside. Then check either there is an internal frame in your backpack to keep it securely.

After that roll, it as tightly as you can- be highly rude on it, (however don’t as much as it gets damaged.) Therefore, make sure that the sleeping bag won’t get any moisture.

To prevent that, packet it by a dark garbage bag fully. Then put it inside the backpack. Make sure it goes into the bottom of the backpack.

Some backpack has the internal straps to fasten insides items, check it. If your one also with this option, good, use it. You will get additional space for your other gear.

#3 Tying Up With An External Frame

Many traveler hiker campers do this. They do this due to they believe it maintains the backpack’s organization properly.

At the same time, it also provides the best overall support while adventuring in the mountain or deep forest.

Indeed, this is a very useful way to attach the sleeping bag to the backpack. Truly, most of the backpack ended up with a tie point at the bottom. Yet, many of us even don’t know the purpose of it.

Besides the tie point, there is also astrap to fasten the sleeping bag- use it appropriately. If it is not tightened, it may get imbalanced in the event of you walking.

Eventually, may cause neck pain or some other health hazards that ultimately cost you to the medications.

Regardless the way of you tie it with the backpack, make sure that is securely placed.

If it is ok, you are done, Now time to enjoy the nature that you are intending to.

Let’s See Tie The Bag At The Bottom Or The Top?

There are so many ways that you can attach your sleeping bag with your backpack while traveling outdoor. I’ve just mentioned a few at the above.

But, when it is comes to attach at the outside of the backpack. Then,  where to put it- bottom or top of the backpack?

Generally, it depends on the backpacks nature, the straps, and loops location, for instance.

In my case, I always prefer to keep it at the bottom. Exactly don’t know why, but it made me comfortable to carry the total load.

But, again it also may vary man to man. And, also the nature of your traveling. Yet, most of the hiking nature are undertakings.

Moreover, to keep it at the bottom line, help you to walk longer with it.

And, this was in the short answer on the way to attach sleeping bag to backpack.

If you find something interesting in it, don’t forget to share it with the relevant connections.

Or, if you are not, even convinced by the entire procedure, let me know. I’ll tell you more till your satisfaction. Now, let me know what’s your story?

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