How To Attach Backpack To Rolling Suitcase [4 Easy Tips For You]

Traveling close to the nature secluded and far away from the local place is so charming and adventures matter!

Actually, it is not so easy at all. Traveling in an inaccessible and more distant area could force you to carry a heavy suitcase along with your backpack.

If you don’t know how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase, you have a chance to suffer from severe back pain in your traveling horribly.

So, what you supposed to do? Stop traveling? Stop carrying your necessary items?

No, it would be best if you did none of these. This article is surely going to help you to reduce your back burden.

Without much more introduction, let dive for the details-

How To Attach Backpack To Rolling Suitcase

Attach your backpack to your rolling suitcase:

Keeping the backpack without any support on your rolling suitcase may make your bag fall off suddenly from your suitcase.

In an emergency time, when you are in a hurry to catch your last scheduled train, a toppling of your bag from the suitcase can make you delay.

If you attach a heavyweight backpack onto the luggage top without maintaining the proper way, it will push a heavy load on your luggage.

It, in the future, can cause sudden damage to your luggage. However, here I include some basic ways to help you with your traveling. Here they are-

Use a Luggage strap/Add-on strap:

A durable and quality full luggage strap can help you to attach your backpack on your trolley bag very efficiently.

I said a durable and quality full leather strap due to preventing the toppling of your pack suddenly in the middle of your journey in a messy way.

  • Let the stable luggage stand on its bottom feet. Usually, the way you are rolling the luggage, stand it on that position.
  • Pull the luggage hand out.
  • Place the backpack on the top of the luggage keeping the luggage handle as its back supporter.
  • Place the strap at the bottom of the luggage. Pull the strap to reach the backpack.
  • Stop if the buckle of the strap reaches the middle of your backpack.
  • Firmly pull the other side of the strap through the other side of your suitcase to reach the middle of the backpack’s remaining ends. Too tightly pulling the strap could damage inside’s items of your bag, again too loosely, it can let your bag fall.
  • Once both the ends of the straps come close to each other, tightly secure the buckle.
  • You can use an Add-on strap instead of using a leather strap. There are varieties of Add-on straps available now a day in the market with a different design, material, and color.

Hang from the handle:

If you have less time to collect a strap from attaching your backpack on the trolley, then this way gonna fit you.

  • You cannot use this way to attributing a heavy weighing backpack with your luggage. It will cause premature wear and tear of your luggage handle.
  • Hang the backpack from the luggage handle immediately before you are going to rolling the luggage.
  • Ensure the backpack’s full body is hanging it in a position to the front side down.
  • When stooped rolling, pull the backpack’s handle onto the top of the luggage.
  • If it is a heavy weighing backpack, try not to keep on the top of the luggage. Rather than keep it aside from your sitting place or standing place.
  • While keeping aside, be cautious so that a robber can’t take any chance to steal your backpack.

Use an extra sleeve of your backpack:

Presently many Duffel bags, Backpacks, and Sling bags are featuring an inbuilt extra sleeve attaching onto them. There is no doubt it is one f the marketing policy of the bag manufacturer by meeting some user demand.

However, this new sleeve facility is given mainly focusing on the small weighing backpack or laptop bag. Using this extra sleeve will assist in attaching your pack attaching with the handle of your rolling suitcase.

Roll the set:

Could you remember how a Cabin crew rolls his/her luggage with other sets of smaller and medium bags?

They use a fitting system based on a set of wheels so that they can roll all the bags altogether without carrying them separately. You can also go for such a system.

A DIY project can help you to make it by yourself. Or you also can purchase it from the market.

There are several bag manufacturers available nowadays, producing a luggage set joinable to one another.

Benefits you are going to enjoy attaching your backpack onto the rolling suitcase:

  • It will reduce the load from your back with a reduced chance to backache.
  • Will make you less tired. Rolling the backpacks instead of carrying it is a more tiring job.
  • If you in a short distance traveling with your kid will help you to carry your baby on your bareback.

Final verdict:

No matter how heavy the backpack is, if you know the actual system, you can attach it to your rolling luggage without damaging it.

While you are traveling with your heavy things, being a little bit tricky about carrying the heavy bag surely will be beneficial for you to a great extent.

So that is all for today about how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase. Here I have included more than one way. You can choose any one of them to suitable attached your backpack.

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