How To Assemble A Fishing Rod : 8 Useful Tips For You

Did your friends make a plan for going on fishing? If so, then knowing How To Assemble A Fishing Rod is most important matter for you.

Don't worry, this is not a tough task that you can't do. Or, even it is hard for you, we have the best solution here.

Because we wrote here some easy as well as useful tips and instructions for you in this connection. Just go with this writing;

Fishing can be difficult for those who don’t have much idea about it. But these instructions will teach you all the things you need to be learned. For that be patient and go through this article.

Starting with the fact that, if you are going on a holiday then get a travel spinning rod. You will get it to your nearest shop or there are plenty of rods are available online.

Here we have pointed out some specific things that you need to know before going on fishing. It will increase knowledge about fishing equipment then, fishing will be more fun for you.

How To Assemble A Fishing Rod : 8 Useful Tips For You

1. Recognize the Equipment

At the start, you must know what are the equipment you would be needed for fishing. Because the right knowledge of equipment will help you to learn the rest.

Firstly, you need a fishing rod, reel, fishing line, and lure. You must know what is a fishing rod.

And the reel is a device attached to the rod used in winding and stowing lines. A fishing line is a thread made of silk or nylon to catch the fish.

Lastly lure is an artificial fishing bait which helps to attract the fishes. These were the basic equipment you would be needed to go fishing.

2. Keep Clean the Equipment

Before going on fishing you must know to keep clean the tools. Remove all the dirt using a cloth. Otherwise, there will be a scratch on the rod and other things.

If you will keep it clean and take good care of your tools, then you will be able to use them for a long time. Moreover, dirt and scratches can ruin them very early.

3. Join the Tools Together

Now you can identify all the tools. The next step will be joining them together. To join the rods, you must seek the instruction that came along with the rod.

Next, you have to join the reel with the rod. So there will be a female opening at the bottom of the rod, which is called the reel seat. And here we are going to join them together.

Well, all you just have to attach the reel with the fishing rod. I guess that’s super easy for you. And last, of all, you have to attach or tie up the lure with the fishing line.

Well, but that’s not over. Here is some more detailed instruction that you need to know before going on fishing.

4. Thread with the fishing rod

You have to use a fishing line or thread. The thread normally is made of silk or nylon. We now have to do threading with the fishing rod.

There is a silver color thing at the reel which is called the bale arm. With a little bit of pressure on the thing, you will be able to flip it. You will have to flip it up to the other side of the reel.

When you will lift the bale arm, you will be able to get the edge of the thread, and also the reel will automatically bring out.

5. Thread through the eyelets

There are various types of fishing rods are available in the some of them, there are four to five eyelets that a thread has to go.

When you will start it, the eyelet will be closest to the reel. Then gradually take the thread following the line and take it to the top. You must follow the eyelets with concentration.

Now to close the bale arm, you have to flip it in the exact opposite direction. Just the way you opened it. To ensure it the bale arm is closed or not, you have to gently pull the line.

If you see no thread coming out then you will understand that the bale arm is closed properly.

6. Picking the Right Lure

We may think that it’s okay to get random lure for fishing. No, it’s not.
The lure we will get that has to be depending on the weather.

For example, you should get a silver lure on a sunny day. The silver is the opposite of the weather and also it will get attention.

Again for a cloudy day, you have to pick a golden lure. Because when the weather will be cloudy, the gold will shine brightly. Gold has that attraction thing which will help to seek attention on stormy weather.

7. More Things About Lure

The style of the lure depends on what kind of fish you are targeting and where you are going fishing. In clear and freshwater, a jig is a good option.

Again a spoon is better if the water is not clear enough. It will draw the attraction of the fishes. Even you can catch the bigger fishes using a spoon.

Moreover, if you want a lure that is all-rounder, I meant to say you want to use it for all purposes then spinner is a great option.

8. Tie the lure

Take the lure and put a line through it. At that point leave some space around 8 to 10 inches then try to make a knot.

Here is an extra tip for you. If you don’t know to tie knots then I would suggest you practice if for a few times on shoelaces.

Take the end of the free line and put it back towards the lure and make another knot to make sure it’s tied up quite tightly.

Preparing the lure is the last step. As you have learned to do that also. You are all set to go on fishing.

Sometimes fishing can be a complex thing. But we tried to give you suggestions starting from how to assemble a fishing rod to everything you need to know about fishing.

Whatever we have mentioned here on How To Assemble A Fishing Rod is not limited to.

That is why we would be glad if you write to us about the things that we maybe forget to mention. Surely, we'll take care of that.

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