Heys Luggage Reviews – 10 Best Heys Luggage For You

I was truly excited when my heys luggage set arrived. The first sight, it meets all my requirements- color, lightweight, gorgeous rolled like a dream comes true– This was the buyer’s expression after receiving heys USA luggage. Heys Luggage Reviews going to justified this statement.


Don’t worry, TravelGearPoint will make an honest and factual Heys luggage Canada evaluation here.

We know, on the web factual and truthful luggage reviews regardless of the brands, aren’t as enough as you can rely on them.

That is the key reason behind we took the responsibility to review them. Here, we’ll describe the top ten outstanding models for your instance.

We listed here heys America luggage, heys carry-on luggage, heys hardside luggage, heys spinner luggage, for example. Also, we talked on heys smart luggage with heys luggage warranty in these reviews.

Moreover, we also tried to disclose here heys travel bag with heys carry on spinner and heys lightweight spinner luggage. Keep in mind, heys discount luggage often offers a tremendous chance to get this outstanding travel gear with lesser cost.

Short Brief On Company

Before we start, just have look at a short brief on heys Luggage Company. Heys International is a private limited company founded in 1986 in Toronto, Canada.

They produce heys luggage sets, heys carry-on luggage, heys hard shell luggage, business case, backpack with numerous travel accessories.

Using the industry best materials with a state-of-art manufacturing structure, Heys offer the topmost fashionable luggage suitcase for the up to date travelers.

Their innovations Heys luggage carry on, Heys luggage USA, Heys makeup cases, for instance, make sense positively among all the voyagers globally.

Accordingly, they never let their customers down while looking for Heys luggage replacement parts or Heys replacement wheels, if needed any.

Resulting, if you searching for Heys carry on, or any other Heys luggage repair- possible, easily.

On the off chance that they are standing out for the reason of ergonomic design and lightweight polycarbonate made luggage in the market within your means.

10 Top Heys Luggage – Quick Table

ImageProductRating Price
Heys America Multi-Britto Heart Carry-On Spinner Luggage5.0Check Price
Heys Britto Heart New Day Luggage4.7 Check Price
Heys Vantage Black Luggage4.7Check Price
Heys America Unisex Journey Luggage5.0Check Price
Heys America Edge Fashion Luggage5.0Check Price
Heys Marvel Comics Luggage5.0Check Price
Heys America Unisex Hello Kitty Spinner & Beauty Case4.7Check Price
Heys America Oasis Fashion Carry-on Spinner Luggage5.0Check Price
Heys Girls’ Hello Kitty 3D Pop Up Spinner4.6Check Price
Heys America Unisex E-Motion Kids Luggage4.2Check Price
Best Heys Luggage

Let’s Introduce Best 10 Heys Luggage Review

1. Heys America Multi-Britto Heart Carry-On Spinner Luggage

Heys America Multi-Britto Heart With Wings 21-Inch Carry-on Spinner Luggage

Key Features

  • TSA approved lock combination.
  • Expandable.
  • Multi-stage locking telescopic handle.
  • 360-degree moving 4 wheels spinners.
  • The world-famous Britto’s signature style.

This Heys America luggage is the gleaming symbol of the art of contemporary luggage. Multi-Britto heart with wings spinner is a part of the limited edition luggage series that create a huge buzz in the luggage industry.

The great neo-pop artist, sculptor, serigrapher, and portraitist Romeo Britto based on Florida, USA, though he was born in Brazil. Britto is mostly famous for the innovative blending of pop art with the doodles painting signature style.

This Heys carry-on luggage Britto heart with wings 21-inch spinner inspired by the American design. This special feature turns this luggage one of the masterpieces of Heys luggage carry-on.

Furthermore, this Heys America luggage made up of the most durable polycarbonate materials. That is why it can guarantee you for the life-span using capacity.

Besides this, apart from the large main compartment, it also has an expandable option. The zipper-released expansion system allows you for an additional 20% extra packing enjoy.

The lightweight aluminum push-button lock telescopic handle enables multi-stage locking options. This Heys carry-on luggage ended up with 360-degree multi-directional 4 wheels spinner for super mobility. 

✔21*14*9 Inches.✔6.72 Pounds.

2. Heys Britto Heart New Day Luggage

Key Features

  • The new day inspired design.
  • Roomy.
  • Retractable push-button handle.
  • TSA lock combination.
  • Expandable.

This is another symbol of the most sophisticated art-cultured by Britto’s signature style. Apart from the single one, this ground-breaking new dimensional Heys hard side luggage also available in 3 pieces set for you.

Featured a fully-creased interior with the zippered divider. Buckled compression strap for the better organizer. In addition to that, the zipper pockets allow more putting inside. This Heys spinner luggage 26” also comes with a 20% extra storing capacity.

The secure TSA approved lock combination details on the airport security checking hassle-free. Moreover, this Heys hard case luggage contains a retractable push-button handle with multi-stage locking height.

Like other Heys spinner, it enables your trip with boundless mobility. The 360-degree 4 wheels spinner tell about the ultimate fun of movement capability of Heys 26 spinner luggage.

This Heys smart luggage also made up of by world-famous polycarbonate ingredients that ensure the long-lasting capacity, even uneven use.

✔26*18*10.5 Inches.✔9.18 Pounds.

3. Heys Vantage Black Luggage

Heys Vantage Black 26 Inches, One Size

Key Features

  • 100% pure polycarbonate made.
  • Expandable.
  • Spacious.
  • 360-degree affecting 4 wheels spinners.
  • TSA lock approval.

Heys smart luggage comes with the innovative patented system that experiences you a new packing opportunity. This Heys Vantage black 26 inches blending up of durability and the packing enjoy.

The front access compartment, removable dividers with the specious key compartment offers you versatile packing options. Relatively, interior many organizers also help to keep more belongings inside while tour.

This Heys hard side luggage has a folding aluminum made handle that allows you easy controlling to the luggage. Consequently, the mounted and a side carries handle for easy lifting while needed.

What’s more? Moreover, this Heys spinner luggage completed up of the most heavy-duty polycarbonate ingredients. Resulting, it can assure you for the life-span using capability.

The zipper-released expansion system allows you for an additional 20% extra packing enjoy. This Heys hard case luggage comes with 360-degree multi-maneuvering 4 wheels spinner for super mobility.

Also, the TSA lock deals with the top security while traveling by airlines or related to any sort of checking formalities.

✔26*16.25*10.25 Inches.✔11.48 Pounds.

4. Heys America Unisex Journey Luggage

Key Features

  • Spacious with expandable.
  • TSA approval lock combination.
  • Sturdy polycarbonate made.
  • Innovative engineering.
  • Top and side carry handle.

This Heys America luggage another shiny representation of the art of modern luggage. This Heys 26 spinner luggage finished up of the most hard-wearing polycarbonate resources. That is the reason it can word you for the life-span using aptitude.

This Heys America luggage with spinner inspired by the American ergonomic engineering. This unusual feature makes this luggage one of the works of art among all the Heys hard case luggage.

Consequently, apart from the great main compartment, it also has an expandable possibility. The expansion structure lets you for a supplementary packing while touring outside of the home. Therefore, you can with it for a long tour also.

Like many other Heys travel bags, this one also comes with an aluminum push-button lock telescopic handle that enables multi-stage locking options. Besides this, one top and one side carry handle for effortless lifting.

360-degree multi-dimensional 4 wheels spinner will introduce a new experience of movement. Successively, the TSA approved lock combination for the extra security that you deserve.

✔26*12*20 Inches.✔8 Pounds.

5. Heys America Edge Fashion Luggage

Heys America Edge Fashion 26" Spinner Luggage With TSA Lock (Cobalt Blue)

Key Features

  • Gorgeous looking.
  • Expandable.
  • Built-in flush-mounted TSA lock system.
  • All three-piece are expandable.
  • Durable polycarbonate materials made.

Another topnotch collection from the Heys America luggage series. Thanks to the Heys international to produce such a tremendous Heys hard case luggage for the travel-savvy.

All the luggage of this series equipped with the flush-mounted built-in TSA lock combination that fixed in the luggage body. It confirms your inside belongings are safe while checking in the security at the airport.

This impressive Heys hard shell luggage ended up with the most durable 100% pure polycarbonate. For instance, polycarbonate is the same ingredient that usually used to manufacture bullet-proof glasses.

This is also famous for its flexibility. Resulting it can absorb the impact of when occur. As we also came back to the usual shape afterward. However, 5 years of prestigious class warranty also enjoyable with this one.

You can buy this marvelous luggage as a set consists of 3 pieces and all the three sizes are expandable up to 20% packing capacity. Moreover, the large main compartment contains some small organizers for more items to put inside.

This Heys smart luggage also has an aluminum push-button lock telescopic handle that enables multi-stage locking options. The 360-degree multi-directional 4 wheels spinner for fantastic flexibility.

✔26*18.5*10.6 Inches.✔8.6 Pounds.

6. Heys Marvel Comics Luggage

Heys America Unisex Marvel Adult 26" Spinner Luggage (Marvel Avengers)

Key Features

  • Zipper released the expansion system.
  • Style with endurance.
  • Aluminum collapsible handle.
  • 360-degree moving 4 wheels spinners.
  • The top and side handle for easy lifting.

This Heys spinner luggage crafted marvel design that inspiration for the young adult, yet it is such luggage for all ages and sex. Featured with zippered released expandability that can be up to 20 % extra packing capacity.

Likewise, this Heys Marvel luggage made up of the most durable ingredients. Also, offer the ultra-lightweight while not compromising with the style and functionalities.

Instead, this Marvel line Heys luggage series is a great combination of style, functionality with endurance.

The large compartment can keep huge things that might be needed while working outside the home. Consequently, the lined interior with a zipper closure organizer help to well organize your clothes and other items.

The aluminum push-button lock collapsible handle allows endless fun on traveling. This Heys luggage also finished up with 360-degree multi-turning 4 wheels spinner for smooth movement.

✔26.2*18*11.15 Inches.✔11.14 Pounds.

7. Heys America Unisex Hello Kitty Spinner & Beauty Case

Heys America Hello Kitty 21-Inch Spinner Luggage and Beauty Case Pink (One Size)

Key Features

  • Trendy & fashionable.
  • Zipper released expansibility.
  • Retractable handle.
  • 360-degree touching 4 wheels spinners.
  • Top and side carry handle for more comfort.

This Heys America unisex hello kitty spinner and the beauty case luggage is the polished sign of the art of fashionable luggage. This is a part of the restricted version luggage sequence that generates a huge positive vibe in the market places.

This such a carry-on Heys makeup case that comes with a great looking and fashionable with pure functionalities. It can brighten your traveling time without any bindings.

This Heys carry-on luggage 21-inch spinner encouraged by the most modern and trendy fashion. While it is made up of the endurable polycarbonate that never compromises with the quality and longevity.

Therefore, this special feature turns this Heys luggage set one of the works of genius of Heys luggage carry-on. That is the reason why it can warranty you for the life-span using possibility.

Also, apart from the large main compartment, it has a zipper expansion option. The zipper-free expansion method permits you for an additional 20% extra packing while needed.

A-side and a top carry handle are comfortable while rolling isn’t possible. 4 wheels spinner with 360-degree multi-directionality with the telescopic handle for effortless movement, even in the busy airport.

✔21*13*6 Inches.✔6 Pounds.

8. Heys America Oasis Fashion Carry-on Spinner Luggage

Heys America Oasis Fashion 21" Carry-on Spinner Luggage With TSA Lock (White/Gold)

Key Features

  • Extraordinary design.
  • TSA lock combination approved.
  • 360-degree 4 wheels spinners.
  • Expandable.
  • Scratch-resistance & long-lasting.

This is spectacular luggage from the Heys luggage company. It featured gold print in the matte black surface. It comes up with a scratch-resistance feature.

The TSA approved lock combination with a mounted and a side carry handle makes great sense in the event of both airport security along with while rolling isn’t the option.

360-degree maneuvering 4 wheels spinner make you comfortable to move with it, even while fully loaded it will walk with you smoothly. The folding multi-stage locking height handle for better control over the luggage.

The Heys hard side luggage manufactured by the most popular polycarbonate which is the main materials of bullet-proof glass. Therefore, you need not worry about the durability.

Now time to tell something on packing capacity. Typically its comes with the huge packing capacity, Moreover, the zippered-released expandable option allows you an extra 20% packing inside, if needed.

Subsequently, a fully lined interior with fashionable patterned fabric that ended up of many small organizing pockets for multipurpose use.

All the tremendous features make this Heys America luggage one of the best Heys hard side luggage in the industry, unquestionably.

✔21*14*9 Inches.✔6.89 Pounds.

9. Heys Girls’ Hello Kitty 3D Pop Up Spinner

Heys Girls' Hello Kitty 3d Pop Up Spinner, One Size

Key Features

  • Ground-breaking looking.
  • Lightweight.
  • Dedicatedly design for the children.
  • More packing fun due to a spacious compartment.
  • Spinner wheels for smooth rolling.

This fun. This is incredible. This is the destination of style. This is the fashion iconic luggage- you may call it by numerous names as it desired. However, Heys luggage crafted this innovation for the sake of children’s fun.

Yet, it got all the tremendous features that should have a piece of luggage. This hello kitty 3D pop-up spinner luggage comes with a vast spaces that allows the user to enjoy more packing.

This decent looking luggage specially designed for the children ended up with ultra-lightweight. This featured unique physiognomies of children’s minds also combined numerous benefits for the children.

On the off chance that this made up of such engineering that like most children at the first sight of. It has also carry-on luggage approval to avoid the extra fees in the airlines.

Spacious all the compartment including the large on. Also, the exterior zipper closer and other organizers help them to pack full as much as they wish to. So that, whatever the trip duration it aids massively in the event of items putting inside.

The lightweight telescopic handle enables easy and effortless control of the bag while needed. Moreover, mounted grip handle pay attention for easily fitting when rolling option become off.

✔18*12.5*9 Inches.✔10.5 Pounds.

10. Heys America Unisex E-Motion Kids Luggage

Heys America E-Motion Kids Luggage Sunglasses One Size

Key Features

  • Tough ABS/polycarbonate.
  • Wonderful looking.
  • Specially design “distended” wheels.
  • Zip-around closure.
  • Lightweight.

This just WOW! It’s rocking, indeed!

Kids of all ages or sex will be excited while getting chances to travel with this Heys America Unisex E-Motion Kids luggage. Thanks to the company they crafted such marvelous design luggage dedicated to the kids.

Yet, this is just a part of the full range of emotion in this riotously gorgeous assortment of Heys America luggage.

This luggage made up of lightweight yet, most durable ABS/polycarbonate materials that ensure the topmost heavy-duty in the long run.

Eventually, it is overall covering up by the defensive sheet of a clear coat. Resulting, each luggage shining with beautiful colors.

Zippy around closure and the durable yet, the lightweight telescopic aluminum handle contains a quick-release button. In addition to that, it also helps the kid’s safe and cool height adjustments.

Top-quality inline skate wheels confirm smooth movement regardless of the surface feature without any extra effort.

These particularly designed “distended” wheels keep the luggage elevated. Resulting, at a very low height of the floor, it roll-out easily.

This exceptional Heys hardside luggage specially designed for the kids. For any day-long trip, or even for a couple of days traveling- it makes tremendous sense for the kids packing.

Kids find pleasure and become overjoyed wherever they coms with tremendous luggage as their travel-mate.

✔12*10*10 Inches.✔3 Pounds.

What To Look While Buying A Luggage

Class-Out Your Requirements:

This is the first and topmost thing you should keep in mind while decided to buy luggage. Remember, luggage is not only crafted for traveling purposes, rather it has other functions.

So, first, find out- why are you want to buy it?


See either it is fully purposeful of your requirements or partially. You may have to consider sometimes buying the luggage that may not fit exactly whatever you looking for due to various kinds of reasons.

It may be timing shortage, financial bindings, or there might have been other causes. Therefore, it is good to plan at least one month before you head out.

So, ask yourself- is it purposeful for me?

Materials And Size:

This makes sense positively. There are numerous luggage types in the market, hard side luggage suitcase, soft side luggage, leather backpack, duffle bag, for instance. Decide what to buy.

If you planning for a day-long tour- a duffle bag is more than enough. However, it may vary man to man’s nature and also the traveling nature. For a couple of days or more, yet solo travel- carry-on luggage could be the best travel mate.

Longer duration and the way of travel, flying, cruising, or by road, etc. predictive factors to buy the perfect size and materials made luggage. 

Write down- what is the duration and nature of travel?

Brand & Price:

Not for all the cases, however, in some cases, the price makes great sense. Besides this, the brand also topmost considerable thing while buying a piece of luggage for traveling.

On the off chance that for some individuals, the brand is the single most consideration. Whatever it is, you should always go with trust-worthy and popular brands, Heys, IT, Timberland, London Fog, Olympia, for instance.

And, of course, never let your money be misused. So, go for those when you think it is priced reasonably and it will value your money.

Quest the reply of- is it adding value for me?

Heys luggage reviews will help you massively to pick the perfect luggage for your multi-purpose tour- we strongly believed that.

We also recently published another top-class luggage brand Lipault luggage review.

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