Heavy-Duty Camping Tent : Best 4 For You

Camping is always full of fun. And it turns out to be more fun when you go with lots of peoples or friends. But if there are going to be lots of people in a camp then you will be needed a heavy-duty camping tent.

So, after this pandemic, you and your friends want to go camping. For camping tents are important. Suppose you are going to be 10 people then you will need a 10 person tent.

For that purpose, you need to check the camping tents are available in the market. If you don’t know what kind of tent you will be in need then don’t worry cause e will tell you about that.

Some Facts That You Need To Check Before Buying A Camping Tent:

  • Tent sleeping capacity is an important factor while buying a camping tent. As you will be with your friends.
  • Find a tent which is high from the head. So, that you guys can move easily.
  • Check the strength of the tent pole.
  • You should buy a tent which is 90 inches over your head. That will help you to move around easily in the tent.
  • You need a thick material of a tent so that you guys can stay safely in any weather.
  • Get a camping tent while keeping in mind the weather.
  • You can use a rainfly which means an extra cover over the tent to avoid the rain.
  • Get a camping tent which has enough ventilation. Then you can get enough air while camping in the hot summer.

These were some of the things that you should keep in mind before buying a camping tent.

Now let’s dig into that what are the best camping tents are available in the market. Some of your friends made a plan for camping?

Surely it will be a great thing. But are you guys thinking to buy a tent and very much confused?

Well, then no worries. Because we are here to solve your problem and going to suggest some heavy-duty camping tent.

The 4 Best Heavy-Duty Camping Tent 

1. The North Face Wawona 6

This amazing big tent is a tent for 6 peoples. Certainly, it has some good features which make it worth buying. Firstly, it has three doors. Which makes this tent very much easy going.

The tent is 86 square feet that means you peoples are getting enough space to sleep and move around easily. This is probably one of the big tents among the tents are available in the market.

A good feature of this tent is, it has weather protection. That means if it heavy rains or any stormy wind blows then the thick material will protect you.

You and your friends or family will be safe there. Moreover, it has two mesh windows by that you can take a look at the beautiful view of outside.

The dome is 6’6’’ feet tall which means you can stand properly inside the tent.

Last but not after packing the weight of the tent becomes 19 pounds 4 oz. that means you can easily carry it with you. These features make it more famous among the peoples.

2. The REI CO-OP Kingdom 6 Tent

The REI CO-OP Kingdom is a big size tent. If you are about 5 to 6 people then this is going to be a great choice for you.

This is a big tent with two doors. That means it will be easy to slip in and go outside. There will be no problem with getting out of the tent and again going into it.

The floor area is 83.3 square feet. Which means the tent is quite big and spacious. Also, it will have enough place to move to six people very comfortably.

This tent also comes with a center divider which makes it perfect if you are camping with the family.

The tent has a bug-proof mesh ceiling and also has a rainfly that keeps the interior dry even it rains. It has a color-coded set which makes it easy for set up. 

Besides that, the packed weight is 21 pounds. For hiking, this weight can be heavy but it comes with a backpack and that makes it easy to carry.

3. Coleman Sundome

If you are going on camping with the family or a few friends like 3 to 4 peoples then this is just the right choice for you. Let us tell you the features which make it perfect for camping.

Starting with the fact that it comes at a very reasonable price. The tent is 100 square feet which is quite a big space for four people.

Though it has one door that won’t make a big deal for four people. This is a durable inexpensive tent. 

The most amazing thing is it will not take very much time of yours to set up. Only 15 mints will be enough to set it up. The packed weight is only 10 pounds which makes it so easy to carry.

It also has a large mesh window and a good ventilation system. It will help you to stay fresh in the hot summer. As the window helps to pass the air.

And as it doesn’t take very much time to set up. It takes less time to pack up also. While leaving the camp place you won’t need to face hassle because of the tent.

4. Tensile Stingray Tree Tent

The three-person group of friends have always some benefits. You don’t need very many people to make a plan. You guys can quickly just make a plan and head up to your camping.

It has 78 square feet space which is pretty good for three friends or a small family which their pet dog. The tent three-door and a rainfly which will keep the inside of the tent dry.

The tent is very easy to set up which is like 10 to 15 mints. The packed weight of the tent is 25 pounds which is quite easy to carry.

Our today’s topic was camping related which is a heavy-duty camping tent. We tried to suggest some amazing tents for a big group of people.

Hope our content will help you to find good tents for your camping. Let us know if we have missed any names

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