Can You Wash A Backpack In The Washing Machine- 6 Easy Steps

Regular washing your backpack is essential. Hereafter, Can You Wash A Backpack In The Washing Machine- this might have an asking for many backpack users.

Due to different types of backpacks requires dissimilar washing technics. Luckily, most of the backpacks in the markets featured wear and tear-resistance.

And, they are very firm to clean. Typically, you can do it easily at home.

Or, as I’ve mentioned at the very first can use your washing machine to clean your travel backpack.

For instance, it may be imaginable to wash your Amazonbasics carry-on travel backpack in a washing machine if its size gets fits with the washing machine.

Typically, all the backpacks companies attach a cleaning requirements tag with their backpack.

They specified their product cleaning guidelines in the tag. You need to follow that while clean it.

Besides this, if you want to wash it by yourself at home- you are most welcome to do so.

But, washing a backpack at home always may not result in good. Therefore, you need to wash it in the washing machine.

How To Wash A Backpack In The Washing Machine -Step By Step

Wash A Backpack In The Washing Machine

1. Make your backpack empty

So, you decided to wash your backpack in the washing machine. You need to make it empty first.

Take away all the essentials that you put in it. Your books, stationeries, key, pen, pencil, or any other things take out.

It may get damaged while you wash your backpack. So, make sure there is nothing to be wastage.

Tery to turn the backpack’s inner side out to clean the little rubbish and scraps in the inner side of the backpack.

Accordingly, you can use a hand vacuum cleaner in this regard. After using the vacuum cleaner leaves the pockets unzipped.

It helps to clean the pockets dirt while washing it. Therefore, not a single area of your backpack rests unclean.

2. Get ready your backpack for washing

Make your backpack’s surface dirt-free. Wipe off any moveable grime and powder that remains outside of the backpack.

Therefore, use a cloth to wipe off it again to make sure that there is not any dirt rests.

Moreover, it also confirms that not any solid mad or dirt mix in the water that you are going to use to clean your backpack.

Consequently, if there any metal frame in the backpack, remove it before putting it in the washing machine. It may cause damage to your washing machine.

Relatively, all the removable straps, pockets, or other organizers should also get out of the backpack. You can clean these items separately.

3. Read the backpacks’ cleaning tag

This is very important in the event of cleaning a backpack in the washing machine.

Read very carefully the cleaning instructions given by the backpack manufacturer.

Yet, most of the backpacks are ended up of the washable polyester, nylon fabrics, or by the canvas materials.

However, the overly rough and harsh cleaning agent could make your backpack get damage.

Therefore, go right the way that the manufacturer labeled in the cleaning tag.

In addition to that, you may not allow putting all types of the backpack in the washing machine, for instance, leather backpack, or leather lining backpacks.

4. Pretreat if there any stains

You might have to add some additional stains remover in any stained area of your backpack.

Yet, you should not use the bleaching powder due to it may cause harm to the backpack.

Apply the stains remover for 30 minutes and brush it with a soft brush. The stains should get-out after washing the backpack.

The water and the washing ingredients ratio should be 50:50. Just dip a toothbrush into the solution and scrub it gently on the stains.

5. Clean the backpack

This is the semi-final step- take an old pillow cover that fits best with the backpack. Get the backpack into the pillow cover. You can use a laundry sack in this case.

Now, get in the pillow cover that contains the backpack into the washing machine. Add some gentle detergent powder just 1-2 teaspoons.

Use cold or hand-hot water to wash the backpack. Let the one cycle of the washing machine get finished. Then take out the backpack from the machine.

Also, take it from the pillow covering. Smear down out the inner and outer portion of your loving backpack.

The backpack may be gathering up in the washing machine recurrently during the rotation cycle. Make sure to move the bag and blowout it.

It will help the machine stay in balance and uneven as it is washing the bag. Once the bag is spread out, restart the cycle.

You are almost done! For your instance, the pillowcase or the laundry cover you used to wash the backpack save your backpack’s zipper from getting damage.

Eventually, it also helps to avoid any shoke or accidental situation that may cause in contrast to the zipper containing metal that getting trapped in the machine.

By turns, if you want you can turn your backpack’s inside out then put it into the machine instead of using the covering.

6. Dry it

This is the last, however not the least step to do in the event of washing your backpack. Let your backpack dry in full.

Better you hang it under the sun instead of using any dryer. Let all the pockets of the backpack unzipped.

So that your backpack gets dry by all the means. Don’t use or store the backpack until completely gets dry.

Keep in mind, leaving the backpack wet in the store or start using a wet bag can help to grow fungus on the backpack.
So, now tell me, isn’t it very easy to wash a backpack in the washing machine?

Surely, yes. But, remember, your bag or any other thing that you use regularly is your responsibility.

Never let them being dirt yet not in use. Otherwise, it will pay back you.

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