10 Best Swissgear Backpack- Pick Your One First


Wenger luggage is a common must-have thing that makes an adventure journey fruitful. To be very honest, Swissgear has become an identical high-quality brand of lifestyle products. The best Swissgear backpack that we have listed herewith for you ensures durability, premium quality, top functionality, and bets adaptability.

Let’s have a look at Swissgear carry-on luggage company’s past. It was mainly well-known as a knives manufacturer that established in 1893 back in Switzerland. The Swiss Army Knives is a very legendary product that widely used worldwide.

It was the second-most top knives and forks producing company in the country while it accepts the order to manufacture Swiss Army Knives. But then again it rapidly expands its operation to meet the market demands. In 1908 Swissgear split its contract in major two parts- Victorinox and Wenger.

After that they never look at the back. Instead, later they started cross backpack, carry-on luggage, leather laptop backpack, etc. manufacturing according to the marketplace response. Resulting, nowadays their all products become synonymous with any sort of lifestyle goods, the backpack of holding, travel backpack, educational baggage, and so on.

Swissgear 17 Inches Laptop Bag- Top 3 For You


SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart 

Laptop Backpack

4.7 Out Of 5 Stars

SWISS GEAR SA 1923 TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

4.7 Out Of 5 Stars

SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart TSA Laptop Backpack

4.7 Out Of 5 Stars

Categories Of Swissgear Backpack

  • Swissgear Laptop Cases
    Swissgear has a wide range of laptop bag collections that they regularly produced for customers. All the swiss laptop backpack they offer combined with diverse colors, shapes, and prices. Moreover, it also produces laptop bags for women 17 inches with a waterproof laptop sleeve.

    Furthermore, all the laptop backpack ended up with a matching & secured electronic item keeping compartments. Therefore, 17 inches laptop bag, 15 inches laptop bag, or 14 inches laptop bag- whatever the size it fits best for any school pupils. Eventually, the bag types that include a backpack, ScanSmart, Messenger or TSA, and Cinch sports bag.
  • Tablet Bag
    This range is the most popular under the swiss tech backpack available in a variety of colors, price, and features that you can’t ignore. Your loving tech devices can be easily accommodated in it. There are an extensive series of size 13 inches laptop bags, 16 inches backpack, or, 17” laptop bag, for instance, with a tablet saving chamber, available in the market that crafted by Wenger backpack. All the bag categories comprise a backpack, ScanSmart, Messenger or TSA, and Cinch sports bag.
  • Backpack For School
    Swissgear company offers such a school bag that comprises the TSA, ScanSmart, backpack, and the Messenger bag. It comes with a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors also. Relatively, Swissgear backpack offers competitive pricing while giving the best quality in the industry.

    Subsequently, all the backpacks for school are made up of pure material that ensures durability even in case of rough usage for a long time. Consequently, all the bags come with many compartments 15”, 14”, 17 inches laptop sleeve, for instance, to keep your electronics devices with you.

Swissgear Luggage Reviews At A Glance

  • Several Chambers
    Unlike others, almost all the Swissgear laptop bags, swiss army briefcases, Wenger laptop bags, or even Swiss traveler bags, comes up with numerous compartments. It is one of the best attractive features likes user more. Because, it allows them to keep more things they need with a single suitcase.

    As a result, most of the time travelers, school or college guys, or other officials need not bring any additional bag. On the other hand it permits its customer to well-organized their belongings so that they can find easily when desired. Typically, most of the Swiss laptop bags, Swiss army briefcase, Wenger bags, or, a bag of holding backpack manufactured by Swissgear ended up with 2 major zippers with many little pockets.
  • Durability
    Undoubtedly Swissgear offers the industry-best durability products in its era. Truly speaking, this is the topmost reason that makes Swssgear luggage such a popular and trust-worthy name in the world. Utilizing the ever best materials with a bunch of talented working force is the reason behind its robust feature.
  • Multipurpose
    Swissgear sling bag, Swissgear laptop bag, Wenger laptop bags, or Siwssgear travel luggage- whatever you called it has a scope of multipurpose usage. It made up of such a design that can use for any type of activity. Therefore, you can use it for schooling, traveling, for casually or official working purposes as you want.
  • Structure
    All the Siwssgear bags are finished up with a decent and durable structure that confirmed a long-lasting lifespan of it. Whatever the color, size, shape, and price, it offers a different and passionate frame that distinguished it from others even among many.

    Furthermore, all of it confirms your belongings, especially tech-items, inside it, safe and secure. Relatively, it permits its user easy to access inside it, however, maintains the top security that customer desired. In addition to that padded shoulder straps and other parts ensure the highest comfort while using it.
  • Water-Resistant
    This is the sexiest feature of the Swissgear pack. All the products from Swiss Army backpacks are water-resistant. Thus, you need not worry about your tech or another valuable keep dry inside it. Even in heavy rain it works as it designed to do.
  • Transportable
    Most of the Swiss alps luggage is portable easily. Yet, it is made up of such robust and durable materials that give you a long-lasting experience, however, it is very light to carry. So, at the event of weight reduction of your luggage, think just Swissgear nothing else- this is a very common practice among travelers.
  • Many Size & Shape
    Swiss army briefcase, 17 inches laptop bag, or, expensive bookbags or, for travel purpose- regardless of the reason you may have your desired size here, easily. Many items compiled with a different shape with numerous colors never let you empty from a Siwssgear point, guaranteed.
  • Competitive Price
    Truth to be told that unlike others, all the products from this house ensures the most competitive price for its consumers. Whatever you invest in it will pay back you some additional value that speaks correctly for your money.

10 Best Swissgear Backpack- Top Selling Gear For You

#1. SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack 

Ground-breaking ScanSmart Design

Oval shaped Swissgear 5358 backpack that ended up with zipper closure provides a smart and suitable interplanetary for your day-to-day using requirements. This TSA-friendly Swiss laptop bag keeps your tech and other professional things easy to find and access in the event of the airport or other security checking

Secure Tech Compartment

This model ended up with a lay-flat electronics compartment fortified with amplified 15 inches laptop sleeve. A front-facing round zipper pocket and a webbing pocket adjacent it


 to keep notebooks, pen, cards, ID, pencil, for instance. This compartment opens into a lay-level window, that brands it hassle-free to use and contact for all instance supplies. It benefits to minimize your daily transport loads.

Portable Charging Option

On the off chance that it is one of the topmost looking-for and best Swissgear backpack that offers charging options while its user is walking, traveling, or doing some other job. An integrated USB charging port adjusted which permits you to charge all of your techs wherever you are.

Comfy & Heavy-duty

SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack is such a product that will enable you with a fresh understanding of comfort. Lengthened shoulder straps, ergonomic design with integrated breathable mesh and ventilated airflow feature ensure the highest comfy proportion while using it.

 Moreover, an add-a-bag outer cover and heavy-duty clutch handle make available adaptability on the way to your destination regardless of how far it. As a result, it is the ultimate choice for long-distance travelers.

Folding Shoe Pocket

It has a side shoe pocket that can keep your extra shoe while not using it. This designated folding shoe pocket also allows you to make it fold-down while you are not using it.

  • Dimensions: 18*11.5*7 Inches.
  • Laptop pocket capacity: 15*11.25*1.25 Inches.
  • Tablet compartment capacity: 10*7 Inches
  • Capacity: 31.4L.
  • Style: Traveling, Laptop, Multipurpose.
  • Color: Black/Red, W/Lock. 

Pros: That You Will Like Most

  • Roomy and plenty of pockets.
  • Quality materials ensure longevity.
  • TSA friendly makes traveling easier.
  • The folding shoe chamber added extra value.

ConsThat You Can Ignore

  • The central part should be more organize-friendly.

#2. SWISS GEAR SA 1923 TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

Wonderful Quality

It is made up of a durable and robust polyester that confirms 100% wonderful quality even in longtime use. Therefore, it can help you to save money from another new buy, as it lasts long.

Roomy Compartment

Front zipper pockets and a webbing pocket to keep small but essential items that include, books, stationery, pencil, rubber, pen, notebook, or others. This chamber opens into a lay-level pane, that makes it stress-free to use and access for all instance necessities.

Insert Image


It will empower you with new participation in comfort. Enlarged shoulder closures with combined breathable mesh padding make it such a cool backpack.  Moreover, innovative design also another pick point of this one.

More Facilitate

 On the off chance that it will facilitate you with the novel experience of various kinds of enjoyment. Ultimate organizer with water bottling capacity makes it ahead from its competitors.
  • Dimensions: 18*13*8.5 Inches.
  • Style: Backpack only.
  • Color: Black
  • Materials: Polyester.

Pros: That You Will Like Most

  • Airflow back padding.
  • Super durability.
  • Made by quality materials.
  • Many extra pockets. 

ConsThat You Can Ignore

  • A little bit weighty.

#3. SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart TSA Laptop Backpack

Made Easy Travel

This is such a laptop backpack that makes your travel easy then ever you thought. It ScanSmart lay-flat knowhow sheltered that opens rapidly at the airport while security operation ongoing.

Astonishing Spacious Box

Two breathable side compartments for your large water bottle, umbrella, or other things that important. A forward-facing chamber to keep notebooks, pen, cards, ID, pencil, for instance, that is divided by the laptop or iPad compartment. Also, the front U-zip pocket is super easily accessible items.

Insert Image

Super Quality

It is made up of a durable, virgin, and weather-resistant 1200D ballistic polyester that confirms 100% waterproof even in heavy rain. Therefore, it can protect your valuable tech by keeping them dry in the rough weather.


Frankly speaking it offers the best comfort among all the best Swissgear backpack. Controlled and adjustable shoulder and side straps with breathable mesh fabric ensure the top control while carrying it. Also, airflow ventilation technology makes it more luxurious.

  • Dimensions:18.5*13.5*9 Inches. 
  • Laptop chamber: 14.5*11.5*1.5 inches. 
  • Tablet pocket capacity: 10*7 Inches.
  • Bag Volume: 31L. 
  • Style: Traveling & laptop.
  • Color: 8 color variations.

Pros: That You Will Like Most

  • Flat zipper.
  • Superior quality fabrics made.
  • Robust hold handle.
  • 8 different colors.

ConsThat You Can Ignore

  • Zippers should be more durable.

#4. SWISSGEAR 3598 Small/Compact Organizer Backpack

Slim Shape Backpack

This is such a slim shape backpack that ended up with zipper closure gives a smart and appropriate space for your daily using needs. This sporty look Swiss laptop bag keeps your tech and other professional things with very intensive care. It helps to minimize your daily carrying loads.

Extraordinary Roomy Compartment

A forward-facing organizer panel rooted partition slip and a webbing pocket to keep 

notebooks, pen, cards, ID, pencil, for instance. This chamber opens into a lay-level pane, that makes it stress-free to use and access for all instance necessities.

Tablet Space

The main compartment made up of a spacious and padded material that ensures you tech keeping with the highest safety manner. Be that as it may, you need not be a worry when you are on a long journey. Even, it could save your tablet if you accidentally drop your Swiss laptop bag to down.

Comfortable & Durable

On the off chance that SWISSGEAR 3598 Small/ Compact Slim Profile Daypack will enable you with the new experience of comfort. Padded shoulder straps, slender, along with integrated breathable mesh padding make sense in the event of it comfortability for its users.

  • Dimensions: 18*9*7 Inches.
  • Tablet pocket capacity: 10*7 Inches.
  • Bag Volume: 15.9L.
  • Style: Traveling.
  • Color: Black 

Pros: That You Will Like Most

  • Innovative design that makes a difference you from others.
  • Superior comfortability.
  • The ultimate style what you desired.
  • Easy to use makes things cool.

ConsThat You Can Ignore

  • Low storage capacity.

#5.Swissgear Durable 15-Inches Laptop Backpack

Unisex Design

This is such a Swiss laptop bag with a unisex design considered one of the best Swissgear backpack. In addition to that, it is comfy for all the gender regardless of the ages and sex. Hook and loop closure makes it more attractive among the bag-savvy.

Well-Organized & Spacious Compartment

 It has a spacious key compartment that you can use to keep many things you may need to.Moreover, it has a zip pocket along 

with an external water bottle pocket at side and a solidity straps to hold the whole kit and caboodle rightly for your daily activities. Furthermore, the sunglass store ensures your loving sunglass save wherever you traveled to.

Tech-Friendly Design

In this Swiss army laptop bag, there is a separate compartment dedicated to tech. You can use it to keep your 15 inches laptop. Also, has other spaces to put daily activities backpack, or any special occasion, easily.

Comfort With Superiority

The shoulder straps are adjustable that allows you to control your comfort while replace it one to another shoulder or level. Consequently, the air-flow spinal panel brings the breathability through amplified and web panel. Besides this, it manufactured by some great materials that ensure its durability, even for a long time of use.

  • Dimensions: 18.5*12*7 Inches (Exterior.)
  • Large capacity: 30.1L.
  • Style: Travel, Work, School.
  • Color: Black

Pros: That You Will Like Most

  • Unisex design for all types of use.
  • Greater luxury.
  • The eventual grace that you looked-for.
  • User-friendly.

ConsThat You Can Ignore

  • Limited color.

#6. SWISSGEAR Gateway Weekend Padded Premium Hybrid Laptop Backpack

Ensures Outing Comfort

This is such a Swiessgear getaway hack that ended up with an ergonomic design that you can’t avoid. It will enable you with a new experience of luxury. Adjustable shoulder straps along with side compression straps, combined breathable webbing make great sense in the event of its comfortability while traveling.

Hybrid Roomy Section

 If you are planning for a couple of day-long vacation this is the right choice for

you. You can keep all the things that may need during the trip with it. It has a split-case design that enables a better organization of your belongings. Additionally, the exterior chambers give the feeling of a true backpack character.

Dedicated Laptop Compartment

A dedicated spacious compartment for your 15 inches laptop ensures the tight security. It includes a crafty side zipper which confirms quick entry inside for your tech item.

External Pockets

 Giant external pockets consist of many chambers help to manage all the stationaries, books, papers, passport, power bank, smartphone, for instance, with other needful things. Moreover, it has some other pocket for keeping a water bottle, sunglasses and a secret chamber to put valuable items. 
  • Dimensions: 18*11*8 Inches(exterior.)
  • Large capacity: 24.6L.
  • Laptop Pocket: 13.25*10.25*1.25 inches.
  • Style: School, Travel, and Work.
  • Color: Black

Pros: That You Will Like Most

  • Well-organiging capacity.
  • Decent look.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to use.

ConsThat You Can Ignore

  • Low storing capacity.

#7. SWISSGEAR SA 1908 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

TSA Friendly

 This is a TSA Friendly versatile bag particularly designed for a pressure-free outing. Subsequently, it has all the features that make it one of the best traveling bag. Therefore, this Swissgear backpacks target to the trip making individuals often as they need it badly.


 This feature makes it as the topmost secured 17 inches laptop bag.

The compartment that dedicated to the laptop keeps your tech safe and easy to access for you while passing the airport security.

Calm & Tough

It will enable you with a new involvement of luxury. Padded shoulder fastenings with unified breathable net padding make it such a calm, however the tough backpack that suitable for a laptop.

Space For Tablet

The Interior and exterior pockets system help to put your valuable and essential belongings that are included, pen, Smartphones, sunglasses, power bank, stationaries, etc. There is also a front-facing compartment that you can put your 17” laptop easily. Additionally, the divider chamber can be used to keep the tablet, also.

  • Dimensions: 18.5*13.5*9 Inches.
  • Laptop capacity: 17 Inches.
  • Total loading capacity: 31L.
  • Style: Bag only
  • Color: Original Black
  • Material: Polyester.
  • Weight: 2.61 Pounds.

Pros: That You Will Like Most

  • Airflow rear structure for carry-comfort.  
  • Durable & robust.
  • Adjustable padded laptop strap.
  • Many pockets for small items.

ConsThat You Can Ignore

  • Warranty policy should be checked while it purchases from other than Amazon.

#8. Swissdigital Pixel Travel Laptop Backpack

TSA Friendly 

This is another TSA Friendly versatile bag that is predominantly manufactured for worry-free traveling whatever the reasons. Consequently, easy access to the contents of the bag, a durable pocket zipper that allows it to open a 90-180 degree angle. All the features go to be the exact TSA friendly as it was easily accessible at the travel security points.

Large capacity

 This is the jumbo travel tech pack that packed with enormous spacious facilities

with 14 separate pockets for enough materials and necessities accumulations. However, the big one is mainly dedicated to books, clothes, shoes, papers, school items, or something more that you need to put in it.

Laptop & Tablet Space

The key section made up of a roomy and padded substantial that guarantees your laptop and tablet keeping with the uppermost safety method. Be that as it may, you necessity not be a concern when you are on a time-consuming journey. Even, it could protect your tech items if you unintentionally drop your Wenger luggage to down.

USB Charging Point

Unlike others it will enable you to charge all of your electronics devices while outing. Even you can have your own time with free-hand charging as it is ended up of a built-in USB port. RFID protecting technology gives the security of your valuable items from stolen while you are busy with other works.

  • Dimensions: 19.6*12*7 Inches.
  • Capacity: 40L.
  • Style: Traveling, hiking & laptop.
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.80 pounds.
  • Materials: Polyester and nylon.

Pros: That You Will Like Most

  • RFID protects your tech.
  • TSA friendly for a smooth air journey.
  • Super quality.
  • EVA molded add a bag system to make travel easy. 

ConsThat You Can Ignore

  • Not much space as seen.

#9. SWISSGEAR 5505 Laptop Backpack For Men & Women

Premium Quality

This unisex backpack is made up of the super 600D Ripstop Polyester that ensures its top quality. Also, it incorporates with longevity and robust durability for the reason of its making procedure.

Extraordinary Compartment

 It has a very spacious and well-organized compartment that makes it dissimilar from others. The main three compartments are well-enough for a student,travelers for a

week or so long, and also for officials who wish to make an official short tour for a few days longer.

Laptop Space

A 15 inches padded laptop compartment will protect your tech surely from all types of damage. Also, it has a side strip pocket that can be used for water bottle keeping and front access quick organizer pocket enable you a smooth and easy to use it.

Comfortable & Durable

 On the off chance that SWISSGEAR 5505 Laptop Backpack For Men & Women will qualify you with the novel exercise of comfort. Lengthened shoulder belts along with incorporated breathable net padding make sense in the event of its comfortability for its users.
  • Dimensions: 18*13*6 Inches.
  • Laptop capacity: 13.25*11*1 Inches.
  • Tablet pocket capacity: 10*7 Inches
  • Volume: 27.3L.
  • Style: Laptop.
  • Color: Variety.

Pros: That You Will Like Most

  • Flash design.
  • Larger comfortability.
  • Hassle-free use.
  • Nice color combination.

ConsThat You Can Ignore

  • Storage capacity should be provoking.

#10. Swissdigital Water-Resistant Large Backpack

Multipurpose Using option

This Swiss gear backpack target the customer who looking for a flexible using bag. Allowing you rapidly for the airport security by opening a 90-180 degree, that means freely unfold makes it the true versatile using backpack. This can be used for traveling, as a school bag, official, or for other reasons regardless of age and sex.

Large Capacity & Well-Organized

 It considered an ideal travel backpack. With 15 individual pockets, the main giant

compartment with some other hidden pockets enables travelers, students, or anyone to put almost all the materials needed during the outing. Moreover, side profound zipper pouches for easily available items and adjacent flexible croft pockets can keep a water bottle, umbrella, or other items that are essential for its user.

USB Charging Port

This travel backpack comes up with a USB charging port that allows you to quick charge to all types of electronics devices, laptop, Amazon kindle device, iPad, or another tech conveniently and freely. However, not any portable battery included in this price-pack, but any type of battery can be used. For easy charging, it is located on the backpack shoulder strap.

RFID Defense Chamber

This is another feature that allows its user well-protection from personal information that might be stolen by the tremendous RFID protection system. As a result, it can use for a regular basis for air travel, college students, or another purpose who needs to carry a laptop, driving license, ID, passport with other valuable papers.

  • Dimensions: 18.5*12*7 Inches.
  • Macbook capacity: 13 Inches.
  • Laptop Capacity: Up to 15.6 Inches.
  • Style: Multipurpose.
  • Color: Black

Pros: That You Will Like Most

  • Long-lasting.
  • Big storage capacity.
  • Multipurpose using possibility.
  • Comparatively inexpensive.

ConsThat You Can Ignore

  • No color variety.

You May Want To Know More On The Best Swissgear Backpack

Before you decided to go for a Swissgear laptop bag, Swissgear army briefcase, or Swiss tech backpack and even Swiss gear carry on luggage- you might want to know somethings clearly about Swissgear products:

What Is Its Service Contract Coverage?

Fortunately, 10-years long extended warranty service is automatic will be approved for all the customers who purchase products from the Swissgear. Thanks to the Swissgear for offering such a great after-sales service contract coverage. However, the coverage will cover as below:

  • Any manufacturing fault/defect that seen while normally using the bag maintaining the guidelines of the company- it will be entitled to a free-repairing/replace subject to show the original receipt.

(A secret tip for you- you may avoid these unexpected circumstances if by from Amazon.)

Is All The Swissgear Backpack Waterproof?

Most of the backpack from Swissgear is water-resistant, however, not waterproof. Water-resistant means it will prevent water to enter inside your bag and helps to keep dry insides belongings in the rain. Yet, they will not remain well in fully dipped in water.

On the other hand, waterproof refer to inside items becomes safe and dry even you accidentally fallen in a water-pool.

Virdict On The Best Swissgear Backpack

After having these amazing reviews on incredible Swissgear backpack, you may be noticed that all the products come with various kinds of positive features. Yet, there are some undesirable facts, however very little in the amount that could be negligible.

Subsequently, you might allocate finance in one of thses listed above backpack and till to date stay pleased with the service it gives. However, it is better to have some groundwork on the things, whatever it is, you are going to purchase.