The 10 Best Lightweight Luggage For International Travel

Regardless of your travel philosophy- finding the best lightweight luggage for international travel is a red-hot issue for travelers. Yet, different tourists may have unlike traveling style, packing technique, or so on.

Someone may want waterproof luggage, another one may be looking for polycarbonate luggage or weatherproof luggage bags. At the same time whenever it comes about the size, 30-inch luggage, 30-inch suitcase, or 32-inch luggage or, even 40-inch suitcase, it sometimes becomes overwhelming.

TravelGearPoint here, as forever, at your service. On the off chance that our aim to pick the best fitting travel gear for you that helps to make a sensible outing. Because our inhouse experts traveled numerous destinations with unlike ways- air, water, road, for instance.

Therefore, whatever we’ll pick here for you is the best luggage for international travel. For instance, you may be looking for something that can last long, keep more cloths, scratch-free, and rough luggage merry-go-rounds.

Also, well-organized luggage can make you smarter looking than others. Besides this, in the event of a long tour, a decent design and vast compartment make a difference. Therefore, a practical travelers’ choice luggage review can aid you in this connection.

We, often do this for our valuable readers. We pick that one which best details to the value for your money, family size, durability, the brand with user-friendly.

In this guide, we will take you through everything you should know while buying the best lightweight luggage for your upcoming international traveling.

Our Top 3 Choice For International Travel

Are you in a hurry? Don’t have enough time to go through this travelers’ choice luggage review? Ok, then jump and have a look at our Top 3 Picks for you:

Overall Best

If you are looking for a light Luggage for international travel with a Travelpro warranty, this is the right one for you.

It is made up of high-quality nylon fabric, 8 self-aligning magnetic 360-degree spinning wheels, wide space with expandability, USB port, and so many features that come with it.

Best For Hardside

This is such 3-piece luggage set with the 4-wheel spinner to make your trip smooth and calm.

This stylish and durable, spacious with telescopic push handle lightweight hard-side suitcase set is one of the most popular Kenneth Cole Reaction’s “Out Of Bounds” collection that we pick for you.

Best For Softside

This lightweight collection ended up with durable and long-lasting materials.

4 wheel spinner, 2” expandible with common two larger compartments that accomplish with many small and middle-size pockets for more things to keep.

Water & stain resistant, telescopic handle, durable crash protection, for instance, makes it the perfect choice for a weekend trip.

Top 10 Lightweight Luggage For International Travel : At A Glance

1. Travelpro Crew 11-Softside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheel

  • Dimension– 21*14*9 Inches with 2” extra expandable.
  • Wheels- 8 self-aligning 360-degree dual spinner wheels.
  • Capacity- 46L.
  • Type- Softshell.
  • Weight- 7.2 pounds
  • Material- Nylon.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction out of Bounds 3-Piece Lightweight Hardside Luggage

  • Dimension- 20”- 21.75*14*8.5 Inches, 24”- 26*18.5*10.25 Inches 28”- 29.5*20.5*10.75 Inches.
  • Wheels- 4 wheel spinner for 360-degree movement.
  • Weight- 20”- 6.25 pounds, 24”- 8.4 pounds, 28”- 9.6 pounds.
  • Type- Hard-side.
  • Warranty-10 years limited warranty.

3. Travelpro Maxlite 5-Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage

  • Dimension- 27*18.5*11.5 Inches.
  • Wheels- 4 wheels spinner for 360-degree movement.
  • Weight- 7.3 pounds.
  • Type- Softshell.
  • Warranty- 1 year.  

4. Samsonite Windfield 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels

  • Dimension- 31*20*12.75 Inches with 2” extra expandible.
  • Wheels- 4 Multidirectional spinner wheels.
  • Type- Hardshell.
  • Weight- 11.5 pounds.
  • Warranty- 10 years limited warranty.

5. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels

  • Dimension- 22*15*9.5 Inches with extra expandible.
  • Wheels- 4 multi-directional 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Warranty- 10 years limited warranty.
  • Type- Hardshell.
  • Weight- 6.81 pounds.
  • Material- Micro-Diamond Polycarbonated.

6. American Tourister Moonlight Hardside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels

  • Dimension- 30*19.5*12.5 Inches with 2” extra expandible.
  • Wheels- 8 self-aligning 360-degree dual spinner wheels.
  • Warranty- 10 years limited warranty.
  • Type- Hardshell.
  • Weight- 11.5 pounds.

7. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner, Carry-On, Expandable Suitcase Luggage With Wheels

  • Dimension- 18.3*11.4*26.7 Inches with 15% extra expandible.
  • Wheels- 4 dual spinner wheels.
  • Capacity- 69L.
  • Type- Hardshell.
  • Weight- 9.37 pounds.
  • Material- Scratch Resistance ABS body.

8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Carry-On Lightweight Durable Hardshell 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage

  • Dimension- 21.75*14.5*8.5 Inches.
  • Wheels- 4-wheel spinner with 360-degree movement.
  • Warranty- 10 years limited warranty.
  • Type- Hardshell.
  • Weight- 7.2 pounds.
  • Color- Many colors.

9. US Traveler Rio Rugged Fabric Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set

  • Dimension- Rolling bag-21*13.5*7.5 Inches & Tote bag- 14*10*6 Inches with 25% extra expandable.
  • Handle- Internal telescopic push-button self-locking system.
  • Capacity- Unspecified.
  • Type- Softshell.
  • Weight- 7.74 pounds.
  • Material- 1200D polyester.

10. Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set

  • Dimension- 19*13*7.5 Inches, 2” extra expandible with two corner wheels.
  • Wheels- 2 wheels.
  • Handle- Inside telescopic.
  • Type- Softshell.
  • Color- Many colors.
  • Material- Heavy-duty polyester & PVC backing.

What Should You Ask Yourself To Pick The Best Luggage For International Travel

Before you go through this fecund travelers’ luggage review and decide to find the one you like, just find below answers. It will help you to pick the best one, for sure!

What Types Of Travel You Do Often?

Is this Suitcase For A Road Trip

If it is for a by road journey, make sure your luggage is well-fit in your vehicle luggage compartment or local transport luggage loading area.

Are You Flying With It

Firstly, know the weight limitation of airlines you are supposed to use. Also, have a look at the TSA & IATA guidelines to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

In addition to that, be sure that you can manage your luggage getting from and to the airport, lifting it upstairs, in your car, checkpoint in the air terminal, for instance.

Is It A River Cruise

This is a way of traveling that claims a little bit more concentration specially on a bigger one suitcase. Usually, the boat staff just through the luggage to the boat belly without any hesitation.

Therefore, an inflexible and level suitcase may be the right choice in this regard. Relatively, be sure that your luggage size is fit for the cabin if you not want to open it on board. 

What Will Be The Best Size Luggage For You?

If you are a frequent traveler and your trip fluctuates by road transport, airways as well as the crucial cruise, then you should buy a suitcase that best fits for all styles.

Don’t worry, we are not going to influence you to buy different luggage for your unlike traveling style.

You may be a solo traveler or traveling with your friends and family- just keep in mind the only bigger size is not reply to all of your requirements. Instead, a smart selection bargains more meaningful for your trip.

Then, finally, the luggage size you should pick for your next coming international travel depends on mainly below things:

  • Duration of your outing.
  • Your traveling style- the ways you use to reach the destination.
  • How many persons accompanying you.
  • Travel destination nature and season you travel.
  • Budget for this trip.
  • Your packing habits- backpack, carry-on luggage, or others.
  • Nature of your travel- adventure travel, official trip, educational excursion, honeymoon outing, for instance.

For that reason, see which one described best to your outing, 24-inch luggage, 27-inch luggage, 30-inch luggage, 30-inch suitcase, or 32-inch suitcase, for instance.

Apart from this, there is also another size available in the markets, just pick the appropriate one for you.

What Type Of Luggage Do You Prefer?

Now, you are already done on the travel style and the size of the suitcase for your overseas traveling. Let’s see what type of lightweight luggage is the best detail for your next international travel.

Hard Shell Or Soft Shell Luggage

Keep in mind expedition can be rough and it can take natural payback from you. Typically, it goes over your travel gear. This is the reason behind you should be keener in the event of choosing the types of suitcase for your global travel.

On the off chance that nowadays there are typically two types of travel luggage available in the markets; hard shell and the softshell. Please, let’s have a look at the comparative study between these two types of suitcases, then pick the right one or both for you.

Hard Shell Luggage

  • Characteristically waterproof.
  • Better to protect your inside belongings from damage.
  • You can use it as a sitting tool when waiting for a bus, train, for instance.
  • Typically, not with the expandible feature. Therefore, you wouldn’t able to put more things in it.
  • Better secure from theft.
  • Generally built-in TSA-friendly lock system. So that easy to pass the airport security point without any hassle.
  • Keep easily on top of each other, if needed.
  • Scratchable and easy to break- especially those that are cheaper.
  • Normally, it doesn’t contain any outside chamber or pockets.
  • Mostly unexpandable as well as incompressible.
  • It demands more and bigger space to be stored, home, car, transportation, etc.
  • Generally, heavy weighty.

Luggage Weight

You must not wish to give some extra bucks for your back pain treatment, isn’t it? Relatively, this is true you are willing to avoid extra luggage fees that might charge for your extra heavy suitcase. Both the cases possible if you go for lightweight luggage for international travel. Polycarbonate luggage, waterproof luggage, Brookstone luggage, or the Lucas suitcase, regardless of the brand never invites back pain and additional costing by choosing heavy luggage.Therefore, select your suitcase as lightly as you can while it is empty. For your assistance, the expert’s opinion is unfilled wheeled luggage should comply with your body loading capacity.

Brand & Warranty

This is another significant part to find the best lightweight luggage for international travel. There are plenty of luggage brands in the markets, Lucas luggage, Samsonite luggage, Swissgear, Ricardo, and many more. Luckily, most of the brands are very trust-worthy and comes up with a warranty policy for its international customers. Be that as it may, as you are going to invest money to your luggage. So, you must want it to last longer.

Additionally, you want to have assurance on repair or exchange it- if needed. Subsequently, you never wish to go with such a brand that has no reputation in the industry.

Instead, a well-established and renowned brand should be your single consideration in this regard. 

Keep in mind, more you pay for it, more you will be worry-free about warranty or guarantee. Thus, the brand also does matter.

Loading Capacity

Loading capacity should be checked properly, as it can ruin the total travel procedures. It is better to have some larger compartments along with separates pockets. Resulting, you can manage your needful belongings in a well and organized manner.


In a fresh eye, it seems such a silly thing, yet essential. You must not want to expend more time locating your suitcase in a crowded place. If so, you should go with such a color that easily and distinguished from others.

Eventually, some colors keep moistures and become dirt easily. Thus, it looks gravely that ultimately creates a negative impression on you.

Editquently, you also should not go with an odd color or any colors that not a perfect match for your personality or profession, isn’t it?


This is not our goal to insist you buy a new suitcase for each global travel. Rather, we want to make sure you are picking the right luggage for your overseas travel that is durable, therefore, a long time to use.

It is very important while buying a piece of luggage that is robust durable. So that it can be used, even roughly for a long period.

Waterproof Or Water Resistance

Keep in mind there is a difference between waterproof and water resistance. Water resistance can inhibit water to entering into luggage for some time to protect your inside items. However, not in the heavy rain or accidentally you fall into a water pool.

On the other hand, a waterproof backpack or luggage keeps your inside’s belongings dry even in heavy rain. Or, accidentally you fall into a water pool. And, naturally, there must have a price difference between thses two types of luggage. Keep this matter in mind while buying it.


In some cases, this is the topmost considerable factor, however, not for all, like you. Just make sure that whatever you are investing to the luggage- is it valued appropriately?

We are pretty sure that you don’t want to break the bank to buy a suitcase for your international travel. We suggest investing in the luggage that deals with the best value for you.

Consequently, we also highly recommend investing in that one which offers the best durability, after-sales service warranty, well-organizing compartments, decent looking, etc. If, even it cost you a few bucks extra, don’t hesitate to take it. It will pay back you, surely!

Full Review Of The 10 Best Lightweight Luggage For International Travel

1. Travelpro Crew 11-Softside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheel

Key Features

  • Lifetime (limited) warranty.
  • 8 Self-aligning 360-degree dual spinner magnetic wheels.
  • Durable nylon fabric.
  • External USB charging port.
  • Extra 2” expandable when needed.
  • Power scope handle.
  • Spacious

The Travelpro Crew 11 Softside expandible luggage is the civilian version of the famous traveler’s bag. The professional crews depend on this carry-on luggage for decades over the world.

The external USB port allows them to charge their tech device easily from the dedicated charger pocket.

It is made up of high-quality ballistic nylon that ensures it’s robust durability. Stain and scratch-free durable protector with damage battling SUPRA zipper skulls bargain for the lifespan durability.

Premium lather low profile top and side transport handle, rainy pockets, adjacent webbing pockets with full-length interior lid compartment make it such a demandable for all.

8 self-aligning 360-degree dual spinner wheel ensures the smooth movement. It permits you to move easily even within any tight space. In addition to that a lifetime, yet, limited worry-free warranty entitled to all the international buyers.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction out of Bounds 3-Piece Lightweight Hardside Luggage

Key Features

  • 10 years (limited) warranty.
  • 4 wheel 360-degree dual spinner.
  • Lightweight & Durable hardshell.
  • Corner hardshell guards.
  • Affordable price.
  • Retractable handle.
  • Organized big compartments.
  • 3-piece set for a family trip.

Two spacious fully lined compartments permit you to pack a dual way. The big interior zipper chamber for your comparatively little materials that you may need in the event of traveling periods.

A garment suppressing strap confirms the cloths in gentle an appropriate manner. Multidimensional 360-degree 4 wheel spinner ensures the smooth movement by all the way. 

Folding push-button telescopic handle with dual lock system with top and adjacent easy using the handle for ultimate control over the luggage. Easy to clean, lightweight, and durable made up materials that meet your desired quality at affordable prices.

Water-resistant hard shell and molded corner guard ensures the items inside dry and shock-absorbing capacity. Subsequently, a 10-years limited warranty given by the manufacturer allows you confidently use it.

3. Travelpro Maxlite 5-Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage

Key Features

  • 1 year (limited) warranty.
  • 4 wheel 360-degree dual spinner.
  • Durable and longlasting.
  • Water & stain-resistant coating.
  • Extra 2” expandable when needed.
  • Ideal for a weekend trip.
  • Spacious.
  • Folded telescopic well controllable handle.

4 wheel spinner can rotate 360-degree for a better and smooth-rolling while needed. The lightweight and hard-wearing PowerScope 38 inches to 42.5 handles enabled the user to control the trolly as needed.

Additionally, the exclusive lowermost part design settles the sturdiness. Featured 2” expandible for more clothing inside while traveling with friends and families. 

Subsequently, full length inside lid chambers, two large exterior compartments with adjacent accessories pockets, and adaptable holding strap for a better organization of the inner things.

This lightweight power packing luggage is the best suite for a middle-range trip vacation. Compromised lifetime coverage that includes the repair cost in the event of damage from airline or other normal careers for 1 year.

4. Samsonite Windfield 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels

Key Features

  • 10 years (limited) warranty.
  • 4 multi-directional 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Durable hardshell.
  • TSA lock system.
  • Extra 1.5” expandable when needed.
  • Lightweight locking telescopic push-button handle.
  • Wide range of color variety.

Samsonite goods are the complete blend of innovation and quality. Additionally, they are keener to customer satisfaction. Resulting, this one comes with a 10 years warranty for the defect in the materials it’s used and workmanship.

4 multi-directional spinner wheels able to run 360-degree for better and smooth-rolling in the tinny space. The side-mounted TSA lock confirms the complete protection of inside items from loose or theft. It also allows the airport to check easy-going.

This product made up of top-quality hardshell materials that guarantee it’s full-bodied toughness. Extra 1.5” expanding capacity, big compartments with many pocket compartments and 10 zippers organizer makes it the appropriate suitcase for a longer trip.

5. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels

Key Features

  • 10 years (limited) warranty.
  • 4 multi-directional 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Durable with scratch resistance.
  • TSA-friendly lock combination.
  • Extra expandable when needed.
  • Book opening case with mesh divider.
  • Decent color.
  • Push-button handle.

This micro-diamond polycarbonate textured Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels is the best detail for international travelers. It is truly scratch-resistant which allows you even a rough using it if needed.

A 10 years limited warranty offers along with this product for international clients against manufacturing defects and so on. 20” spinner suitcase maximize your packing habit.

In addition to that, meeting the criteria of carry-on luggage that allows you for a short trip domestically or overseas. The adjacent-mounted TSA combination lock ensures the whole guard of private substances inside the suitcase. 

It also permits the airport to check relaxed-going. 4 numerous spinner wheels capable to run 360-degree for improved and flat-rolling in any thin space.

6. American Tourister Moonlight Hardside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels

Key Features

  • 10 years (limited) warranty.
  • 4 multi-directional oversized 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Robust durability.
  • Elite looking.
  • Extra 1.5” expandable when needed.
  • Push-button locking handle.
  • Book opening case with mesh divider.
  • Roomy compartments.

This is one of the best lightweight luggage for international travel for all seasons regardless of age and sex. It comes up with a 10- years limited warranty that covers all the manufacturing defects of the product.

Yet, the company is much confident about the quality, moreover, this is for customer satisfaction and worry-free use. 4 multi-maneuvering and king-size spinner wheels confirm the hassle-free movement for all spaces.

Even, in the mob and tinny space, it can function properly. Subsequently, book opening case with mesh divider pockets enables you to put more things as you might need while working outsides the home.  

In addition to that 1.5” expandability allow keeping more clothes while outing. Consequently, a durable push-button handle delivers cool steering when prolonged out from the luggage and rest gracefully when not in use.

7. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner, Carry-On, Expandable Suitcase Luggage With Wheels

Key Features

  • Protective scratch resistance ABS body.
  • 4 dual spinner wheels.
  • 15% extra expandability.
  • 150D polyester internal arranger.
  • 69 liters loading capacity.
  • Powerful telescopic handle.
  • Decent colors.

This AmazonBasics Spinner wheels hard side luggage crafted the marvelous opportunity in the event of checked luggage. As 26” is larger to being carry-on, however, it is the best bargain for a piece of checked luggage.

Thanks to Amazon provides such a suitcase that is very usable.

Protective hardshell featured with scratch resistance, nice finishing, extra-thick ABS-confirms than competitors, and well-made make it the appropriate choice for a couple of weeks traveling, regardless of domestic or global.

150D polyester internal with 3 zipper pockets can keep your small belongings. Telescopic handle for comfortable movement, 15% extra expandability for the reason of emergency.

The roomy compartments to keep your almost all the valuable things you need while outside home. All the features make it a trendy and tremendous suitcase, undoubtedly.

8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds 20-Inch Carry-On Lightweight Durable Hardshell 4-Wheel Spinner Cabin Size Luggage

Key Features

  • 10 years (limited) warranty.
  • 4 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Durable hardshell scratch-resistance materials.
  • TSA & IATA approved carry-on size.
  • Roomy compartment.
  • Effortless handle.
  • Many colors.

Multi-directional 4 spinner wheels allow a smooth-running operation in all the space that also capable to turn 360-degrees. Four precast adjacent fit make it to stand up, folding push-button telescopic handle ensures the effortless operation.

A couple of large compartments for dual-sided packing allow you to pack with packed up as much as you need. Additionally, larger inner zipper pockets also ready to keep your small, yet valuable items securely.

Flexible straps to make sure your clothes are being well organized while moving the luggage. This luggage is approved by the TSA and the IATA as carry-on luggage. Therefore,  it will permit you for a hassle-free and secure international traveling whatever the reason and reason.

It also comes up with 10 years of the limited warranty that covers all the manufacturing fault will be repaired by the company free of cost.

9. US Traveler Rio Rugged Fabric Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set

Key Features

  • Pure 1200D Polyester made.
  • Adjustable and separable non-slip padded shoulder straps.
  • Robust & durable.
  • Expandability allows 25% more packing.
  • Spacious.
  • Sophisticated looking.

Where you want to go? Regardless of the place, US traveler Rio Rugged luggage will be with you as your best friend. Indeed, this is such a carry-on luggage set that fits well with all the purposes of trip, official, adventure, pleasure, for instance.

Made up with the comfortable, greater, and the most popular 1200D pure polyester fabric that ensures its durability. Internal deluxe telescopic push-button with self-locking system make it sensible outing gear for all types of trip.

The modifiable and removable non-slip shoulder fastening can be use while needed for more comfort. Sophisticated lined inside with web bulky zipper pockets and the expandible feature offers the vast loading capacity that might be needed while making a trip.

10. Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set

Key Features

  • Colorful with a variety of colors.
  • 2 wheels.
  • Durable polyester fabric and PVC backing.
  • Inside telescopic handle.
  • 2 piece set.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy accessible.

This lovely luxurious expandible luggage set could be your best lightweight luggage for international travel. On the off chance that this luggage set is the perfect choice for all types of travelers, experienced or newbie.

It is made up of heavy-duty polyester fabric followed by the PVC backing. Therefore confirming the durability along with vast longevity, even in rough use. Insides telescopic handle offers a smooth handling feature while you are in a hurry.

Need more room to keep more fashion gadgets or gears? This are such types of luggage that will not let you down in this regard. It has a huge parking space in the big one.

Additionally, a travel tote bag is adjacent to it also ended up more packing opportunity for you.

So, the above was the best lightweight luggage for international travel, whatever we have listed herewith for you.

Now, tell us what are you thinking about it?

Do you have any own brand?

Tell us, we will describe it in our way. So that it can grab people’s attention.

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