The Best Leather Backpack – [!! NEW] 10 Picks

A backpack is the most multipurpose luggage. It also such a thing that is easy to adjust. Regardless of your trip duration, nature of travel and place of traveling- backpack plays a vital role. Eventually, there are numerous types of backpacks, yet, all of those may not fit for you. Resulting, we come up with the best leather backpack for multipurpose use in 2023.

TravelGearPoint such a hub that always aims to introduce trendy and fashionable gear with travel-savvy individuals. Finding the superlative leather laptop backpack also a part of our regular activities. We, perpetually questing for excellence to ended up our readers with a versatile lifestyle.

As we have mentioned earlier, there are plenty of backpacks you will find in the markets. For instance, cross backpack, Swiss laptop backpack, expensive bookbags, Swiss gear laptop cases, Swiss army briefcase, etc. are the most commonly using backpack in the industry.

In addition to that, some other backpacks dedicated to the specific gender, laptop bags for women 17”, Wenger luggage for men, Swissgear 5358 unisex design, and many more. Subsequently, a few of those also, specify for the dedicated job, Swissgear carry-on luggage, Swiss tech backpack, or, Swiss traveler pack, and so on.

But, if you want to find the most classic design- then you should go for a leather backpack. On the off chance that it is the unbeatable Swiss gear backpacks target by most of the style-knowhow. That is the reason behind we listed here the top 12 leather rucksack that you like.

Review Of The 12 Leather Backpack For Multipurpose Use 

1. Leather Backpack, Leather School Backpack Brown

4.7 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • Materials– Hand-made cowhide leather with 100% cotton (inner side.)
  • Laptop Room– 13 inches.
  • Dimension– 14.17*11.22*3.94 (Height*Length*Width).
  • Color AvailableBrown, Dark Brown, and Black.
  • Clouser TypeZipper.


A dark brown leather rucksack can make a difference while it present in the right manner at the right time. Time Resistance produced such a leather school backpack that becomes a brand of choice within a very short time. But, what makes it different from others, let’s see that;


This is such a backpack of holding that made up of environment-friendly materials. Complete-grain hand-colored leather utilizing vegetable-processing technics doesn’t mix up any chemicals that harmful to health. Due to this ergonomic method it makes this 13” laptop bag in a natural look. Additionally, making each skin slightly different from other parts of the bag.

Gadget- Friendly Space

This is such a backpack that gives you the vibe like it is the only backpack in the world you are holding. Besides this, it has a separate chamber for your 13 inches laptop. In addition to that, it also has space for phone holder, pen manager, business card holder, a4 size paper also you can put and bring to your meeting room if needed.


On the off chance that it is mainly born to last long. It’s great using materials makes it such a long-lasting backpack in the industry. This is hand-made from full-grain cowhide leather that is internationally renowned for its longevity. Consequently, with the best quality leather it internally lining with 100% cotton appropriately. All the things make it a decade, even more, lasting leather laptop backpack ever.


This offers the highest comfort for its user by adjustable shoulder straps and hand-carry handle. An outside big zip pocket with inner sides multiple compartments allows you to keep many things you need, however comfortably.

2. Bopai 20L Leather Laptop backpack 

5 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • Materials100% Genuine Leather.
  • Laptop Room15.6 inches up to.
  • Dimension16.5*11*6 (Height*Length*Width)
  • Color AvailableAlpha, BMW, and Black.
  • Clouser TypeZipper.
  • Total Capacity20L.


The black leather 20L laptop backpack can be used in multipurpose of functions. This is such an intelligent bag match with the traveler, professionals, or other purposes people. Bopai produced such a leather backpack that can be used as a 15 inches laptop bag. It becomes a product of choice in a short while. But then again, what marks it dissimilar from others, let’s see that;

Unparallelly design

This is a 14 inches laptop bag that can keep up to 15.6 inches laptop. It made up in an unparalleled design that like most of the leather backpack lovers. Therefore, when you use it, you distinguished from others with an, unlike style and design it contains. On the off chance that its unique design makes it different from its competitors in the market. The bag is decent when empty, however, it is rigid while packed with.


This is a very user-friendly laptop leather backpack in the industry. The zipper closures are very smooth to operate, even while you are in a hurry. It never let you down to easy access inside it for necessary item putting or pulling out. There is additional space in the back of this bag, just need to pull the zipper in back it will open with a 40% extra space.


Durability is one of the most appealing features of this item. By great using materials that make it such a long-lasting backpack in the industry. Accordingly, with the top quality leather and robust making method that makes its durability unquestionable. Resulting, it can last, even more than the time you ever thought.

Anti-Theft System

This 16 inches backpack offers the highest security while traveling with your loving techs. It has an anti-theft invisible zip pocket in the back to keep safe your iPad, phone, or other valuable belongings. Subsequently, it is TSA friendly leather backpack that confirms hassle-free air travel with easy-going airport security. It also has a USB port to make your travel easier.

3. BOPAI 40L Genuine Leather backpack

4.7 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • MaterialsCalfskin leather.
  • Laptop Room15.6 inches.
  • Dimension14.6*11*18.10 (Height*Length*Width).
  • Color AvailableBeta, BMW, Gama, and Black.
  • Clouser TypeZipper.
  • Total Capacity40L.


This 40L capacity genuine leather backpack specially designed for men who work with their 15.6 inches laptop most of the day. It also comes up with a USB charging port that allows users to hassle-free charge gadgets when needed. All the things make it the best leather backpack for business travel. Now, let’s see some more things that make it different from others;

Roomy Compartment

This is such a spacious laptop backpack that can hold almost all the things you need to complete your daily works, laptop, notebooks, power bank, smartphone, sunglass, for instance. Moreover, you can also keep your clothes, camera, saving kits, magazines, or other items that you wish to keep with you. The controllable padded strap along with a softy-made handle makes your outing easy and memorable.

Hidden Anti-Theft Zip Pockets

Exceptional hidden dual zipper strategy ensures the highest security while traveling with your affectionate gadgets. An anti-theft invisible zip pocket in the back to keep safe your iPad, phone, or other valuable belongings. Successively, it is TSA approachable leather backpack that ratifies hassle-free and easy-going airport security. Thus, it helps you to have a secure journey with your valuable techs.


This leather backpack offers the uppermost comfort for its user by adaptable shoulder straps and hand-carry handle. An external big zip pocket with internal sides multiple chambers permits you to keep numerous belongings you need, however happily. Also, a built-in USB charging port makes the trip easier than ever before.

Casual, But Classic

This BOPAI genuine leather backpack comes up with a very casual design within a classic vibe. Motivated by the old-style backpack it ended up with Calfskin leather that is completely human body-friendly. Resulting this is the perfect choice for a person who looking for an old-style, yet classic looking.

Better Longevity

By using genuine and 100% pure materials that it needs to, this backpack giving the highest longevity assurance. Thanks to the manufacturer due to they are giving a full amount of return to the dissatisfied customer without any asking who using this bag. Therefore, you are unable to use it worry-free as it giving the best customer service.

4. Berliner Bags Leeds M Leather Backpack Laptop Rucksack

4.7 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • MaterialsHand-made vegetable tanned leather with 100% cotton (inner side).
  • Weight1.8 Pounds.
  • Dimension10.6*15.3*3.9 (Length*Width*Height).
  • Color AvailableCognac Brown.
  • Clouser Type Zipper.
  • Total Capacity10L.


This 100% leather backpack design in Berlin, Germany- is a very renowned laptop rucksack using worldwide for a long time. It is made of high-quality finished leather that ensures robust longevity. It is such a laptop bag that can be used by and on the off chance that using by men as well as women. Let’s see the key feature that makes it unlike for others;

Versatile Functionality

This leather backpack made up of such a way that makes it capable of versatile use. A roll-top closer offers a sophisticated entrance along with an adjustable internal storing volume. An interior atmosphere is enough space that you can put almost all the items you need for a daily job. There is also an interior pocket to put valuable items. You can use this as one of your daily-carry bags, or for a weekend trip or something like a short trip.


All the bags produced by Berliner Bags are well crafted and the entire process operates by hand with very carefulness. Therefore, they can ensure the pin-point quality of their products. All the “Leeds” models made up of 100% vegetable tan leather. Moreover, it doesn’t mix up any coloring substances that harmful to human health.

Durable & Comfort

This ergonomically designed leather backpack can be used as a laptop bag for a long time. Furthermore, this model is made by a genuine and purified leather that ensures its long-lasting lifespan. Relatively, hand made leather that ended up with intensive care confirms the comfy feature for its users.


This tremendous product also comes up with a tremendous offer that allows the customer to use it without any hesitation. Berliner Bags giving a 100 days return guarantee and a 1-year servicing facility for international purchasers.

5. S-ZONE Men Vintage Genuine Leather Backpack Daypack

4.7 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • MaterialsCanvas & Genuine Buffalo leather with 100% cotton (inner side).
  • Laptop Room17 inches.
  • Dimension17.3*12.6*5.1 (Height*Length*Width).
  • Color AvailableBrown & Light Brown.
  • Clouser TypeZipper.


Are you looking for something that will make you different? Do you love a fashion with classic vibe? If both asking got a “yes” mark, then this dramatic and a little bit rough fashionable multi-pocket travel daypack for you. It is such an attired looking leather backpack that makes a positive sense for all ages and sex. Let’s see what makes them stand out of others;


This is such a trendy and fashionable daypack that enables you to go for a daylong outing with it. You will visualize a different color with different angels. It made up of a great style that fits all the professions. Therefore, it can use students, travelers, officials, for instance, and any other professionals according to their necessity.

Gadget- Welcoming Space

This is such a backpack that provides you the feel like it is the only backpack in the world you are holding. Above and beyond this, it has a distinct chamber for your laptop. In addition to that, it also has space for a pen organizer, business card holder, power bank keeper, a phone holder, for instance, also you can put and bring to your meeting room if needed.


It is naturally born to last long. By using pure leather ingredients that make it such a long-lived leather laptop backpack in the industry. Top crazy horse genuine leather with 100% cotton lining makes it topmost durable with a robust-looking laptop knapsack in the market.


Many pockets dedicated to keeping your numerous little, yet, important items. 17 inches shoulder drop with zipper closure turn it comfy featured daypack. Large storage capacity enables it to use as a 17 inches laptop bag easily while offering the highest comfort for its users. Also outside little zip pocket with inner sides multiple compartments allow you to keep many things you need, however comfortably.

6. Tiding Leather Backpack 15.6 Inches Laptop Backpack

4.7 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • MaterialsGenuine cowhide crazy horse leather with 100% cotton (inner side).
  • Laptop Room15.6 inches.
  • Dimension12.9*8.2*15.7 (Length*Width* Height).
  • Color AvailableDark Brown.
  • Clouser Type– Zipper.
  • Total Capacity27.7L.
  • Weight2kg.


This vintage larger capacity business travel daypack such a product that you might be looking for in the long days before. On the off chance that this best leather backpack suitable for schoolboys, college guys as well as older one who loves to travel long. A built-in USB port along with YKK zippers makes it the most popular leather laptop bag in the industry.

Large Backpack Dimension

This is one of the large backpacks containing exterior - (LWH) dimension with 2kg weight. Its shoulder straps are 49cm-105cm and 27.7 Liters capacity. Two separate compartments are dedicated one is for 15.6 inches laptop and another one for 9.7 inches iPad.

USB Charging Port

It has a built-in charging port with the cable inside that nake easy charging for the travelers, even while they are on the way or walking. It also enables you to rapidly access to your tech and charges them appropriately in a convenient way. However, keep in mind that the power bank is not included in this laptop’s regular price.

Comfort With Commitment

This backpack compromises the uppermost comfort for its user by variable shoulder straps and hand-carry handle. An open-air big zip pocket with innermost sides numerous chambers agree to keep many gears you need, yet comfortably. It also offers a 100% service guarantee for the customers.


Tiding Leather Backpack has a total of 13 multi pockets, 1 laptop compartment with 7 main zipper pockets that can be used to keep many things as you needed. In addition to that 1 iPad pocket, 1 premium managing compartment with the multi-pockets that you can utilize commonly. Subsequently, it also ended up with 2 pen pockets, a key fob with 3 workable small pockets for more use.

7. Estarer Women PU Leather backpack

4.7 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • MaterialsFaux leather.
  • Laptop Room15.6 inches.
  • Dimension13*4*16 (Length*Width* Height).
  • Color AvailableBrown, Black, Inch Black, Inch Wine Red.
  • Clouser TypeZipper.


Estarer- a company inspired by the innovative and creative energy of the urban and thus desired to craft some creative goods that make positive sense, especially for the women. Still, it has a vast experience to manufacture the messenger bags, handbags as well as a backpack that using by numerous professionals worldwide. Now, let’s see what makes them standpoint by their market competitors.

On Edge

This leather backpack bargains the maximum luxury for its user by amendable shoulder bands and hand-carry handle. An outside big zip pocket that hidden a flap makes it different looking. Inner sides several compartments let you keep many belongings you need, though securely.


The laptop bag has 7 compartments, 2 central compartments with 1 front-facing that covered by a flip cover. The principal compartment for your 15.6 inches laptop, iPad, and other essential tech and valuable things. 2 open pockets along with 1 zipper closing pocket in the main compartment also for keeping your belongings safe. There is also a rear zipper closed security chamber for your valuable items to keep them safe.

Women- Friendly

On the off chance that it is especially dedicated to the women. This has plenty of storage capacity that is appropriate for working women. They can bring every day their important materials with a decent looking movement. Files, smartphones, pens, papers, cameras, books, whatever they needed can carry by it, easily.

Fashionable As A Gift

Old-fashioned simple styling with approach particulars with a spinning fastening closure on flap makes it more decent looking gently. Subsequently, two front-facing removable fringes beautifications, upper handle with an adaptable leather, and ribbon mixed shoulder bands give it fashion iconic as a gifting item.

8. Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack

4.7 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • Materials600D Polyester.
  • Laptop Room15 inches.
  • Dimension19.25*11.25*7 (Height *Width*Deep).
  • Color AvailableGrey.
  • Clouser TypeDrawstring, Magnetic Buckle.
  • Total Capacity25L.


Herschel Supply Co. based in Vancouver, Canada is a company with innovation and creation for the latest products, especially travel gears, backpack as well as accessories. They made such quality products for regular use and with tuned respect of feature.


Herschel offers a limited lifetime warranty; they guaranteed every product from Herschel is free from manufacturing or material defect. However, it only valid if you buy Herschel products from an authorized retailer, like Amazon. It covers all the manufacturing defect repair by using it regularly with given guidelines and duration is the date of purchase to lifetime.

Spacious Organizer

This unisex laptop backpack has a tech-save padded sleeve that lined with rip off for your 15 inches laptop. In addition to that, it also has multiple compartments to keep your daily using essentials, pen, business card holder, smartphone, books, papers, for instance.

Long-Lasting Design

A timeless shape motivated by the typical free climbing style. Durable polyester and nylon fabric made to cope up with the adventure. Additionally, signature striped lining with draw cord ending, magnet clipped fastening with metal pin clips that ended at the Herschel typical woven label.

Comfortable To Carry

It offers the highest comfort to carry. Padded controlled strap, breathable air mesh back padding ensures superior comfortability for the users all time. This feature makes it the best leather backpack for travel carry-on and most popular leather laptop backpack for students.

9. Kenox Vintage PU Leather Laptop Backpack

4.7 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • MaterialsFaux Leather.
  • Weight- 1.46 Pounds.
  • Dimension17*13*5 Inches.
  • Color AvailableBrown and  Black.
  • Clouser TypeZipper.


A brown leather knapsack can make a different sense. Kenox took the opportunity. Their manufactured PU leather school college bookbag such a product that presents a new classical era. let’s see the reasons behind;

Unisex Design

Kenox branded all the computer leather backpack is made such a design that fit-well to all the age and gender. It doesn’t matter how old you are and what is your profession, it will suit you best, surely.


This is such a bag that utilizing pure high-class faux leather with industry-best materials that ensured its robust durability even in long time use.


On the off chance that it seems born-fashionable. It makes its user more fashion-look while it stays at the shoulder. Resulting, it allows you to feel you a special while carrying it.


Adjustable padded shoulder straps, dependable zippers, wide back support pad, for instance, details the peak comfort. In addition to that, unlike others, there is not any bad smell while opening the new bag.

10. LXY Vegan Leather Backpack

4.7 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • MaterialsCanvas, Faux Leather, Leather.
  • Laptop Room14 inches.
  • Dimension- 15.7*11*3.9 (Height*Length*Width).
  • Color AvailableBrown and Black.
  • Clouser -Type- Snap.


This snap closer 14 inches shoulder drop LXY vegan leather backpack very user-friendly for both men and women. Gentle brown color with inexpensive pricing makes it the topmost best leather backpack in the market.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

This antiquated backpack made up of adjustable shoulder straps with synthetic leather and band with nylon which ensures the top comfy benefits for the users. It, on one hand helps to control it while carrying. On the other hand, protect your shoulder to be restless.

Gadget- Friendly Space

This bookbag of holding backpack gives you to keep a 14 inches laptop in the main compartment. However, it has more than 5 compartments to put your daily using items. Out of the one could be used to keep your 13” notebook.

Secure Your Valuable Things

Two hidden anti-theft chambers to keep your valuable things safe. Also, it has the option to expand by opening back hidden space when needed. Moreover, it helps to make it slimmer as you desired.


It is such a leather backpack that can be used for multi-purposes. It’s ergonomic looking makes it usable for all the people regardless of their profession, stage, and gender. Be that as it may, it might be the crazy choice for the individuals who couldn’t even walk without a bag.

11. Vintage Backpack Leather Laptop Bookbag

4.7 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • MaterialsArtificial Leather.
  • Laptop Room15.6 & inches 14 .
  • Dimension17.7*13.7*4.7 (Height *Length*Width).
  • Color AvailableBrown.
  • Clouser TypeZipper.
  • Total Capacity25L.


LXY focused on classical and dynamic leather goods manufacturer started their journey in 1995. From then they are providing a top class, innovated, multifunctional and price-effective leather products to all the customers around the world. Let’s see the core cause of their success;


Ergonomic and amendable padded back and shoulder straps detail the premium comfy to the users by releasing the pressure. Additionally, it ensures the leather laptop backpack is light and easy to carry as well.

Easy To Maintain

It ended up with such pure leather materials so that it is very easy to clean. Consequently, it also offers functional water-resistance and scratch-free. As a result, even in long use, it doesn’t cost you extra for modify.

Spacious Manager

It contains a total of 7 compartments- one main compartment for your 15.6” Laptop and the other one is for 14” notebook or laptop or other valuable items. In addition to that two mesh side pockets allow you to put your water-bottle while internal roomy space allowing more things to put here.


An everlasting outline inspired by the classic free mountaineering style makes it a multifunctional best leather backpack, ever. The great daypack for traveling, college, working, or official trip regardless of gender and age. Subsequently, the school bookbag dedicated to the school pupils.

12. Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Backpack

4.6 of 5 Stars

Product Details

  • MaterialsFull grain Colombian Leather.
  • Laptop Room16 inches.
  • Dimension16.25*12.5*4.5 (Height *Length*Deep).
  • Color AvailableCognac, Dark Brown, and Black.
  • Clouser TypeZipper.
  • Weight– 3.4 Pounds.


Spacious storage with a laptop compartment that can hold up to 16 inches screen, TSA-friendly full grain Colombian leather. It also comes up with fully-lined tear-resistant, robust zipper pockets, and various chambers to put essential belongings for daily use. All the things make it a sensible leather laptop backpack.

Roomy Store

A front-facing small zipper pocket with brush polyester linings keeps your gears safely. Relatively, a lower easy-entry zipper pocket with a larger one zip pocket, padded phone pocket, and key fab enables you to put things that you may need while outing or working outside the home.

Tech Store

Front padded compartment for 16” laptop, featured with padded tablet pocket, file pocket, and mesh zipped pocket compatible your most techs. Therefore, whatever the function, travel business backpack, or others, it can respond suitably.

Enrich Finishing

The backpack outside featured an ultra-padded air webbing with an airflow system. Consequently, amplified haversack fastenings for the super comfort on running. All the things completed with fashionable, full particle Colombian tear-unaffected leather and fully lined tear-unaffected inside.


This is the last, however not the least feature that makes it unlike from others. TSA enable-feature allows it a hassle-free air journey resulting laptop doesn’t need to remove at the security checking. This easy scan permits you to pass the security formality fast, so saving time and ultimately money- for you.

Is there anything confusing in the best leather backpack list? If not, then why don’t you give it a try?

Just pick any one or more from here whatever your need-match-well with your class and cash.

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