Best Laptop Backpack For Work – Most Comfortable In 2022

A backpack is the most preferable gear to keep your laptop securely while working. Therefore, finding the best laptop backpack for work means to fulfill your daily activities a little bit cool.

In a Hurry ? 8 Top Laptop Backpack For Work

What To Look When Buying A Carry On Laptop Backpack


This is the topmost significant fact that you should keep in mind in the event of buying a laptop backpack.

The leather laptop backpack, or osprey laptop backpack, for instance, whatever you are intending to buy, that should meet your laptop comfortably.

There are tons of laptop bag come with a 14-inch laptop case, 17-inch laptop sleeve, or 18-inch laptop sleeve, etc. in the market.

Yet, the little one is more convenient to place into the overhead bin. But, this is not mean that you need to buy the little one.

Rather, it should be enough spacious to keep your laptop easily. On the off chance that your laptop size will finalize your backpack’s size.

The key compartment of the cute laptop backpack must be enough roomy so that you can put not only your laptop there but also other related items together.

The laptop charger, power bank, books, stationaries, due to you will be working while carrying the laptop backpack on your shoulder.

In addition to that, there must have to be some other organizer pockets. Resulting, you need not carry an additional bag for those items.

All the laptop backpacks, crossover laptop bag, timbuk2 q laptop backpack, or Wenger laptop bag, for example, ended up with a dedicated laptop sleeve.

Typically, a backpack ended up of a 14-inch laptop sleeve, 16-inch laptop sleeve, and laptop sleeve 17 inches are more often available in the market.

In case laptop sleeve of the backpack does not match your loving laptop size, don’t worry.

There are other options for you- a 17.3-inch laptop backpack, 13 laptop bag, and so many sizable laptop sleeves with straps waiting to welcome your laptop.


You should not go for such a laptop backpack that is much weighty itself. 

Therefore, it will harm you due to the laptop and other accessories you are carrying already being heavy to move around.

As a result, for the long run causing lots of body difficulties, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, or other complications.

Moreover, you are supposed to buy the best backpack with padded laptop sleeve for work reasons you want to move with your laptop when work.

That is why never go for the laptop backpack- 17.3inch laptop backpack, Patagonia laptop bag, purple laptop backpack, regardless of the size, brand, and color, that is weighty itself.

Instead, try to find the lightweight one that well-fit with your laptop whereas not making any overweight for your shoulder.

Toughness, Yet Comfortable

This another vital fact. Your vintage laptop bag, or swiss gear laptop backpack, whatever the model you choose, should offer top-level protection for your laptop.

Keep in mind the protection not just related to the laptop from hits and drops, but also the rainy conditions.

There are few laptops in the market made up of water-proof or water-resistance materials. It will keep your laptop backpack insides valuables dry and safe in the wet weather.

Accordingly, water-resistant laptop backpacks are very easy to clean. Even, you can do it by yourself at home after a few practice.

Eventually, be sure your laptop case with strap, nylon laptop bag, Jansport laptop bag, regardless of the model and brands, made by durable materials.

Most of the laptop backpack comes with the heavy-duty polyester and robust nylon materials for giving a rip-resistance, lightweight, and life-span using opportunity.

Generally speaking, the engaged back, a bowed back system with the padded finished-flows seems the very best backpack a laptop compartment.

Due to all these features allow you to prevent getting your back wet in the event of carrying your Herschel laptop case, or nomadic laptop bag, for instance.

This is also true even you are carrying the laptop backpack for a long-time in hot weather.

Padded Laptop Case With Other Pockets

This great to see that your 17-in laptop bag, 18 inch laptop backpack, or, 19-inch laptop bag, anyway, comes with a padded laptop case. 

The well-padded laptop compartment enables you to protect your loving tech from getting damaged for all time, even accidentally dropped it from your shoulder.

Therefore, this is a very important consideration for you while buying the best backpack with laptop compartment for work whatever the brand, model, and size.

Subsequently, a perfect laptop backpack for work should be ended up with numerous pockets and organizers to keep all of your needful items while working.

This is most important while you are staying outside the home, or working with on the way.

The pockets should be located both internally and externally as well. That should come with a very well and thoughtful design so that it can keep your tech items safe.

This is looking good if there is a variety of interior pockets of the laptop backpack. Some to keep your laptop charger, while another one for cables or any other necessary items.

Don’t forget to check that there is no chance to crushing or twisting while the gadgets gears placed inside the laptop backpack. It may be lead to damaged your techs.

Besides this, the internal zipped up tight pockets also help you to keep the USB sticks and other related items, safely.

Consequently, please look for such a laptop backpack comes with many small, yet essential pockets for your pens, ID card, wallet, visiting cards, with so many items.

Remember, all these little organizing arrangements should be located apart from the main laptop compartment to keep safe your laptop.

Adjustable Straps & Soft Carry Handle

It is crucial your osprey laptop bag, samsonite laptop case, swiss gear laptop messenger bag, any brand you like, should come with adjustable shoulder straps. 

On the off chance that it considered the most beautiful feature for a laptop backpack that allows your hands free while carrying it.

Because you may need to hold your boarding pass or want to have a coffee or drink in your hand while moving.

Accordingly, your laptop backpack shoulder straps must have to be well-structured and strong.

Wide adjustable padded shoulder straps help to spread the total weight among the body equally. It is very useful to reduce the chances of shoulder pain.

Aside from the shoulder straps, the hand-carry handle also plays a vital role to make a leather laptop backpack, tumi laptop bags women’s, for instance, comfortable.

Both, the shoulder straps and the handy carry handle of the laptop backpack should have to be strong enough.

So that they can carry all the loads you put into the backpack without exhausting your shoulder or not start coming loose and straining at the joints.

Remember your backpack- 17.3-inch laptop backpacks, laptop bag removable straps black, for instance, straps and handle is mostly responsible to make it comfy for you by all means.


This is the last, however, also one of the topmost preferences should be given while buying the best backpack with laptop pockets .

Brand tells a lot, instead of any descriptions. In the laptop backpack industry, there are so many brands available with numerous featured laptop backpacks.

Swiss gear laptop cases, Samsonite leather slim laptop backpack, Tzowla business laptop backpack, for instance, comes in mind first due to their vast popularity in the markets.

However, it doesn’t mean that the other brands, like; north face backpack with laptop sleeve, kånken 17″ laptop backpack, vintage laptop backpack, etc. are not comes with up to date options.

Instead, most of the laptop backpacks ended up with numerous useful features, lifetime warranty policy, replacement guarantee, for example, might attract you most.

Eventually, you might have especially fascination to any specific brand. Then again, that should be trustworthy and comes with such a customer service policy in favor of you.

In-Depth Review Of The Best Laptop Backpack For Work

1. SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack (Black)

This one named SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart laptop backpack made from the top-notch quality 1200D water-resistance polyester fabrics.

You can use this Swissgear 17-inch laptop backpack roughly with any harsh conditions due to its using the lay-flat method to protect your laptop while traveling or working.

Besides this, unlike many others ebags professional flight laptop backpack, the easy opening compartment of this laptop backpack completely hassle-free and TSA-friendly.

It comes with a roomy space apart from the main laptop compartment. The front-facing compartments for your necessary gears, writing equipment, notebooks, or other items.

Two side pockets can conveniently keep an umbrella, water bottle, or the dirt clothes whatever you like to put in.

Well-padded adjustable shoulder straps with the side compression straps for carrying comfort.

Whereas the breathable mesh back panel confirms enough ventilation while carrying a long time.

  • Dimension- 18.5*13.5*9 inches.
  • Volume- 31L.
  • Laptop Compartment- For 17 Inches laptop.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Brooklyn Commuter Backpack

Kenneth Cole Reaction Brooklyn Commuter Backpack Slim 16" Laptop & Tablet Anti-Theft RFID Business, School, & Travel Bookbag

Kenneth cole reaction Brooklyn commuter laptop backpack ended up with polyester fabric lining along with a lifetime limited warranty.

Unlike a fewer single strap laptop backpack, it has adjustable double straps that also well-padded for your carrying convenience.

Subsequently, the TSA-friendly features enable you not to remove the laptop from the backpack in the event of the airport or other checking points. 

The roomy main laptop compartment can easily fit with 15” to 16” laptops as well as 17” laptop also. The front compartments for your essential stuff, writing tackle, pads, or other substances. 

The RFID business organizer of these laptop bags for teens or other ages keeps all of your identity and related documents secure.

This cute laptop backpack with a 16-inch laptop case can be used by the school college students, officials, or for pure traveling purposes.

  • Dimension- 18*14*7.5 inches.
  • Weight- 2.9 pounds.  
  • Laptop Compartment- For 15” to 17” Inches laptop.

3. eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack (Brushed Indigo)

An update of this eBags professional slim laptop backpack in 2019 makes it more lightweight and durable with user-friendly than before.

The well-padded laptop sleeve fits a 17” laptop very easily. Fleece-lined amplified tablet sleeve, zip water bottle pockets for your comfort to carry it. 

The front-facing zipper closure large pockets, the main compartment with other interior little pockets organizer for a huge amount of storage. 

The top carry handle of this 17 in laptop bag confirms that it is very comfortable carrying when you leave your shoulder to take a rest. 

Removable adjustable sternum straps, the padded air-mesh back panel details about the carrying convenience, even for a long time. 

In addition to that this slim 17” girly laptop bag made up of a durable and lightweight 840D & 900D twisted dobby fabrics.

  • Dimension- 8.50*18*12.75 inches.
  • Weight- 2.79 pounds.
  • Laptop Compartment- For 17 Inches laptop.

4. Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack

Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack, Black Crosshatch/Black Rubber, Mid-Volume 17.0L

Herschel Little America one of the most popular and trustworthy backpack companies in the industry doing business from the last several years.

This 15-inch laptop backpack can be used unevenly with any severe conditions due to its using 100% polyester fabric and lining to protect your laptop while wandering.

Besides this, unlike many other double laptop bags, it ended up with magnetic straps closure with metal pins clip and drawstring closure for more security of your belongings inside the backpack.

The sizable space apart from the main laptop compartment. The front-facing compartments for your necessary gear that you can easily reach while emergency. 

Surprisingly, compared to the MacBook laptop bag, this one is a little bit lower price. So, you need not break the bank to buy it. 

Well-padded changeable shoulder straps with the breathable mesh back panel confirm enough ventilation while carrying a long time.

  • Dimension- 7*11.25*19.5 inches.
  • Laptop Compartment- For 15 Inches laptop.

5. Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Backpack

Vera Bradley Women's Signature Cotton Campus Backpack, Moonlight Garden, One Size

Vera Bradley women’s Signature backpack is the most aesthetic laptop backpack that comes with many colors and printed.

This 100% cotton quilted fashionable, chic, the trendy signature backpack is easily washable, lightweight, and very durable. 

Consequently, like other leather backpack women’s laptop, this one comes with a 15” laptop containing opportunity for women while they are working.

The main spacious compartment that can be used for other items keeping securely apart from the laptop similar to other leather laptop backpacks for women.

The zippered top closure and entirely printed polyester lining make you ready to overcome the day.

As a leather laptop backpack for women, it has side zip pockets can handily keep a little water bottle, or the dirt clothes whatever you like to put in.

The stylish, lightweight, and sleek Vera Bradley campus backpack measured 17” high, 11” wide and 8” deep with a 3” top handle drop.

Additionally, the 32” adjustable shoulder straps with a trolley sleeve, as others leather laptop backpack women’s, enable you smooth traveling with it.

  • Dimension- 17*11*8 inches.
  • Weight- 0.65Ibs.
  • Laptop Compartment- For 15 Inches laptop.

6. Lunch Backpack, Insulated Cooler Laptop Backpack

Lunch Backpack, Insulated Cooler Backpack Lunch Box Backpack for Men Women, 17 Inch Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port Commuter Backpack for College School Work Office Travel, Black

This water-resistance, nylon fabric made black unisex lunch insulated cooler backpack is one of the best laptop backpacks for work.

The TSA-friendly features of this backpack make it more appealing as a travel backpack for the backpack-savvy. 

So that you can pass the checkpoint without making any hassle with this backpack.

The thick padded laptop sleeve ensures the highest protection from scratches and falls of your tech while traveling. 

It comes with many compartments- one for your 17” laptop dedicated. Two mesh side pockets to keep instant taking items while working outside the home. 

Relatively, one- the main roomy compartment with other 2 small front pockets for small, yet necessary items. 

This sexiest, yet cooler laptop backpack comes with a USB port with an inside charging cable. So that you won’t have to stop for charging your tech while walking with it. 

Please not to forget that the removable chargers are not including the backpack price, rather you have to bring it by yours. 

The multi-panel airflow design with extra padded features gives you maximum comfortability in the event of use this backpack.

  • Dimension- 19*14*9 inches.
  • Weight- 2 Pounds.
  • Laptop Compartment- For 17 Inches laptop.

7. Solo Bryant Rolling Laptop Bag

Solo New York Bryant Rolling Laptop Bag, Black, 14" x 16.8" x 5"

In the event, you are looking for a heavy-duty, travel-friendly with an affordable priced rolling laptop bag, this Solo Bryant could be the single most choice for you.

You can use this rolling 17.3 laptop sleeve backpack crudely with any unforgiving conditions. It will protect your laptop while traveling or working. 

Surprisingly, this tremendous rolling backpack comes with 5 years stopless warranty for any shorts of manufacturing defects.

This wonderful feature makes it more appealing unlike any other 18-inch laptop backpack, or even the light blue laptop, for instance, laptop backpack available in the markets.

It has two major and other minor compartments that enable you to keep many things that you might be needed apart from the 17.3” laptop. 

The push-button telescopic handle makes it an unbeaten laptop backpack in the industry. You can store the handle into the dedicated zipper pockets while not in use. 

The top carry handle allows you to carry it when rolling is not possible.

  • Dimension- 14.75*16.8*5 inches.
  • Weight- 1 pound.
  • Laptop Compartment- For 17.3 Inches laptop.

8. Extra Large Travel Laptop Backpack

YOREPEK Backpack for Men,Extra Large 50L Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port,TSA Friendly Business College Bookbags Fit 17 Inch Laptops,Black

This extra-large laptop backpack incredibly comes with 20 independents pockets, 3 roomy multi compartments with 17” laptop carrying capacity.

So many hidden pockets can keep, like travel gears, stationaries, college books, note pads, Id cards, including many other items that you might have to carry while traveling and working. 

Additionally, unlike Jansport digital student laptop backpack, for instance, and many other laptop backpacks, this laptop backpack is TSA-friendly.

U-shaped three-dimensional ventilation design ensures enough air ventilation, even in a long time using. 

Relatively, well-padded variable shoulder straps with the side solidity straps for tells about the carrying comfort while the backpack is fully loaded. 

This unisex, extra-large reasonably priced backpack undoubtedly one of the best laptop backpack with padded shoulder straps that can cane also be a nice gift for men or women.

  • Dimension- 19.29*14.57*10.24 inches.
  • Volume- 45L.
  • Laptop Compartment- For 17 Inches laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a backpack appropriate for work?

Generally, it is not good to bring any backpack to somewhere there first impression count. For instance, a business conference or even a job interview. Here you may need to think of a formal briefcase other than a backpack.

However, while it about casual participation or regular office work, backpacks like totes, and messengers bags are okay for use. Therefore, depending on the work it could differ a bit.

Is it OK to carry a laptop in a backpack?

It is ok, but one thing you need to make sure that you are not keeping your laptop in a backpack that has no padded laptop sleeve or case. Continuously you need to take additional caring steps to keep your laptop safe.

Nevertheless, plenty of backpacks ended up with distinct laptop sections. But then again, you should not leave it alone. Other than keep your eyes on your backpack at all times, particularly if your laptop is inside.

What is the best heavy-duty backpack?

There are so many heavy-duty backpacks existing in the industry, but not all are made up of the top-notch quality that you might be looking to buy. Here are some best quality and heavy-duty backpacks;

  • SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack.
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Brooklyn Commuter Backpack.
  • eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack.
  • Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack.
  • Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Backpack.
  • Lunch Backpack, Insulated Cooler Laptop Backpack.
  • Solo Bryant Rolling Laptop Bag.
  • Extra Large Travel Laptop Backpack.

Final Thought

Honestly, which laptop backpack is the best, or, what is the best work backpack- reply of these asking mostly depends on your requirements and using habits.

Being a college student, you might be looking for the best laptop backpack for college or the best business laptop backpack will be the right choice for the businessman.

Eventually, the best backpacks for work or stylish laptop backpacks could also make sense to many people. 

Therefore, before you finalize to buy the best laptop backpack for women or work, try to find the below answer:

  • Why should I buy the laptop backpack instead of the luggage?
  • How frequently I’ll use it?
  • How much exactly I’m ready to pay for it?

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