Are Herschel Backpacks Waterproof- Great Answer For 2021

Are Herschel Backpacks Waterproof? No, not all the Herschel backpacks come with the waterproof feature. Instead, those that don’t often include a rain cover.

As a frequent backpack traveler, you might be looking for a durable, hands-free, convenience to use a stylish waterproof backpack, isn’t it?

If so, then Herschel backpack is the right answer whatever you are looking for. All the Herschel backpacks are the best option for you to carrying the hiking or adventure traveling essentials.

There aren’t any best backpack review on the internet that not take account of Herschel backpack.

The reason why most of the Herschel backpacker happy with it due to it offers the best quality with voluminous packing options.

Now, let’s see are Herschel backpacks water-resistance, or what makes them stand out?

Are Herschel Backpacks Waterproof

Herschel backpacks are sold all over the world. Yet, it specifically top-selling in urban areas.


Typically, to protect your backpack inside belongings from being wet 800mm waterproof fabrics are well-enough.

Whereas, many Herschel backpacks are created by 1500mm waterproof fabrics.

As a result, these types of fabrics are more than enough to be an ideal fabric for outdoor camping or hiking activities in the rough nature.

Apart from the above, plenty of other reasons made them stand out from other backpacks available in the industry.

I’m going to brief you on just fewer of them as below:

Nostalgic Style Blend With User Convenience

Herschel backpack manufacturer aimed to craft such a backpack for the backpack lover that comes with the nostalgic appeal.

Consequently, it also would be the typical blend of contemporary style and user convenience.

That is why they made two main styles Herschel backpacks- zipper closure style and the drawstring closure style.

The drawstring closure Herschel backpack mainly well-fit for the long duration adventure traveler due to it comes with a huge packing opportunity.

Eventually, the zipper closure sleek and chic backpack is the ideal version for daily light using purposes, especially for the students considering a stylish backpack.

Zipper closure backpacks comes with a lower space for packing compared with the drawstring closure.

Materials Used To Ensure The Sturdiness

Most of the Herschel backpacks are made up of the most durable ripstop nylon. This is such an ingredient well-known for its durability and lightweight nature.

Relatively, this strongly woven-proof fabric capable of wear and tear resistance. Therefore, Herschel backpacks structurally come with a water-resistance capacity.

Moreover, if you go throughout the other brands, North face Jester, for instance, you’ll find the ripstop nylon using as water-resistance materials for the hiking and long duration camping backpacks.

Yet, ripstop nylon made backpacks a little bit pricier than the polyester made one. However, it offers the topmost quality, fashionability with long-time durability.

Also, some of Herschel backpacks made up of blends with the polyester-nylon comes with less expensive.

Consequently, many Herschel backpacks also ended up with cotton canvas and faux leather materials with ripstop nylon and polyester fabrics.

Waterproof Feature To Cope Up With Extreme Nature

Yes, this is what you are looking for. Honestly speaking- as I’ve mentioned very first of this article, not all the Herschel backpacks are ended up with a waterproof feature.

However, those that don’t offer you a rain cover to protect your backpack’s internal valuables from the extreme nature.

Resulting, if you are planning to go for a hiking trip or camping in extreme nature, you need such a backpack that comes with waterproof finishing.

Several Herschel backpacks are structured by 1500mm waterproof fabrics. Whereas 800mm fabrics are also used to manufacture hiking backpacks protect getting wet your valuables inside the backpack.

Therefore, if your planning to buying a waterproof backpack for your next camping trip or adventure traveling, Herschel waterproof backpack is the single answer.

Herschel Warranty Creating User’s Confidence

Most of the Herschel backpacks are comes with a lifetime Herschel backpack warranty. It is such a fecund feature of any product that helps to create customer loyalty on the specific goods.

Any Herschel backpacks that you purchased from their authorized retailer, like Amazon, will be entitled to enjoy the lifetime limited warranty facility.

This warranty scheme covers the manufacturing faults of any Herschel backpacks. They will repair it without charging you, or replace it if not possible to repair it.

But, please be informed that the damage caused by misuse, or by any other neglect or modification or by the transport you use, not will be entitled within this warranty scheme.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to see that you are searching for a Herschel backpack for your next adventure trip.

On the off chance that you are looking for the exact backpack that matches with your requirements rightly.

Many Herschel waterproof backpacks are made up of 1500mm fabrics that are more than enough for an ideal waterproof backpacks materials.

Therefore, it is going to meet you looking for criteria appropriately. What you need to do just pick the right one from many Herschel backpacks collections.

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