Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

TravelGearPoint tries to show trendy and productive mechanisms that positively help you for a meaningful trip. It means not just buy a ticket and go for outing, rather, its something more than casual traveling.

That’s why we often use some references- called affiliation. When it touches the affiliate level, we place some links on it. That could influence you to click on the links.

Successively, when you make a click on shown referrals or links in our post, it may cost the wholesaler to give us a little “ThankYou” commission. Yet, it doesn’t cost you, surely.

Relatively, if you ended up with buying products or amenities via our referrals or links– the equal drama will be played- we’ll get a portion of the commission from the seller- yet, a little bit greater than before.

Anyway, the amount of “Thank You” commission, a few cents or dollars, it may be one-time, or in some cases, might be rolling. Likewise, it could be a monthly basis- depending on the nature of clicks/purchased

Please be confirm that all the commissions come from the wholesaler’s pocket, not from yours. Therefore, you need not be worry, as it not cost you, even a single penny.

Reasonably, we never recommend or place links for any product or service just only for our commission, rather it should make sense for you, positively.

Moreover, the referrals or links couldn’t trouble or make any negativity on our content. Because it comes logically with the writing matter or with its closely connected things or apart from the article, yet naturally.

The above declaration is true and applicable to all of our posts on this site. Therefore, if we put any third-party referrals or links in any of our posts, it will be treated as an Affiliate Link.

Accordingly, after your action on the affiliate links, we will get the “Thank You” commission.
Thanking You,
Team TravelGearPoint